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Instructor Profiles

RKCMaster CKFMS cicslogo
Coach Fury

Steve Holiner


Phone: 917-251-7720
New York, NY
United States 10013
9.98 out of 10 (171 reviews)

Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner is a proud member of the Ninja Army training staff at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. He first fell in love with kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags as a Muay Thai student at the renowned Five Points Academy. Upon completeting his first RKC, Steve became a Strength Coach at Five Points. His role would quickly grow to include hosting, promoting and assisting workshops there. Now a Master RKC and DVRT Master Instructor, Steve has been invloved in teaching at several workshops and certifications. He's often helping students pass their kettlebell and DVRT certifications. As a CK-FMS, CICS and Original Strength Specialist Fury's goals are to help folks move well, become more resilient and get them to lift stuff. Steve has been published in the Dragon Door newsletter, the RKC Blog and the DVRT blog.

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10/10 Great supplement to OCR training!
By Jesse M / Verona, United States

All the other glowing reviews about Coach Fury's dedication and professionalism are 100% true. If you are thinking about kettlebell training to improve your performance for obstacle course races then I strongly recommend you train with Fury. After getting worn down to a nub on my first Spartan race (a 9-mile Super), I realized that I was completely out of shape. So I came to Coach Fury to improve my overall fitness and apparent lack of grip strength. Six months later and fifteen pounds lighter, I ran the Spartan Sprint and Beast back-to-back with ease. Couldn't have done it without him!

10/10 Coach Fury RKC II
By Wesley Showalter / Philadelphia, USA

I have had the privilege of not only doing my level 1 RKC with Fury but more recently level 2! Fury does a great job at explanations, fielding any an all questions that the attendees had, as well as trouble shooting in regards to coaching and positioning. Both certifications went smooth and I came out a better coach than I had come in! Hoping to assist coach Fury in the not so distance future!

10/10 Hurricane Fury...Brings It!
By Kimberly Sharp / New York, USA

Coach Fury changed my life. I'm an office geek or Manhattan "professional" who never lifted weights and rarely exercised (my idea of grip strength was squeezing a lime for my Gin and Tonic), let alone touched a kettle bell. But his ridiculous amount of fitness knowledge, down to earth style and sense of humor is such a welcome change to your everyday NYC fitness instructor. He's legit and knows exactly how to motivate, plus he really knows his clients and fosters a sense of community. Seriously, cannot than this man enough. (And who doesn't love a death metal version of The Rainbow Connection ???)

10/10 Master of the RKC Universe
By Karin R / Windsor, USA

Don't even know where to begin! Fury by far is the best!! So knowledgeable, down to earth and actually cares about his clients and anyone he comes in contact with. So genuine!!! I have known Fury for a little over 9 months and have taken 2 certifications with him. OS Reset and HKC and I plan to take the RKC with him this October. He is my go to guy and has been a huge influence in my training. Fury by far is your guy...,whatever your fitness goal is. Coaching, mentoring, educating! Fury to me is family, my coach, my mentor and my friend!! So blessed to have him in my corner!! I encourage you to contact Coach Fury! It doesn't matter where you are, who you are...but if you are looking to step up whatever game you got going on....Fury is where it's at!

10/10 Fury is the best.
By Andrea Dilizia / Denver, USA

I could wax poetic about how amazing Fury is as a trainer and as a friend, but all these reviews have truly said it all. There's a reason his average review score is pasically a perfect 10: Fury does it all and does it amazingly. He's an amazing trainer and coach as well as a great friend and cheerleader.

10/10 Love Coach Fury- focus on form and friendship
By Alexis Cupo / New York, USA

I had the privilege of having Fury as my trainer at MFF for over a year and loved every minute I got to spend and train with him. He is kind and hilarious and full of everything important you need and want technically during training. Plus Swayze. Love you Fury!

10/10 Amazing coach and great guy!
By Emily Rouch / New York, USA

Coach Fury helped give me the tools to make my fitness goals reality. He is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, and not afraid to push you to be better. As a woman, it's often tough to find a trainer who will encourage me to lift heavy and embrace my strength. Thanks to Fury, I've been able to double my Turkish getup weight, and farmer carry more than my body weight. I have worked with Fury in class settings and semi private training, and he is fantastic at both. Always patient and kind, and he makes some killer music playlists.

10/10 Feel the FURY!!
By Kristina A / New York, United States

I had the pleasure of training with Fury a number of times, and he truly impacted me in our (too short) time together. He is so knowledgeable, kind, and patient with clients—he will not only encourage you to get better but give you the tools to grow and believe in yourself. He's a rare gem that you don't come by everyday, and would highly recommend anyone work with them if given the incredible opportunity!!

10/10 Why can't I rate higher than 10?
By Sam Strasfeld / New York, USA

I've had the pleasure of training with Coach Fury on a number of occasions and I can honestly say he's one of the best out there. Knowledgeable, clear, and methodical, but also funny, kind, and encouraging. He's everything you want in a coach. Go crush a workout with him while you can!

10/10 He Goes to 11!
By Sherri Eisenberg / New York, USA

I had never lifted a kettle bell — and had barely set foot in a gym for 20 years! — before I worked out with Coach Fury, and he patiently taught me how to do it. He made me feel like it was possible, and was both fun and encouraging. I'm so grateful that I started out on this journey by learning the basics from such a fantastic coach and that he's as great with non-athletes as he is at certifying trainers.

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SteveHoliner ART

Strength From Failure or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 44kg

Apr 03, 2012 03:45 PM

I have a serious love-hate relationship with the 44kg kettlebell. I first tried to press it at the Philly RKC in 2010. Though I didn't get it at the time, it went up about a month later with some tips from Geoff Neupert, Shaun Cairns and Steve Milles. Between the RKC and the July RKC II, my weight dropped from 225 to 195 and the 44kg became my half bodyweight press test. Over time, I was able to get the 44kg up about 90% of the time in either arm. My stronger arm was...

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