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Andrew Read


Phone: 03 9939 0971
431 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin, Victoria,
Australia 3189
9.91 out of 10 (104 reviews)
Andrew Read has worked as a personal trainer and strength coach for almost twenty years and is recognised as the leading expert on functional movement and strength in Australia. Along the way he has worked with Olympians, national champions and every day weekend warriors. As Australia's highest qualified RKC, and it's first CK FMS, he has also become the distributor for Dragon Door in Australia, while also being the national director for FMS and Primal Move. 
He specialises in kettlebell and functional strength training and uses the FMS as a lense to clarify clients' needs. His thoughts can be found in various magazines such as Ultrafit, Blitz, Inside MMA, International Kickboxer, Triathlon and Multisport, Breaking Muscle and Oxygen as well as his award winning blog on his website He is the first and only Australian Senior RKC as well as having been the first RKC II, RKC Team Leader, CK-FMS and CICS.
With a sporting background that covers everything from being a member of the 1988 Olympic squad in Taekwondo to BJJ to special forces to Ironman triathlon he has personal experience in what it takes to reach your goals. He is known for his no nonsense approach to training - simple, not easy, yet always results producing, taking the best information from the performance training world and turning it into programs that every day clients can benefit from. 
"Andrew Read's passion for the RKC system is evident in everything he does from personal training to workshops to running day to day operations for  Dragon Door Australia. There is a constant emphasis on quality and everything is an attempt to answer with action the question "How can we do this better?" Many people think Hardstyle is just about tension and kettlebells, but Andrew understands that these things are only a part of the bigger picture which incorporates joint mobility, stretching, Indian Clubs, bodyweight and barbell strength training and the Functional Movement System principles. He has a great ability for teaching others and communicates the details of the system exceptionally well". - Iron Tamer David Whitley, Master RKC Instructor
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10/10 The low down on being working with Andrew
By Greg Weiland / Melbourne, Australia

