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Matt Maher

Matt Maher


Marlboro, NJ
United States 07746
9.97 out of 10 (35 reviews)

A competitive athlete with over 13 years of full-time coaching experience, currently competing for NJ's busiest trainer. Time is split between Fit for Life Training Center in Marlboro, Drive Clubs in Manhattan, and a growing online coaching business. Specializing in improving his clients' overall health, appearance, and ability to move pain free.

Personal Instruction from Renzo Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Fabio Leopoldo
RKC preparation with RKC TL Thomas Phillips and RKC TL Jordan Vezina
Regular training-related certifications, seminars and workshops:
Russian Kettlebell Challenge - team leader Dave Whitley (San Diego, CA)
Return of the Kettlebell Seminar with Pavel - hosted by Franz Snideman (San Diego, CA)
RKC II Seminar with Sara Cheatham, Will Williams - hosted by Phil Scarito (King of Prussia, PA)
Doc & The Dane Seminar with Mark Cheng & Kenneth Jay (New York, NY)
Press, Pullup & Pistol Seminar with Kenneth Jay - hosted by Delaine Ross (Atlanta, GA)
CK-FMS Workshop - team leader Will Williams (St. Paul, MN)

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10/10 Inspiring UTC Coach
By Bethe Burns / Freehold, US

Matt was my coach on the most recent UTC. He sent emails everyday with very useful and easily followed tips on how to keep compliant and motivated. I will use these guidelines going forward in my journey to good health and fitness.

10/10 Intensity, Integrity, & Intelligence
By Charlie Weingroff / New York City, USA

I will have and continue to have unmitigated trust for Matt working with my referrals as well as having been a training partner for the better part of the last 7-10 years.

10/10 The trainer you want coaching you!!!!!
By Kathleen D’Ambrisi / Marlboro, Monmouth Country

I have known Matt for several years. He is the type of trainer that has the ability and knowledge to focus on your specific abilities and tailors your training to meet your goals. His coaching ability and approach is always specific to what you are trying to accomplish. I recall being trained by Matt and was training above my ability and trying to keep up with the other participants in the boot camp and Matt recognized it and zeroed in ( on his hands and knees ) on my challenges and specifically modified my approach to enable me to train at my specific is rare that you come across standout people like Matt that have the ability to coach you through the difficulties and enable you to perform at your peak ability to maximize your workout, I have the honor of having Matt as my coach for the Ultimate Transformation Challenge at our training studio and I am now benefiting from his nutritional expertise as well. His approach to nutrition is outstanding. In just four weeks I have gone through dramatic changes in my physical body and mental approach to nutrition. I would highly recommend Matt to everyone.

9/10 Laser Focused/Results Driven
By Mark Feldman / Freehold, USA

I've trained with Matt for several years now and look forward to my sessions each and every time. His knowledge is expansive in the areas of nutrition, HIIT training as well as strength training and Matt practices all that he preaches. Our sessions are well thought out in advance as far as what exercises he has me perform and is always sensitive to any limitations that I might have. Matt is an extremely passionate trainer and will certainly hold you accountable to your goals. I'm grateful for his help as well as his friendship.

10/10 Attention To Detail
By Chet Skalski / Englishtown, USA

I've been a client of Matt's for over 9 years and he has been nothing but great when it comes to personal training. He really pays attention to detail and will set up drills that help correct my form where needed in order for me to get optimal results when I train. Matt has been instrumental for helping me achieve all of my strength goals. He is incredibly knowledgable with nutrition and innovative training methods that work and get results. If you are looking for the best when it comes to personal training then look no further then Matt Maher

10/10 Great Trainer
By Dana Resnick / Marlboro, USA

My experience with Matt as my trainer and my nutritional guide has been nothing but on point. His training sessions incorporate weights, balance and endurance, all of which remarkably improved for me over this past year. Matt's knowledge and expertise has made me a stronger person mentally and physically. I think about my workouts and my nutrition daily and incorporate his teachings into my my home. He truly makes me a better person which in turn makes me a better wife and mother. If given the opportunity to learn from matt, take it!

By Cindy Prestigiacomo / Marlboro, USA

I’ve been training with Matt for almost 3 years now, and believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started training at the gym where Matt works and was always envious of the other women he trained and wanted to be able to train with them. I saw the changes in their bodies and how strong they are and wanted to have the same experience. I must be a glutton for punishment. Matt is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete a longer plank/ core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I look forward to my workouts. Importantly: – He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. – He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I thoroughly enjoy working out in this environment, and would recommend Matt to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

10/10 One of the best
By Mike Urciuoli / Manalapan, Monmouth

Matt 's knowledge of physical training is second to none ! His attention to detail has helped me tremendously . I'm 60 years old and he has me in better shape now , than I was when I was 35 . I would highly recommend him .

10/10 You Will Get Results
By Gary T / NJ, USA

Matt will whip you into shape,He is so detailed Oriented, He is Constantly going to Seminars to learn new ways of training people I look forward to coming in to work out with Matt

10/10 Very consistent and lives what he preaches
By Raymond Quiles / Old Bridge, USA

Matt is great to me. He always listened to my questions and other things that related to me to give me the best advice for the situation I was in at that time. He helped me tremendously with my diet and I would consistently get morning message of the day from him around 7 am everyday. He helped me elevate my dedication to the lifestyle change that I needed as he brought his A game to me everyday - couldn't let him be more passionate about my goals than me.

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Dragon Door Interviews Matt Maher, RKC Team Leader

The speed and explosive strength developed from kettlebell movements really carries over to the deadlift, and I use many of the lifts as accessory lifts in my training templates. The way I train myself is similar to my approach with personal training clients. I think I've been successfully able to mesh the RKC system, FMS, and even Westside Barbell concepts to make my clients strong and healthy.

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