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Instructor Profiles

RKCMaster CKFMS cicslogo
Coach Fury

Steve Holiner


Phone: 917-251-7720
New York, NY
United States 10013
9.98 out of 10 (155 reviews)

Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner is a proud member of the Ninja Army training staff at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. He first fell in love with kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags as a Muay Thai student at the renowned Five Points Academy. Upon completeting his first RKC, Steve became a Strength Coach at Five Points. His role would quickly grow to include hosting, promoting and assisting workshops there. Now a Master RKC and DVRT Master Instructor, Steve has been invloved in teaching at several workshops and certifications. He's often helping students pass their kettlebell and DVRT certifications. As a CK-FMS, CICS and Original Strength Specialist Fury's goals are to help folks move well, become more resilient and get them to lift stuff. Steve has been published in the Dragon Door newsletter, the RKC Blog and the DVRT blog.

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10/10 What was once old is now new.
By Chris Cardinali / Bayshore, USA

Steve and I chatted on Facebook about training and also Godzilla. The time had come for me to recertify and he was the Master Instructor of the event. When I introduced myself he shook my hand and said it is finally nice to meet you. He made me feel like I belong at the RKC. I have been an RKC for a while, but never did much with it. Steve has ignited a fire in me to pursue this further and see what I can do. he was excited when I told him I would like to assist other in this field. Instructors can be strong and knowlegable, but when they are also personable and make you feel like they want you there then it really sets them apart from the rest. He also guided me in proper technique and how to spot anything that can be approved on. He also taught me that it doesn't matter the system only that you help you client for it is about them and not you. My fire became old and dim regarding personal training, now it is bright and new. Thank you Fury Godzilla would be proud

10/10 The best!
By Craig Middleton / Brooklyn, United States

Coach Fury is incredible. He is not only very knowledgable about all things kettlebells, but he also makes working out so much fun. I highly recommend working out with him if you ever get the chance to!!

10/10 Iron and ink!
By Mike Patrick / Brooklyn, USA

I was working out the other day and going through my rolling and mobility stuff then started kettlebells and I realized something. The rolling? Fury. The little mobility warmup? Fury. All the kettlebell moves? Fury. Bench, squat, deadlift, press technique? Fury. I met Coach Fury several years ago during a rough time in my life. I had always been interested in sandbags and kettlebells and took his class. He was fun and friendly and paid attention to every student and approached me afterward in the locker room to give me some pointers even though I didn’t ask. He just took it upon himself to offer. And just doing that helped me tremendously. I had been away from fitness a long time, was a mess, and just his paying attention to the new guy and offering help unasked was huge. Coach Fury listens and cares and helps you fulfill your goals while always putting safety first. I know he handles everyone differently according to their needs because I have been trained by him and witnessed him training others and I have seen it. You want this in a trainer because each of us is at a different level and has a unique personality. He doesn't do what he wants but what is best for the person and his/her goals and he knows how to get the most out of you. And a rare thing amongst trainers I have known: there is no ego here. It is not about him. Coach Fury is always trying to learn more and pick up new tools to help his clients. I have always felt that he was doing his best to help me achieve my goals and I did more than I thought possible under his tutelage. The things he taught me I still remember and use now. I called this "Iron and Ink" for the obvuous reasons but also because I always joked with him that when I felt down a workout or a new tattoo always helped pick up my spirits, and having a session with him always did too. His warmth and humor are constant, and God knows I can be difficult. But he always has that upbeat, fun, sometimes goofy personality. It really helps when you are feeling the weight. Fury gives a damn. A rare thing in trainers and in people.

10/10 A very Fury workshop
By Jeannette Sheehy / Albany, USA

I thought I'd already written a review, but it must have been in my dreams. I attended a one day workshop with Fury in Delmar NY recently at my kettlebell fitness center. He looks badass with his tattoos and muscles, but what a kind, humorous and humble guy who knows his stuff! By the end of the workshop I had snatched more weight than ever before, pressed more weight and came away with a better understanding of form. Steve teaches with great passion, intelligence and fun tips and visualizations to achieve more. Have been thinking about taking the HKC certification and he would be the guy I would want to get me through it! Thanks Fury!

10/10 The best!!!
By Sean Carney / New York, USA

Working with Steve is always a fun and educational experience. I've been working with him for about 2 years and he has been immeasurably helpful in getting me to my strength goals. Not only is serious about fitness but he makes it fun and he's fun to be around.

10/10 Helps you get it done!
By Stacee Mandeville / NY, USA

I have worked with Coach Fury as one of my regular coaches for nearly a year. He brings tons of technical knowledge to help us always maintain great technique and learn new ways to make ourselves a little better each day. He also brings a unique sense of humor that makes working out fun-even when it's a tough set, and is deeply both humble and joyful in the role he plays in our lives (and the role we play in his). He also doesn't f-around. When you're mildly injured or having ouchies (not the good kind) he always encourages (and guides) you to find a workaround to push through, safely, and get it done. I find my strongest self working with Fury. He rocks.

10/10 Kickass Super Hero Kettle Bell Fitness Instructor
By Jay Pinkerton / New York, USA


10/10 Best Instructor there is!!
By Geoff Hemingway / New York, USA

I've had the joy of working with Coach Fury for 3 1/2 years now, and he is one in a BILLION. His coaching is always concise, user friendly, and he makes even the most difficult tasks seem accessible. FURY FOREVER!!

10/10 Come for the training, stay for the tattoos
By Zena Kaufman / NYC, USA

I have to admit I was skeptical (in other words scared) before my first training session with this intimidating guy. Who wouldn't be? Doesn't look like he would be warm and fuzzy. My first Ninja Essentials class he spent several minutes making sure we understood the importance of listening to our bodies and not pushing ourselves to a point that would result in injury. That resonated with me and surprised me. My private session with him was even more astonishing. He watched my deadlifts and goblet squats and encouraged me in such a positive way that I am now confidentially lifting almost double the weight. His belief in me has translated into me believing and LIFTING more than I thought I could in such a short time. He may look tough but I think there is such a tender core that augments his effectiveness.

10/10 The Many Facets of Fury!
By Tony Capone / New York, United States

Coach Fury is an incredible fitness coach, trainer, motivator and all around great guy! He's in it with you 110% whenever you train with him. He brings his authentic self to every interaction, offering great training tips and guidance, all with a great sense of humor. And as for integrity, let me tell you a quick story: I showed up for a class that Coach Fury was teaching on a morning when a huge storm warning was issued for later that day. I was new to the class, in fact, I'd never taken it before and I'd never met Fury before. Because of the storm predicted, every other participant wussed out and was a no-show! Did Fury cancel the class? Hell no! He stayed and took me through the entire program as a one on one private coaching! That my friends, is a rare and wonderful quality.

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SteveHoliner ART

Strength From Failure or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 44kg

Apr 03, 2012 03:45 PM

I have a serious love-hate relationship with the 44kg kettlebell. I first tried to press it at the Philly RKC in 2010. Though I didn't get it at the time, it went up about a month later with some tips from Geoff Neupert, Shaun Cairns and Steve Milles. Between the RKC and the July RKC II, my weight dropped from 225 to 195 and the 44kg became my half bodyweight press test. Over time, I was able to get the 44kg up about 90% of the time in either arm. My stronger arm was...

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