The main reason I initially started writing this review was because I was in fact asked by Andrew to give my thoughts for the website. Importantly, he put no pre-conditions on this and insisted that it be unfiltered and not sent to him in advance for any vetting. Although I’m a pretty outgoing sort of person, and very open with friends, or anyone for that matter one-on-one, I’m actually very private when it comes to posting things on the internet and social media (although I have my moments of weakness) and so it takes a bit to get me to put something out there so publically like this. That said, when I do something, there are no half measures and I do things properly. Besides, it gives me a good opportunity to take stock and reflect on why I keep getting up some ungodly hour and out the door four mornings per week, having to re-work all sorts of routines and put up with the logistical issues, to bust my ass and pay $132 / fortnight for the privilege. So here goes, my impressions of both Andrew Read the man, and the journey thus far with Read Personal Training (RPT).
I started at RPT in April 2013 and at that point was thoroughly disillusioned with the futility of what I was doing on the fitness front - doing workouts at home a few days per week based on what I had picked up from all sorts of sources; not getting any stronger, leaner or better conditioned but feeling liked I had ‘worked out’; and frequently picking up injuries.
I had always resisted the prospect of using a trainer, misguidedly thinking it was mainly for people who were time poor, lazy, had money to burn or just needed someone to motivate them. I had enough stuff at home, was careful where I spent my money, thought I knew enough and the desire to exercise and remain active had never really left me, so why pay for the services of someone I figured?
However, the time came that I eventually realized that I was beating my head up a wall and not really getting anywhere. I was still in effect paying dearly for my ignorance in terms of lost time, physio bills and the like. After coming across dragon door on the internet, I started searching through the reviews and was impressed by the depth of them referring to just how good this Andrew Read fella was. It was not just a handful of words of gushing praise, but real detail on what Andrew had taught them and how their training and results had just turned around. What did I have to lose I thought?
My plan at that stage was just to go for a few sessions, to iron out a few kinks in my technique, get them to teach me a few exercises, give me a few workouts and I’d be on my way back to my home gym with perhaps a periodic refresher “tune up” to make sure I hadn’t picked up any bad habits.
I recall speaking to Andrew for the 1st time one day during a work break for about 30 – 45 minutes and being a little struck by the directness and the conviction he had with his views. While it made sense to me on one level, another part of me remained a little cynical and doubting. My own personal failings or outcomes from past experiences have a tendency of leading to one becoming closed off and cynical. That mindset isn’t helped when you see just how many poor service professionals there are in all walks of life, happy to take your money and offering little in return. Andrew took every question I had and served it back with interest, and did not sugar coat anything or put me under any illusions. While he may have been in ‘sales mode’ to some degree, there was also an impression left that he wasn’t going to grovel for my business and whilst not explicitly said, there was an undercurrent of take it or leave it, and a strength of conviction that deep down gave me a good feeling about it.
I was a bit taken back initially too that there was a process I had to follow, a minimum standard I needed to have achieved technique wise, just to be given the all clear to join the group classes. This would usually take 4 – 5 sessions. At $150 / timeSo, what are my impressions of Andrew himself and how the journey at RPT has evolved? How would I describe Andrew in a few words? A few spring to mind: single-minded; disciplined; direct; opinionated; uncompromising; confrontational; highly principled; detail driven; perfectionist; demanding; intense & brutal (at times); high intellect; confident; driven; competitive; healthy ego; likes to have the last word; but to name a few. He also has an eye like a dead fish as the old saying goes, and is incredibly focused on the minutia or intricate details of a movement. He can be a difficult man to get to know and break through the hard exterior at first and if he has a soft side, then by jeez he hides it well. Andrew is a bit of a different ‘cat’ that beats to the sound of his own drum, but is like an onion in some ways with a few layers and complexities there. If you give your best consistently, and ask the right sort of questions, he is more than happy to help and you gain his respect over time, but you have to earn it. At other times he doesn’t say a lot and I’ve come to learn that means you are doing well. When you get a compliment then certainly take it!
It wasn’t an easy start in some ways, as just when I thought I was up and on my way, came a few rude awakenings. I soon realized I didn’t know that much at all when it came to what was required, that I had blind spots, and that it would be a long haul, and no quick fix. He sets the boundaries very clearly about expectations and I quickly learned the hard way also that if one is not ‘present’ and switched on for the training, or if you forget your workout log for example, that you’ll get very publically called on it and he does not suffer fools gladly. One day I recall vividly, I thought he was particularly harsh on me and I felt a little embarrassed and humiliated and left the group session feeling a little sorry for myself. He seems to have a sixth sense though and an hour or so later came a text, not apologizing as such but conceding ever so slightly in a round about sort of way that he may have been a little more tactful in getting his message across. A few texts were swapped, but I learned then that he is a man who has no filter and just calls things brutally as he sees them. I found him a little intimidating and confronting at first and even to this day, I feel like I still haven’t worked him out fully, and have to be a little more circumspect about thinking what I say. I find that Andrew says and does things that still surprise me and take me back and I say to myself “Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that!” and that certainly maintains a little edge from my perspective.
