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Instructor Profiles


Michael Krivka


Phone: 301/404-2571
Gaithersburg, MD
United States 20878
10 out of 10 (323 reviews)
Michael A. Krivka, Sr. is a Washington, DC native who has been involved in Kettlebell training since 2001. Mike has traveled extensively throughout the United States teaching Russian Kettlebells to military and law enforcement personnel as well hard-living comrades. In addition to teaching over 20+ workshops and clinics a year he logs several hundred hours a year teaching and training with Russian Kettlebells. He is also a Level I CrossFit Trainer and was part of the team teaching the first CrossFit Kettlebell certification course in San Diego, CA in August 2007.

He is married and the father of two boys (Mak, Jr. and Jak) and he runs a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Koncepts), a martial arts school (Martial Arts Koncepts), and a kettlebell training consulting firm (Kettlebell Koncepts) that provides consulting to law enforcement and military organizations on physical training and defensive tactics. His martial arts background spans early training in Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Wrestling, Western Fencing and Gung Fu and has culminated in over 20 years of training in JKD (Jeet Kune Do Concepts) and the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima and Arnis) under Guro Dan Inosanto and others instructors.

His kettlebell training facility, CrossFit Koncepts, is located in Gaithersburg, MD and offers daily group and private instruction in both Russian Kettlbells and the CrossFit training methodology. CrossFit Koncepts is unique in the CrossFit community in that all of the WOD's (Workout of the Day) are done primarily with Russian Kettlebells. While intially scoffed at by die-hard Crossfitters they are quickly convinced of the brutal effectiveness and efficiency that Kettlebells bring to the workouts.

Please feel free to contact Mike (either by phone or email) for more information about group, team, individual and private instruction.
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10/10 A true master.........
By Laura Dow / Arlington, USA

I have had the pleasure of working with Master RKC Mike Krivka for my HKC. He is a true master in every sense of the word. Armed with years of experience, not only with kettlebells but also in martial arts and CrossFit, Krivka emphasizes proper form, safety and sound biomechanics in addition to offering numerous tips and effective strategies. Plus he's an all around decent human being. If you have the chance to train with him, take a workshop or hear him speak, do it. Not to be missed.

10/10 Wonderful Teacher
By Mark Reed / Lebanon, United States

Mike Krivka led my RKC and is a wonderful teacher. He is intense, precise, demanding, and completely committed to the success of each individual participating in the training. He is tough because it matters, he wants us to be safe and to represent RKC (and him) well. I struggled during the training with too much arch on my snatch and clean. Mike stood about a 18 inches in front of me and told me to clean and snatch. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared but my arch problem cleaned right up :)? Mike trusted me more than I trusted myself. Mike made himself available to support each of us after the training was completed.

10/10 Amazing, Down-to-Earth Instructor
By Chris Heskett / West Chester, United States

Michael is an amazing instructor that breaks down all of the movements into simple steps and can work will all levels of experience. He also gives real life examples, tells stories, and jokes around which makes the workshops much more interesting!

10/10 Impressive!
By Derrick Johnson / Bowie, usa

Mike gave us a lot of good information regarding proper technique. My glutes are still sore I'm ready to take KB training to the next level....

10/10 Great Coach
By Halil Erkol / Levittown, United States

I recently attended one of Mike's workshop and he was great. He knows how to get your attention, he shows everything with details and demonstrate. I wish I could train with him more often.

10/10 Worth the price of admission
By Eileen Laughlin / Pottstown, Usa

I recently attended a workshop lead by Mike. I really appreciated his down to Earth personality & his no fluff style of teaching. He made concepts and techniques simple; simple as in efficient,effective, & understandable. The best thing I can say about the workshop is that I immediately came away with improved technique, as well as tips, tweaks and drills I not only remembered but implemented into my training right away. Well worth the price of admission!! I look forward to learning from him again in the future!

10/10 Master Coach Will Help You Reach Your Goals
By Bruce Kelly / Swarthmore, USA

Mike has an entertaining, humorous approach to his coaching style but it engages people early on which is key to learning and progressing. He also emphasizes the long term aspects/impacts of training and what that means down the road. In other words, good training is a means to an end not an end in itself.

