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IsaacHoffmanYogaSquat thumbnail

An Interview with Isaac Hoffman, PCC Instructor and Research Scientist

I tried to approach fitness in the same way, but I was humbled at every juncture either by injury or just lack of ability—I could see where I wanted to go in my mind, but I didn’t have the right tools yet.

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SteveRosenHKC thumbnail

An Interview with Steve "Sgt Steve" Rosen, PCC, HKC

My definition of fitness is feeling your best, performing your best, and third—the lowest priority—is looking your best. If I do everything I can to feel and perform my best then I'm going to look my best.

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JohnKalilStretchWithKettlebell thumbnail

An Interview with John Kalil, RKC Instructor

I was determined to learn about kettlebells, so for the first 2-3 years I probably went to every class Mike had! I soaked up as much info as I could from him.

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RolandoPortrait thumbnail

An Interview with Rolando Garcia III—Intrinsic Excellence and Goal Setting

First of all, I think goal setting itself is important. It’s a relatively sure way to actually achieve what we want to achieve. However as I mentioned in our previous interview, if you take a good look at where you are in your life right now financially, professionally, and personally, chances are that five years ago you would not have envisioned where you are now.

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AngeloGrinceriPistolOnBar Thumbnail

An Interview with Angelo Grinceri, PCC Instructor

When I was almost seventeen, I started to get really involved in the aesthetic side of fitness through bodybuilding. I guess I had a different start than most practitioners. I feel like most fitness professionals have a competitive background based in athletic performance, while mine was looks-based.

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KeithVeriBeachPress thumbnail

An Interview with Keith Veri, RKC Instructor

When I first started with kettlebells, I was tired of how I had been training. Even though I was into running and a lot of cardiovascular training which helped me get down to 150lbs, I was not happy there. I didn’t like being skinny, and I needed to add a strength training component. Then all the sudden I saw them one day and ordered a 30lb kettlebell. It was rough, but I loved working with it. ​

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MartijnBosKettlebellPress thumbnail

An Interview with Martijn Bos PCC, FMS and RKC Instructor

I had been training with kettlebells for several years before taking any of the RKC courses. Trying to learn and practice just from manuals—and another certification in Holland which was not that great—was definitely a mistake.

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StefanMadsenJumpingMuscleUp thumbnail

An Interview with Stefan Madsen, RKC and PCC Instructor

Back in 2003 while in the army, I participated in training courses about physical training for soldiers. I was a Sergeant 1st class at the time and did a lot of teaching, especially small arms firing and PT.

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ErrickMcAdamsEatingGreens thumbnail

An Interview with PCC and HKC Instructor, Errick McAdams

I used to be a fat guy! I was 26 years old and sitting on the couch, watching an E True Hollywood Story about Brad Pitt. At the time Brad Pitt was 36 years old, Fight Club had just come out, and he was totally ripped!

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MaggieFazeliFard Portraitdoublekettlebell thumbnail

An Interview with Maggie Fazeli Fard, RKC Instructor, Senior Fitness Editor Experience Life Magazine

When I was a little kid I was incredibly unathletic—just the thought of getting sweaty or dirty turned me off completely. I was also uncoordinated and didn’t have any natural athletic abilities.

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