I don’t mind pushing back at times and try and put up some sort of debate but he always seems to win in the end and invariably he is proven right. I’ve come to realize that he knows his stuff intimately and his confidence and certainty comes not from arrogance, but from working hard and consistently for 20 years and never resting on his laurels. That said, at the same time he is not closed off and is always learning and pushing the boundaries and looking for ways that better not just himself, but also can carry over to benefit his clients.
I’ll happily debate him on area’s outside his core area’s of expertise but if you step into his domain, by jeez, you’d better know what you are talking about as you’ll get a mixture of short shrift and detailed reasons why. I keep forgetting that he has seen and heard it all before when it comes to excuses and the mental tricks and rationalizations we all play on ourselves. Rest assured, he will call you on your BS and won’t massage your ego, so be prepared for that, and to give your best if you show up.
One can see from Andrew’s extensive writings on “breaking muscle” and even via social media, that this is a man who is a very deep thinker and an absolute professional who takes what he does very seriously, some may say a little too seriously and intensely at times, but nevertheless he has a fountain of knowledge and an unquenchable thirst for mastery and is constantly trying to push the boundaries for not just himself but also his clients. What really impresses you over time with Andrew, Shannon and Alby is that this is not just a job for them, it’s their passion, call it their religion, and is the driving force in their lives. They are consistent, and show up ready to go about their business, day-in-day out and are just on another level, or multiple levels above if the truth is known, than most other trainers. I know Andrew makes sure it stays that way, as he is constantly pushing himself through new and different phases of training, all with different goals that change over time, but also through his attendance at a number of internationally renowned courses with world-renowned trainers. He really ‘walks the talk’ and I feel fortunate that he is always looking for ways to incorporate that wisdom gained into workouts for our benefit.
What also strikes me is that they are always watching and taking note and even though they insist on keeping a log of all exercises done, Andrew seems to intrinsically know what sort of weight you should be using and when you are taking it a bit easy. I have been amazed on more than one occasion how he can spot from a distance exactly the weight you are using on the kettlebell when it does not seem obvious to the naked eye. He even knows when you put them back in the wrong spot and is an absolute stickler for a lot of little things. In many of his articles, the timing of them is often uncanny, as they seem to appear just at precisely the right time, when you need it or when you are thinking about that very thing. It’s almost like he has a sixth sense.
When you get through the basics, you find you are constantly being challenged in class. He constantly keeps you accountable and doesn’t let you off the hook easily. If you make a commitment to class, then if you don’t turn up, there will be a text and if you miss a couple of sessions in a row then he will quite likely call. While there is always an emphasis on correct form and technique at all times, the workouts are constantly varied and he loves nothing more than taking you out of your comfort zone and keeping you there for as long as you can. There are so many wicked ways and means he can actually destroy you in class with even basic exercises or combinations but just when he senses you are ‘fried’ and have given it your all, he seems to know intuitively when to relent a little and grant you a little mercy (while still turning the screw). The penny has finally dropped recently that some of these workouts are beyond the physical, that they are not designed to actually be finished, nor does he expect you to get through it, but are designed more so to push you mentally and take you to another level. This is where it really gets into the realm of personal, rather than just physique development.
Although I do my fair share of good-natured complaining, I’ve also come to realize, that there is a lot of thought, call it science, or what you will, in how and why he puts together a workout and nothing is random with Andrew, it’s all thought out and planned for a reason or purpose. You are not flogged to within an inch of your life every session, but that these are carefully cycled and spaced, but are still intuitively adjusted depending on what the conditions are or how clients have pulled up from previous sessions. That said, he loves throwing curve balls at the group when he feels the time is right for a bit of a jolt as he knows our limits better than we do ourselves.
I’ve done CrossFit before and reckon what RPT does is a far more complete and responsible program. Because there is such strong attention given to maintaining good form at all times, I have found there are very few injuries sustained through training. This is not the case with CrossFit, where it is often all about beating your previous time or the competition, often with less than optimal exercise standards. Sure RPT gets competitive, particularly with the team exercises, but it first comes from a perspective of doing your best and doing it right.
I know for a fact from my own personal experience that there is high duty of care shown towards clients. I recently picked up an injury involving a nerve impingement in the upper back – that had nothing to do with RPT by the way – and Andrew took no chances, insisting I deferred my payments and get the all clear from his spinal physio (who is also an absolute master of what he does) before I was allowed to return to training. I have been nursed through too the past couple of weeks carefully and that just reinforced my faith and gratitude that there are absolute quality professionals out there. The pity is that most people often have to look so hard to find them, often through trial and error.
