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Success Stories

PatrickRothMD thumbnail

An Interview with Dr. Patrick Roth, MD, author of The End of Back Pain

I started to read about back strengthening and kettlebells, then tried it on myself before trying it with my more ambitious patients. The vast majority of the patients who had the nerve to try it, benefitted from the training.

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SusanSloanAfterOldJeans thumbnail

An Interview with Susan Sloan, RKC Instructor

Laurel introduced me to kettlebells, and I fell in love with them from day one. Even though I could barely use them at first because I was so overweight and out of shape, I kept trying.

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MoritzAtPCCSweden thumbnail

An Interview with Moritz Rammensee, RKC Team Leader, PCC, CK-FMS, Primal Move Instructor

I realized that the kettlebell and RKC system was very powerful. I like Dragon Door’s current RKC very much, it’s similar to the way I approach my clients.

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FlorianKiendlRKC Swing thumbnail

An Interview with Florian Kiendl, RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS

I can now do many of the things that I've always wanted to achieve in martial arts because of my kettlebell training. Kettlebell training has helped with roundhouse 360 kicks, and many related moves. I think it also has helped my board breaking—it’s helped with a lot of things!

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ChrisHolderQigong thumbnail

Interview with Senior RKC Chris Holder, Head Strength Coach at Cal Poly, Doctor of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy

I am really excited about the possible opportunities with the RKC, because I feel like I’ve really married the two sides of Dragon Door—I am a hardcore kettlebell guy, a hardcore qigong guy, and I “get it”.

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Senior RKC Amnon Darsa Krav Maga

Interview with Senior RKC Amnon Darsa, Creator of Krav Maga Core

I can incorporate kettlebells into my Krav Maga training. During my combined training, I work on Krav Maga, some heavy bag, some rounds of sparring, and kettlebells for the fitness rounds. Normally, I would need a lot of equipment, because bodyweight exercises are not always the best for this, but the kettlebell is a really good solution.

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RolandoGarciaZercher thumbnail

Interview with Rolando Garcia III RKC-II, CK-FMS, Manager, Motivational Speaker, and Author of The 4 Competencies Method

In the process of trying to understand what would turn my division around, I had to investigate what really drives the success of a personal trainer. I soon realized that 75% of what drives success in personal training had nothing to do with personal training.

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JonBruneyUnderNails thumbnail

Interview with Author and Guinness World Record Holder Jon Bruney

Kettlebells had a HUGE part in my training because they really teach the body how to absorb impact like nothing else. There's something about the plyometric acceleration and deceleration especially. I did a lot of really heavy swings as well as...

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StevenGravesPCCBacklever thumbnail

Interview with Steven Graves, RKC, PCC, and Primal Move Instructor

I think my body is now more powerful, explosive and stable than ever before. After 3 years of kettlebell training, I´m able to maintain my strength and conditioning level with a minimum amount of workout time.

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DariusGilbertMartyDeadlift thumbnail

Dragon Door Interviews RKC Team Leader, Darius Gilbert

Being an athlete I know when something feels right, and kettlebell training felt great. I still feel just as strong, explosive, and capable of doing many of the same things I did when I played football at the University of Virginia. I know I’m training the right way because at age 40 I can still keep up with the 18 year old kids we train, and still dunk a basketball.

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