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John Bair


Montgomery County, PA
United States 19034
9.87 out of 10 (82 reviews)

Who is John Bair?

I am John Bair, from Montgomery County Pennsylvania, and I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best strength coaches in the world and smart enough to implement the systems of these great coaches into my own, Bair Knuckle Strength. Rejecting what was useless, absorbing what was useful and uniquely adding my own spice to the dip, those systems make me look pretty intelligent, most days.

Through a transformative fitness journey of my own, I have repaired a dysfunctional body from years of football and have lost and kept off over 70+ lbs. I move without pain, look better at 34 than at 24 and am stronger now than when I bench pressed 305lbs and squatted 500lbs during my high school football days.

I am DVRT Level 1 & 2(DVRT), StrongFirst Girya (SFG), Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), Killing It With Kettlebells (KIWK) Certified, as well as a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS). I have experience with Restorative Exercise, Pain Free Movement, Kettlebells, Barbells, Ultimate Sand Bags, Body weight Calisthenics, Indian Clubs, Aero Sling Suspension Training and so much more.

I believe continuing education to be paramount. I am the eternal student and love coaching my clients to achieve their goals. Before you try something, I have tested it and would never ask you to do something I haven't. 

What is Bair Knuckle Strength?

Bair Knuckle Strength is the culmination of over 20 years of strength training experience and was founded in August 2009. 

It literally means – using your "Bair Knuckle’s", to gain Strength! We prescribe the right amount of work to get the maximum results and not a smidgen more.

No fancy exercises or shiny pieces of equipment here. We safely perform the basics and we do them well, without injuries or causing harm. 

We have insane amounts of fun and the best compliment we’ve ever received was "I’ve been coming here over a year for 3 days a week, and not once have I ever looked at the clock to see when class was over."

Final Thoughts

I understand that it takes lifestyle and behavior changes beyond "just working out," and I know how to help you be successful at achieving your own goals. I work to help remove limitations, increase positive behavior and zero in on the goal.

I could make more money doing something else but I’ve chosen physical culture and the unique ability it gives me to make an impact in my community.  

I believe in order to get better; you must hold yourself to better standards.

Breathe Better, Move Better, Eat Better, Recover Better and Get Strong ...Better, No?

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10/10 Great Strength Training Program for Teens
By Jen Stewart / North Wales, USA

I can't say enough good things about the training at Bair Knuckle Strength! Though I haven't personally trained with John or Sarah, both my older kids (ages 13 and 12) loved training with them 3 days a week this past summer. The program was originally for girls only but after I heard what they were doing I knew it would be a great strength builder for my son as well. John was so friendly and accommodating - I can't thank him enough! They were exposed to kettlebell swings, deadlifts, Turkish get-ups, etc - all things they have never done before. Definitely helped them be more confident as they returned to the soccer field and also made them more interested in taking better care of themselves via nutrition. In his first game my son, Ryan, came off the field and told me he felt as if he had "another gear" to shift into to when he needed it. I'm certain his summer training with Sarah had something to do with that! I look forward to trying out a class myself!

10/10 I will be training with John into my 90's
By Christina Visco / Horsham, United States

I started training with John over one year ago. When I started class I was most impressed with John’s patience and his ability to focus on everyone as an individual but also with his ability to keep the group cohesive, focused and engaged. His passion for his work shows by the simple fact that he has students that have been with him for years! As John has said, we will be training with him when we are in our 90’s! John’s training has taught me how to align my body properly along with proper breathing, lifting and all around strength. Last year I could not lift a water bottle for the cooler in our office, now I lift it with ease. Once class starts I forget about everything and focus on what I am doing and that alone has changed my life. John is always there to make sure we are working correctly and to encourage us to keep striving to achieve more. John is an extraordinary person with so much passion and love for what he does. I am honored to be in his class and to know that he will always help me and others to achieve our goals. Thank you John!!!

