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William Stokes


Phone: 541-206-7153
Eugene, OR
United States 97401
10 out of 10 (20 reviews)

Growing up I was always athletic. I started running track and field in elementary school while living in California. At the age of 13 I moved to Eugene, where I've lived for the last 14 years. Attending both Kelly Middle School and North Eugene High School, I continued my passion for track competing in the hurdles, 100m, 200m and 400m races. After high school continued my education at Lane Community College studying Business Administration and then transferred to the university of phoenix.

In 2004 I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. At the time I couldn't comprehend the complexities that the body had to offer. Becoming frustrated with the results that I was receiving from my personal trainer, I decided to take it upon myself to find the answers to the why's of creating a healthy and functional body. With this, I decided to become a fitness instructor. Between my drive to find my own answers combined with seeing my siblings living very sedentary lifestyles, I wanted to make a difference. I believe that becoming a fitness instructor I could do just that. 

While going to the university of phoenix for business I continued a more formal study of personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After attaining the NASM certification I became involved in Kettlebell specific training. In 2009 I received my SKOGG system certification level I and followed that with level II post injury in 2010. When I began implementing Kettlebell training with my clients the results were fascinating. Clients were more confident, began moving better, feeling better, and seeing a drastic change in body composition. I've also attained my Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) in 2010, and in 2011 I received my Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC), which is widely known as the gold standard in Kettlebell training.



I believe that training is a lifetime endeavor, and view it as practice and not just working out. My training is centered on developing core strength and utilizing the full body rather than training in isolated muscle groups, which I feel results in a more intelligent body. I specialize in cardiovascular endurance, conditioning, full body muscular strength, flexibility, and mobility.

 Types of training

  • Kettlebell Training
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Endurance Training
  • Joint Mobility


  • RKC: August 2011
  • HKC: March 2010                                                                                             
  • SKOGG system Certified: Sept 2009
  • SKOGG system Certified Level II: February 2010
  • CCS Core Conditioning Specialist: February 2010
  • TRX Suspension Trainer: April 2010
 Assistant Instructor
  • HKC Seattle Washington: March 10, 2011
  • HKC Seattle Washington: March 10, 2012
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10/10 Instructor for all fitness levels
By Ian Hayes / Keizer, United States

I trained with William to prepare for my kettlebell certification course and he quickly put me on track with what I needed to know and set me up with a plan to make the course an enjoyable learning experience instead of being behind the curve. His communication/instruction skills were just what I needed. He went out of his way to make sure I learned what I needed to be the best I can be. I hope to train with William again to continue my kettlebell education. I recommend training with William. You can't go wrong.

10/10 Kettlebell Session Review
By Camilla Dencer / Eugene, US

I wanted some tips on kettle bell technique so I called William. He agreed to meet me with on very short notice. He was friendly and helpful, and seemed to be genuinely interested in me as a client making progress and not just getting through the workout. He gave me some excellent tips and pointed out some things I was doing wrong with my technique that I have been unaware of for sometime and that have been causing me some back problems. This was very helpful and I really appreciated it.

10/10 Thank you William Stokes for all you do.
By Chrissie Laing / Eugene, USA

I have now been training with William for eight weeks. In such a short period of time, I have noticed an incredible amount of changes in my body. I am getting stronger and I look more fit. William's approach to training is the best. I find him very encouraging, inspiring but make not mistake about it, the man is tough! I look forward to my classes and greatly value his immense efforts in helping me reach my fitness goals. Thank you William for what you do. This is the beginning of a long friendship. You give me hope and I will not quit. To your health!

10/10 One of a Kind!!
By Deborah Locke / Eugene, USA

William Stokes is a top-notch RKC certified kettle bell trainer. He has great motivating powers with a gentle and easy personality. His excellent communication skills and knowledge make it easy to follow his instruction and routines. He provides extraordinary workouts that are both physically challenging and mentally inspiring. William always demonstrates the proper technique, so you do not risk injury. He always provides one, if not more modifications in case you start to tire and compromise your form. He stresses good form and control at all times. He keeps a watchful eye on his students and offers correction immediately. William encourages me to work to my limit and gives me confidence to take a step beyond. Shortly after working with him I realized how strong his passion is and how sincere he is about helping everyone meet their goals.

10/10 A Gift !
By Carolyn Remmers / Eugene, USA

William is a gifted individual who provides the perfect blend of encouragement and safety. He has given me the gift of Kettle bell training, and the effects have been truly remarkable both physically and psychologically. I feel a strength that I had not previously felt, and have obtained this so quickly! William has been an incredilbe source of support during our training sessions, believing in my capacity and strength. Yet, he is the first to ask me to back off if he feels I am in any danger of injuring myself. His instructions are clear and careful and his workout regiments are comprehensive, warm up to cool down. William's instruction in the art of Kettle bells has been life transforming. I have found a piece of the puzzle for myself in creating the quality of life that I desire. I look forward to every training session and believe this is something I will enjoy for years to come.

10/10 Excellence!
By Sama St Pierre / Eugene, USA

Learning Kettlebell and training with William has been an incredible experience. Williams dedication and knowledge has helped me to progress and bring my fitness goals to the next level. Throughout the whole process William has customized my workouts to my unique needs and taught me how to safely and effectively get the most from our workouts. His training has the intensity I desire but it is also very complete. No shortcut is taken, he makes sure you are safe yet pushing and improving your own personal limits in strength and endurance.

Results are the proof, my overall health, strength, endurance and physique have all improved. I look forward to every workout. You can't go wrong choosing to train with William.

10/10 The best workout ever!!
By Melissa Irvin / Springfield, USA

If you are interested in getting an intense, hard work out William is your man. He works every part and I feel amazing when I'm done. You might hate it at first but you will end up loving it!! William is very in-tune in what you want to focus on and makes excellent workouts. He is the best! I highly recommend him and doing kettle bell~~

10/10 great help with changing my eating habits
By Monique Scott / Duluth, MN

Mr Stokes had been giving me great advise on change my eating habits......I stopped eat processed foods and feel so much better. I love my coconut water .....can't wait to get trained over the summer

10/10 See Results!!!
By Demi / Eugene, Oregon

If you want to see results and achieve your fitness goals, start a kettlebell program with William Stokes!! William is an excellent trainer and provides very challenging, but fun workouts. He really cares about your overall health and encourages you to perform to the best of your ability. One thing I really appreciate is how William always makes sure I am doing all the exercises in the correct form. This helps me avoid any injuries and get the most out of my workout. Kettlebell training with William has been very enjoyable and has increased my fitness level tremendously. I strongly recommend William as a trainer!!

10/10 Achieving your Best with William
By Jasmine / Eugene, OR

Working out was always something I wanted to do but never really was completely motivated to. I have been training with William for a while now, and his kettle bell workouts as well as the others are always fun! He is excellent at his profession and always keep's you wanting to learn more. When I was introduced to Kettle Bells they automatically became a really tough workout but they were extremely fun. William is an amazing trainer that encourages you to really achieve the results you want. He knows how to challenge you to show and prove to yourself that you can always end strong in a workout. He encourages you and makes sure you gain something from every movement of the workout, by checking to see if your stance is where it needs to be. William is a talented trainer and is completely professional about his job. Every client is made a workout based off they're goals and he does help you reach them. Being a great motivator and friend he's helped me to reach many goals and face different challenges. I am now stronger than I ever was, and have lost 12 lbs. and am very satisfied to know I will reach my goal.

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William Stokes