I’ve thought about why it is such a superior program and one of the main reasons is that all facets are covered in a session, or week typically. Although there is no such thing as a typical workout, there are core elements that are always followed. All sessions have a really strong emphasis on a thorough warm up with a focus on stretching and mobility first, in fact Monday’s sessions are completely devoted to mobility alone, which can be extremely testing and can really work up a sweat. The middle phase of a typical workout focuses on the learning and technical side of getting better at a movement, concentrating on strength development or exercise progression, while still ratcheting up the pace. Then the final phase is often an intense thrash on either a kettlebell or free weight exercise combined with timed blocks on the bike, rower or ski equipment that usually ‘smashes’ you to within an inch of your life. This is mixed in with other sessions where the focus is very much on endurance and getting through a prolonged mental test. There is a balance and purpose to it all and it is cleverly constructed on not just a daily basis but also in terms of longer-term cycles.
There are a number of reasons why I love being part of the group sessions at RPT and can’t see myself stopping it. These include:
• It get’s addictive, especially once you get over a few humps in the beginning and start to see some results or improvements. While I’m a long way from where I want to be fitness-wise, I definitely am leaner, stronger, more flexible and can certainly do things that I either couldn’t do, or do nowhere near as effectively or quickly as I can now, ten months ago.
• You don’t have to think too much if you don’t want to (although I often do, way too much). For most though, you can trust that the workout will attend to all your fitness needs, instead of you having to worry which program to follow or when to do it.
• It just gives me a really good feeling that I don’t have to try and work it out any more for myself, that there are absolutely top quality professionals who are there for you, watching your back and finding new ways for you to improve. There are so many sharks and just cra*py service professionals out there and I’m grateful that I’ve finally stumbled on to some great ones that ‘get it’ and go about it the right way. Some people never get to that point and for mine, it’s another part of the puzzle of life worked out and in control (if I stay the course).
• That I can absorb / immerse myself in something for an hour a day and let off some steam without other distractions or demands pulling at me.
• The camaraderie and the affinity you strike up with other people in the group, from all different walks of life, each with a story to tell, but all sharing in a common goal.
• The attention to detail and the lessons that you learn through these guys, the way they break it down & work blo*dy hard, that often translate into growth in other areas of your life. For example, with learning some of these exercises, there will always be sticking points. Applying this to any field, the more advanced you get, the more your smallest vulnerabilities will be magnified. Moving to advanced levels means diagnosing and fixing the most minute weaknesses.
• A completely changed outlook and perspective on the value of stretching, mobility, movement and recovery.
• An awareness that you don’t need to rely on weights exclusively and that bodyweight workouts can be incredibly tough.
• I’ve gone from someone looking for the quick fix, and being more outcomes focused to someone who really enjoys the process now and have re-assessed and revised my health goals to not be so bothered about how much I weigh and what I can lift, but more so, what I can actually functionally do, and whether I can move flexibly and be free of pain or stiffness, or can keep up well with my son and just remain active and dynamic in both mind and body.
• The way that you are always learning stuff about yourself and your body / training techniques as you yourself evolve. That you can get through testing challenges and grow. That said, there is a great balance as it is constantly rammed home that most of it is not rocket science and that one just needs to keep doing the right things consistently and sticking to it and the results will come over time.
So where can Andrew improve as a trainer? That’s a tough one & who is the best is a very subjective thing. From my own perspective, being someone who has pushed a few wrong buttons with Andrew myself over the journey, there are a few minor, small quibbles in the overall scheme of things such as:
• Personally, I feel he can sometimes be a little too hard and unforgiving (publically and privately) & I’ve cursed about him more than once and thought ‘you pr*ck’! That said, I’m sure I’ve frustrated him just as much at times myself.
• I appreciate it can be difficult to do this with the dynamics and constraints of a group class, Andrew could perhaps show a little more patience at times if you are not getting the hang of something in class and can at times seemingly judge someone from his own extremely high standards.
• He could lighten up a little more on occasion as I reckon you still can have fun and get results at the same time;
• He would be an even better trainer in my view if he revealed a little more vulnerability, humor and sparred more playfully at times, and showed a little more ‘light and shade’ as after all there are many ways to ‘skin a cat’ or getting through to clients to effect behavioral change in perhaps more subtle ways and to keep them off guard.
• At times he could have a little more empathy or make allowance for one’s wider circumstances when difficulties crop up in one’s life outside of training that impact on it;
To be honest, I’m nit picking and am trying to write a balanced rather than fawning review here. We all are, what we are and one can’t change their nature to try and appease everyone. Not that Andrew would likely give too much of a damn what anyone thinks of him, from my perspective, the more you get to know him, and when he lets you in that little bit more, the more you like him and respect him. No one is perfect after all. This is his job and he takes it and the business of results very seriously and we should all be grateful for that.
This is a big call, but from my experience over the last 10 months close up, from reading a lot of his articles and having seen various trainers from afar in gyms and other places over the years, and just based on a bit of wisdom I like to think I’ve picked up over the years about life, I would reckon you could make a pretty decent case that Andrew is probably in the top two or three elite trainers in the country. If you are looking for a friend or to worship a guru, to get a little gentle exercise or develop a social network, then Andrew and RPT are almost certainly not for you. However, if you are serious and want to be challenged to get results, to have someone get inside your head, and if you want to be interested and engaged in what you are doing not just physically, but also mentally, and to grow as a person, then look no further than Andrew and the guys at RPT to take you on the journey. I don’t think you will regret it for a moment.