10/10 More Than A Workout
By Jamie Lipskin / Fort Washington, United States

I have had the pleasure of learning from John Bair for over a year now. I started out with the intention of finding a new exercise program to add to my mix of exercise classes and routines but what I found was so much more. I have found a place where I can challenge myself both physically and mentally, a place where I can find strength in moments of weakness, a place where I can put myself and my well-being first, and a place where I can take on new challenges and strive for excellence. That is what Bair Knuckle Strength teaches and that is what it means to train there. John has a wonderful gift for teaching. While approachable and supportive, he holds his students to high expectations allowing them to achieve more than they thought they could. John celebrates the everyday victories of each one of us while keeping the long-term goals in our sights. I have gained many physical benefits from working with John. As a dance teacher I had many nagging aches and minor injuries that bothered me and kept me from being and feeling my best while doing my job. I can say that those issues have improved tremendously and in many cases are completely gone now. I continue to feel more energized while dancing and teaching and feel greater resilience in my body than ever before. As a small business owner, stress would often manifest itself physically for me. I would get sick fairly often and have muscle tension, knots, and misalignments in my body. Training at Bair Knuckle Strength has significantly improved these areas of my physical health as well. It has given me a healthy outlet to release and redirect stress. I can be a workaholic by working very long hours 7 days per week. The few hours per week that I give myself at Bair Knuckle Strength are strictly about me. That respite from work and shift in focus allows me to have more clarity, energy, and drive for my work and for running my business. I am amazed at the physical strength that I have gained in just over a year with John. But I am most grateful for the overall impact that Bair Knuckle Strength has had on my quality of life. I will be a devoted student of John Bair’s for as long as he is willing to teach me. ?

10/10 A Super Hero in the Field of Physical Fitness!!
By D C / Phila, US

I discovered Bair-Knuckle Strength and John while searching the internet for a gym that specialized in kettlebell training. I had experience with kettlebells years ago and knew they were a great tool to get in phenomenal shape. Boy did I luck out!!! Not only is John an expert in Kettlebells, Ultimate Sandbags, Functional Movement, Indian Clubs, among a host of other things; but he is also an expert in dealing with people (most important in my opinion). The care he shows his clients is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. He truly understands human physiology, and tailors workouts for each student based on their own goals, abilities and experience. Each student in John’s class shows progress in a short amount of time. Not only do you gain strength, but you become a healthier person under John’s instruction. Bair-Knuckle Strength is a safe, friendly and unintimidating place to get in shape. John is a leader, trailblazer and true Super Hero in the field of physical fitness. I highly recommend Bair Knuckle Strength if you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life.

10/10 Training for life with the best
By Sarah Dziomba / Philadelphia, USA

Sarah Dziomba, 31, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, aspiring strength coach When I started training with John in January 2015, there were a lot of questions thrown my way. “Why do you need to work out?” “You’re already in great shape.” I thought, “Was I?” I knew what I thought “strong” felt like. I’ve been a dancer since the age of three, have performed across the country, tried various fitness regimes and workouts, and trained and performed as an aerialist. Sure, on the surface I may have looked strong but, boy, has this year changed my entire life. The first thing you have to know about John is that he has the biggest heart. He will fight for who and what he believes in no matter what. He expects the best from each of his clients because he only sees the best in us. He will push you to become stronger, fiercer, happier, healthier, and more successful than you thought you could be. What John teaches in the studio directly correlates to life outside the studio. Set a goal? He’s there to make sure you surpass it. Fall of the wagon with your diet? He has the tips to get you back on track in no time. Having a bad day, week, month, or year? John is there to help you rebuild. Bair Knuckle Strength is about more than just lifting heavy and doing cool looking tricks. John safely instructs you how to CARE for your body. How are we going to make it through the rest of our lives if we are constantly beating ourselves up with vicious workout circuits, endless treadmill cardio, and crappy food? I admittedly eat donuts, love ice cream, and am an avid red wine lover. While my diet goes through seasonal changes, for the most part I’m a high protein, good carb, lots of veggies kind of girl. If you don’t take care of YOUR body, who will? I set a goal of accomplishing a pull-up when I started training with John. I nailed it seven months later. Eight months in, I hit a deadlift personal record of 176 pounds. That’s a good 30 pounds over my body weight. Every week I accomplish something I couldn’t the week before. The bells keep getting bigger and heavier and I love it. I’ve never felt stronger physically, emotionally, or spiritually. John has built BKS into a community of people who know they are strong, healthy, and pretty badass. You can walk into a class and have a nurse to your right, a law enforcement official and a teacher to your left, a chiropractor in front of you, a real estate agent behind you, and a yoga teacher across the room. BKS is a one-size-fits-all community who genuinely cares for each other. I whole-heartedly believe in John and Bair Knuckle Strength. In late spring of 2015, I approached John about learning from him to become a strength coach. A month later, I asked him again. A month after that, I was studying the Functional Movement System (FMS) and researching everything I could about kettlebells, strength and conditioning methods, and the human body. In September, I passed my FMS Certification and am gaining the experience needed to begin my own adventures into strength coaching, under John’s tutelage. I am so grateful to be apart of the BKS community and look forward to being apart of its incredibly bright future.