10/10 Life-changing Instruction
By David D. / Gaithersburg, USA

My wife and I have been training with Mike at his gym, CrossFit Koncepts, for almost 3 years. It has been a life-changing experience. Mike is one of the most gifted and insightful instructors that I have even encountered, with expert knowledge of all aspects of bodyweight and loaded movement (kettle bells, olympic bars, various other strength and mobility tools, fellow athletes) not to mention multiple sports and martial arts disciplines. His workouts are varied and well-planned. Mike emphasizes correct form and avoidance of injury above all else. He is an insightful observer and offers corrections and encouragement to keep his students safe yet continually challenged. I believe I am stronger, have more endurance, mobility, and energy than when I was a college athlete over two decades ago. I attribute this to the knowledgeable instruction that Mike provides. Mike brings a friendly, welcoming attitude and a great sense of humor. Mike is able to adapt and scale workouts for athletes of all ages, skill levels, and abilities. He is in another category entirely from other instructors due to his understanding of exercise and movement, his striving for perfection in form, his perceptiveness, and his ability to communicate with and motivate athletes of all abilities.

10/10 Straight Forward and Effective
By Moses Correa / Hainesport, USA

I meet Mike at the Purposeful Primitive workshop and quickly discovered what a great person he is! I also witnessed first hand his intelligence as an instructor and his strength levels as an athlete.

As if that wasn't good enough, he came to my RKC level 2 for a half day and showed me that I can bent press without squatting. he also helped me with a few other moves, helping me do them better. Making me a better instructor and athlete as a result. I highly recommend Mike to train all fitness levels and get them results.

If you can get trained by Mike, you will not be sorry, as I wasn't!

10/10 Best Coach I've Ever Had!
By Quinn Guilds / Gaithersburg, United States

Kettlebells are the real deal, and Mike Krivka is one of the best in the business! It’s hard to say I wasn’t skeptical when I stepped foot into Crossfit Koncepts as most of my previous training is barbell and “Globo” gym based. Mike and his work with KBs made me not only stronger in every aspect of my training, but provided me with greater mobility and technique in everything I do in and out of the gym; all while adding a solid 15-20 lbs to my already dense 205 lb frame.

It’s easy to blow smoke into a testimonial, but the actions and the numbers I put up speak for themselves. I was able to max out on every single aspect of my KB work while I trained with Mike. His guidance and mastery level knowledge of the KB and all its fundamentals helped me post elitist type numbers i.e. unbroken 106 lb 2-hand KB swing for 25+ reps, an unbroken 106 lb snatch for 10+ reps, 106 lb power and split jerk for reps, a double 106 lb KB thruster, and a 106 lb Turkish getup both right and left.

The best part about this heavy KB training is the drug like effects it had on my other compound barbell lifts. With moderate direct training of once every few weeks my deadlift max went from a respectable 535 lbs with straps to a raw 600+ lb pull in the course of 4 months all thanks to heavy KB hinge movements like the clean, snatch, and swing! Not only that but my max back squat went from a shaky 405 lbs to 455 lbs with solid technique in the same 4 months from compound KB movements like double KB thrusters, single KB thrusters, KB goblets and deck squats!

Gains like this in an experienced (5+ years), completely natural athlete like myself are nearly unheard of’ so I’ll say it again KBs are the real deal! For all the hard work that I amongst all the other athletes at Crossfit Koncepts put in Mike matches it. He brings out the best in people, and shows them how to truly make themselves better and always challenges them to succeed. I recommend Mike to any level of athlete from beginner to expert, I can only imagine where my level of fitness would be if I had found Mike and Crossfit Koncepts sooner!

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Michael Anthony Krivka


Dragon Door Interviews Mike Krivka, RKC Team Leader

Dec 17, 2012 08:14 PM

Dragon Door: How did you find kettlebells? Mike Krivka: I first saw kettlebells back in 1986 at the Russian Embassy in downtown Washington, D.C. I was learning Sambo from a bunch of really grizzly old Afghan vets who worked as spooks and spies. Previously, I had studied Judo and Jujitsu, but wanted to learn Sambo, because of the emphasis on ankle or knee locks to disable the opponent. At the Embassy, I noticed some kettlebells sitting in the corner, though at the time I had no idea...

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