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LawrenceDunningKettlebell thumbnail

An Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Lawrence Dunning, RKC

In college I started to get into combat sports and began competing as an amateur boxer. It evolved to the point that training for triathlons became a way of maintaining my fitness for MMA.

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NickLynchRKC thumbnail

An Interview with RKC Team Leader Nick Lynch

My kettlebell training began because of my own injuries. I also noticed that many people who came to my studio had numerous existing injuries. Many athletes in the US train with Olympic lifting—which is really its own sport.

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LoriCrockKettlebellClean thumbnail

An Interview with RKC Team Leader Lori Crock

Oddly enough, I didn’t like kettlebells at first! The kettlebell swing was a very unfamiliar movement, and I didn’t understand it. But I became intrigued by kettlebells because until then, I’d liked everything else in the gym.

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TimOsbornWithAlDanny thumbnail

An Interview with Tim Osborn-Jenkins, PCC Instructor

Six years and hundreds of hours later I had my black belt, but needed a new challenge. That's when I started practicing Wushu and Chinese Kickboxing. Because I learned good basics in Kung Fu, I was able to make a smoother—although not easier—transition to Wushu.

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JenKalmesWindmill thumbnail

An Interview with Jen Kalmes, RKC and PCC Instructor

After finding kettlebells and training with them myself, I realized how much I absolutely loved it and wanted to get RKC Certified. Because I was working with a lot of women at the salon, and had many clients who had known me for years, they noticed my body changing and asked me what I was doing.

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BobbyMoffettInRing1 thumbnail

An Interview with Pro MMA Fighter and RKC Instructor, Bobby Moffett

The best thing I learned for myself was how to do the kettlebell movements correctly—that and how to set up my workout routines. But, in general, after my professional fighting career is over, I’ll have something else I can teach.

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TJSawyerElbowLeverOutdoor thumbnail

An Interview with TJ Sawyer, Cardiologist and PCC Instructor

I really came to the PCC for my own knowledge. I turned 40 last September, and the previous year I decided my goal was to do 10 muscle-ups before I really had any idea on how to do them! I watched some videos online and thought that because I could do a lot of pull-ups that I'd be able to do a muscle-up.

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GraceMenendez1ArmElbowLever thumbnail

An Interview with Grace Menendez, PCC and HKC Instructor

I got really obsessed with bodyweight training and the progressions and regressions Al has for everything. At first, even though I’d look at an advanced exercise and think, “Oh my god, I can’t do that one yet,” I could do the regressions that came before it.

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AdrianHarrington1ArmElbowLever thumbnail

An Interview with Adrian Harrington, PCC Instructor

I'm not a huge guy and never really wanted to get big in the gym, I'm just having fun. If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it! I feel like bodyweight training really brings you in tune with yourself and think that people who just go to the gym and go through the motions don't get the same mind to muscle connection. For me, I’m getting in tune with my inner animal...

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ChrisGarayHeadshot thumbnail

An Interview with RKC and PCC Instructor, Chris Garay

If I can get my clients excited about doing their first pull-up, then I can figure out meaningful ways to make the training more important to people in a genuine, fun, and interesting way.

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