10/10 Life saver!
By Kelli Moshen / Fort Washington, USA

Back in June, I was workout-aholic. Working out 5-6 days a week spinning, lifting, bootcamps you name it I was there. I barely had any rest time. Preparing for a dance show, rehearsals and teaching dance every day my body couldn't handle it anymore. My shoulder decided to pop out which then caused constant pain in my back. I took a couple weeks off and went to a dr to find nothing was torn but I had chronic overuse of the shoulder ( Welcome to be being a dancer) I was told I had to cut back on the lifting and go to PT. I did not like the sound of that because all my dance moves consist of pushing, lifting and being strong. That is when I decided to see John! The whole month of August John helped me focus on where my movement should be triggered from, changed my breathing method, and help me condition my body in the right way. Within 4 weeks of taking home everything I learned in one session plus my PT I went from 5% mobility to 75% and now 2 months later I am feeling stronger and feel about 90% better. It can only get better from here! I can not thank John enough! He makes you feel confident, helps make you the best you can be and is fun to work out with!

8/10 John Bair
By Terrance Ndlovu / London, United Kingdom

Well, will be brutally honest and straight with my words. In all walks of life, its common place to come across self proclaimed experts or people who claim to know their shit inside out. John Bair is neither. He is the rare exception who really does know so much about his craft of kettle-bell swinging, and its benefit's. with out even meeting him and him basically viewing a short 15 second clip I sent him, he was able to offer me excellent advice which helped me nail my technique. I am serious, he gave fantastic feedback which I utilised and what do you know.... If we were based in the same city, I think I would honestly be a pest to this man simply because his knowledge of the bells is way beyond advanced level, and most importantly, he is able to pass it on to mere mortals like myself. No frills , no jokes, John Bair really is top person in his field. If you wish to broaden your knowledge regarding strength and kettle-bells, this man is definitely somebody you should seek out. With feedback and input from John, you honestly would not believe the improvements made in my swings. 100% mean every-word written.

10/10 So glad to be working with you!
By Elizabeth Dankoski / Asheville, United States

John is an excellent trainer - a fantastic blend of knowledgable, kind and tough. I’ve been working with him remotely for several months and have been so impressed with his understanding of form and incredible attention to detail - both with direction he gives and the personal details he remembers about me and my family. I never feel like I am just a paying customer. Instead, I feel like he’s part of my team supporting me in my bigger mission to radiate health and vitality. Because of this, I plan to work with him for as long as I need to get myself to the powerful place I am aiming for!

10/10 11/10
By Ryan vanBrackel / Annapolis, USA

I had the pleasure of working with John at a recent certification over the weekend. I was unexpectedly asked to teach the class how to do the clean. An exercise I use many days a week in training, piece of cake to teach right? Wrong. I went all deer in the headlights and completely froze. I talked to John afterwords and he was very encouraging, kept my head up and helped me move on and forget about it. The next day I had to put the class of instructors through a workout. Before I started I took a deep breath, remembered my conversation with John the day before and took command. No hesitation, no loss of thought, felt confident and owned it. Thank you for helping me improve my self confidence in such a short time. Look forward to working with you again in the near future!

10/10 A Caring, Knowledgeable, Top-Notch Instructor
By Michelle Henry / Okinawa-shi, Japan

I had the pleasure of meeting John at a recent Killing It With Kettlebells Certification. Over the course of the 3-day cert, three things stood out about John. First off, he's just a genuinely kind and caring person. He's immediately likable and approachable. Secondly, he really knows his stuff when it comes to kettlebell training and body mechanics. Lastly, he has a great teaching style. Combine these three qualities and you've got a top-notch instructor and coach. John was my skills tester during the certification. I appreciated that after each movement was tested, he provided positive feedback on what I did well and then he provided constructive feedback on where I could improve my technique. His instruction and cues were clear and easy to understand. If you are looking for a top-notch instructor who will help you achieve your health and fitness goals, look no further then John Bair.

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