10/10 The search is over
By Aivy Ngo / Melbourne, Australia

Bored with doing the same personal training fitness program for 2 years, I embarked on an odyssey to find Melbourne's best trainer.

I read numerous fitness articles, scoured forums and the one name that consistently came up was Andrew Read.

Upon our meeting, all my apprehensions of yet another mediocre personal trainer were immediately quashed.

Extremely personable and intelligent, Andrew's passion is immediately obvious and genuine.

I find the weights section in gyms intimidating, however Andrew ensures this isn't the case at RPT and clients are never uncomfortable.

Every client that walks through the door is vetted by Andrew with attitude being a key consideration. This hand picking flows through in training where there is camaraderie and respect among the team.

Be prepared to be pushed and challenged as Andrew gets the best out of you both physically and mentally!

10/10 Simply the best
By Kane Walker / Melbourne, Australia

Having trained at multiple martial arts gyms, a large chain gym and with Andrew for years I can confidentially say that he is without a doubt one of the best trainers in the world. At Read Performance Training real performance is the highest priority, primarily achieved through a progressive combination of bodyweight and mobility exercises, kettlebells, barbells and cardio equipment.
Having spent his whole life as a strength and conditioning coach Andrew's passion, attentiveness and experience are clearly evident leading to personal bests are an everyday occurrence at Read Performance Training. I can't speak highly enough about Andrew and his team and thoroughly look forward to everything that is still to come.

10/10 Profound and elite!
By Alexandra Spinner / Los Angeles, USA

Professional Fitness Trainers always think we know it all! From Body Building, Fitness Competing and Power lifting I was confident I had the goods. Until I was introduced to Dragon Door Kettlebelling in 2006. I was enthralled and heavily intimidated. I bought my bells, DVD's and sought out some of Los Angeles best instructors to learn, train and grow with. In August 2009 I attended the one day workshop in La Jolla, California and knew I wanted to Rkc. But with who? I have trained with so many outstanding trainers from Jack Lalanne to Coach John Wooden. I have an exceptional eye for the elite in athletics.

I waited and trained. And then I heard of this incredible Rkc from Australia and his exceptional style and ability to train in ways I have only dreamed of. Australia brings to the world some of the top performance trainers and athletes globally...Andrew Read is extraordinary personified. He is a phenomena and also a downright salt of the earth kind of guy and 1st class human being. When I heard he would be conducting an HKC workshop here in Los Angeles I was ecstatic! I also knew that his exquisite and discerning eye would make or break my success at passing my HKC. Andrew presents himself not only as warm, witty and easy going, he also has a profound eye and teaching technique that brought my true athletic ability to a completely new level! Both with his incredible sense of humor and warm compassion he brought the best out of me. His keen eye and attention to my TGU was groundbreaking for me. My swing has taken on a completely different feel and my strength increased dramatically at the workshop. The truly glorious and crowning moment came when I had my one one interview with Andrew and he asked, "what do you believe your require improving?" For a moment I thought I failed. I wasn't sure I said. And then Andrew Read with his all knowing smile said, "why are you picking up those little bells, your a strong woman go heavy!" "You passed, now I want you to go heavier!" I am doing just that! Since this experience I have the opportunity to stay connected with Andrew consistently. He is supporting and encouraging my training on a very detailed level toward achieving my Rkc. Mostly, a fantastic friendship has been forged and anyone who has the honor and privilege to certify with Andrew will receive the most elite training you could ever ask for. Read just rocks!!!

10/10 Exceptional Training Instruction
By Steven Tabak / San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

Andrew Read is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, professional, and approachable. I first heard of Andrew from reading articles about him on Dragon Door’s instructor profiles. The more articles I read, and the more I learned about his training background the more I became impressed. I have been working out with kettlebells for about two years, learning from DVDs and books. I really wanted to improve my skills, form, and techniques, so I signed up for a HKC taught by Andrew Read. Learning and listening to Andrew exceeded all my expectations! Andrew covered everything that the workshop outlined and more, going into details and explanations that made everything understandable, and made me perform better and smarter. Andrew’s patience and understanding of everybody’s different skill set made learning and the HKC experience the best it could have ever been. The experience I gained from Andrew has motivated me to work out with kettlebells even more than before. I feel very fortunate to have experienced kettlebell training from Andrew Read.

10/10 Super Helpful (and very funny!)
By Betsey Pepas / San Diego, USA

Andrew Read was the lead instructor for my HKC certification course. I have to admit that I was nervous to have him watching my every move; his reputation preceded him! However, I found Andrew to be extremely approachable and very genuine in his instructing. You could tell he really wanted everyone in the course to succeed, while maintaining the standards that Dragon Door has set out for their certifications. Not only was he very knowledgeable and provided great training ideas and suggestions, but he kept the certification fun and moving along at a good pace, which is key for an 8 hour day of working out and learning! He certainly gave me the confidence to pursue my RKC!

10/10 To all prospective RKC's
By Kelly Almond / Melbourne, Australia

Andrew is the best kettlebell instructor in Australia pure and simple.

If you're serious about doing the RKC, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not working with him in some capacity. He knows the RKC system inside out, and what it takes to be physically, mentally and technically prepared.

I trained with Andrew for 9 months leading up to my RKC and through his instruction and guidance I went into the RKC knowing exactly what would be expected of me and confident that I could meet those expectations. This meant I could focus on getting the most out the weekend and not be stressed, worn out or overwhelmed.

Thank you to Andrew and the team at Read Performance Training Team for helping me achieve my goal of passing the RKC.

10/10 Old school service with up-to-date instruction
By Shane Pigdon / Melbourne, Australia

I had been training with kettlebells for around 4 years, self-taught from Pavel, cotter, mahler & maxwell books & online content. I used bells as a supplementary tool to my much loved barbell training, and I always looked to travel to the RKC abroad as a personal goal.

I first met Andrew at the HKC in Melbourne, together with Shaun Cairns. It's fair to say I thought it'd be a breeze but I battled through the intensive day and scraped my way through. The level of detail that was expected in each move and the unforgiving push towards both perfection and a complete understanding gave me confidence I was training with the right guy. Clearly it was going to be a journey...

It was then not until I saw the Melbourne RKC event released that I got serious about training with Andrew, attending the monthly RKC prep classes as well as training 4 x per week in the personalised group sessions. Andrew and his fantastic team of Shannon and Alby prepared our group flawlessly for the RKC, which I would have never been ready for otherwise. Andrew prepares you beyond what is required at the RKC which I have no doubt is the reason why our group performed so well at the event.

Andrew and his team at Dragon Door Aust share the same attitude to training - they are all extremely knowledgeable, extremely capable, motivating and uncompromising in their efforts to improve every single client. The no-nonsense approach is service at its best, and you get to hear it from a bloke who's been there before and is always pushing to be at the forefront of his field. If you want to be told what you want to hear, go somewhere else.

Fast forward to now and I've achieved my goal for the year of becoming RKC certified, and onto my next challenge. I'm still throwing bells around at his gym, and I'm in the best shape of my life. I cannot recommend Andrew and his team highly enough.

10/10 He's tough but he'll get the best out of you...
By Tania Rowan / Camperdown, Victoria, Australia

I first crossed paths with Andrew when he taught at a Convention in Sydney a couple of years ago. What stood out the most was he was teaching things that NO ONE else was teaching and everything he said made complete sense.
After returning home, I Googled Andrew and booked in for a one on one session ( Keep in mind when I first met Andrew, I couldn't do a TGU as my shoulders were so jammed and an ankle injury had left me with pretty poor mobility. ) A workshop or two later I decided that the HKC would be the best thing for me to do. Andrew was instrumental in getting me training with his Head of PT (RKC II / CK-FMS Shannon Scullin) and participating in workshops he was running. I had no hesitation in travelling 5 hours round trip to do a one hour PT session, then a group session/workshop with Andrew. I was keeping a promise I'd made to myself a few years ago to only learn from the best.

Fast forward 12+ months and I was booked in to do the first ever RKC in Melbourne, Aus.
Andrew's workshops were brilliant in preparing us for the 3 day certification. He ensured we all had our own programs to follow, he'd email with feedback and suggestions and the thing that stands out to me the most was how much his own teaching and knowledge keeps improving. Who'd want to train with someone that refuses to keep updating their own knowledge?

He's tough, he's honest and you can be sure he'll get the best out of you, and I don't believe there's too many other training facilities in our country where alot of the clients are personal trainers training along side non-trainers. If the truth be known, his long time clients could teach alot of PT's a thing or two about kettlebell training.

10/10 Train with the BEST to be the BEST
By Glenn Munso / Melbourne, Australia

As a personal trainer I refuse to be coached by anyone else, other than Andrew Read. Training with Andrew has not only been a good physical challenge, but a massive learning curve as well. Each session I learn so much knowledge that I can go back and apply, not only to my own training but with my clients as well.

After finishing my first marathon on August 26th and the RKC being on the 23rd November, some would think that prepping for the RKC wasn’t enough time but working with Andrew has been nothing but the best, he has given me a program to quickly adapt too making me stronger and ready for the RKC, supporting me the whole way through.

This year training with Andrew, has hands down been one of the best investments for myself and no matter what my next fitness goal is for the future, I know I will continue to train with Andrew.

Andrew is a wealth of knowledge and experience. For anyone prepping for the RKC I highly recommend Andrew and wouldn’t recommend any other trainer for the job because when it comes to training kettle bells or trainers getting trained, Andrews the man for the job. His style of training is personalised to the individual, his passion for his work, the industry and upholding the very highest standard shows in everything he does.

Not only has Andrew been a great support this year through my training for my marathon and RKC, he has been a great mentor and teacher. He was my personal training teacher in 2008 and he was one of the most influential people in my life that helped shape the trainer and the person that I am today. I’m very grateful for all of Andrew’s teachings and I know that I will always continue learning from him. Andrew is always learning and evolving, he lives what he teaches and that is what makes him brilliant and stand out from the rest.

In all Honesty you would be stupid not to train with Andrew and his team at Hard style Physical Training. They will exceed all your expectations.

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Easy Strength… For All Ages

Dec 29, 2011 10:00 PM

If you want to know if a strength training program works don’t give it to a twenty-year-old kid who plays football. Give it to a forty-year-old basketball player. The difference in body type and testosterone levels will help to really isolate what works and what doesn’t. If your forty-year-old basketball player gets stronger you’ve hit pay dirt. Well, what do you get when you test a program on a seventy-year-old woman and it works? You get a program so rich in benefits that it makes you look...

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Calf Work

Consider the following: A recreational runner has an 80% chance of an injury every twelve months of running that will require up to 4 weeks off running. The average runner is forced to absorb between two and three times bodyweight through the feet on each step. The average person takes between 1000 and 1200 steps per kilometre (based off Tony Benson’s chart for runners averaging 6-8 minutes/ kilometre). So if the average person weighs 80kg (180lbs) they are forced to absorb up to...

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The Ten Dollar Spend

Jun 21, 2011 01:00 PM

My name is Andrew Read and I am a training ADDICT… I have at various times trained: while concussed; with eighteen stitches in my right knee and no skin on one hand; while on crutches and most recently while barely able to walk due to pain in my hips from inflaming an old injury. Somehow my body has held itself together despite all the years of torment and torture and still works reasonably, although my FMS score can range from a thirteen to an eighteen depending on the day.

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The De Lorme Method

Mar 07, 2011 10:02 PM

Senior RKC Dan John has an expression that he applies to football – armor building. It refers to being the right size to withstand the rigours of the sport.

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Sophia’s Journey

Mar 24, 2010 05:56 PM

On the 8th of November 2009, Sophia McDermott became the first Australian female to win a world championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At thirty years of age she has spent [...]

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