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Noah Maxwell


Wynnewood, PA
United States 19096
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
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10/10 Exceptional Trainer
By Jerry Frank / Villanova PA, USA

For me, the most important aspect of the relationship that I have with trainer is trust. I have to be confident that he or she will ensure that I make the greatest progress while remaining injury free. In my case, this requires a trainer that is obsevant and meticulous while being flexible enough to quickly adapt routines when something does not work. Noah is the personification of these requirements.

Noah's knowledge of anatomy and physiology is well beyond many of the trainers that I have worked with. This has allowed me to make substantial progress in strength, stamina and flexibility despite significantly impared knees, shoulder and neck. I can now do multiple full Turkish Get-ups with a 16 kg bell - something that was impossible before I started working with him. This has translated into enhanced safety and poductivity when at work and being able to play hard with my 10 and 13 year old boys.

Noah approaches his work with extreme professionalism. He is constantly working to upgrade his skills and add new techniques and tools to his repertoire. This keeps his work outs fresh, intresting and above all, challenging.

I enthusiastically recommend Noah Maxwell for those who wish to improve their fitness, regardless of level, without hesitation or reservation.

10/10 The last two years with Noah have been the Best!
By Bruce Earle / Devon, US

Two years ago at age 61, I started kettle bell training with Noah. I continue to be amazed at my progress and I thought that I was in pretty good shape for my age. My core strength and endurance have improved dramatically and as a result I am skiing better than ever and my golf game has also improved. Noah has a very disciplined yet flexible approach to training. He will push when needed but can also notch it down when you struggle. Noah believes in safety and that good form will lead to good results. Whatever your goals, Noah can help you reach them.

10/10 One Fabulous Trainer
By Beth Maggio / Wayne, PA, USA

Noah Maxwell is an extraordinary trainer who combines his tremendous knowledge of the body, strength, capacity and movement to help his clients achieve well beyond what they think are possible for themselves. I have been working with Noah for several months and have achieved so much - both mentally and physically - from his incredible training techniques and knowledge of Russian Kettlebells. In addition to expanding my strength, flexibilty and cardio-endurance, I have overcome my own mental obstacles about how much more I can do and achieve as a result of Noahs' personalized, measured, approach to teaching and coaching. I would highly recommend Noah to anyone looking for a unique, demanding and extremely exhilirating training experience.

10/10 A new RKC with lots of experience
By Paula C. Rothermel / Newtown Square, Pa

Noah Maxwell is an excellent trainer. In addition to his experience with kettlebells, he is a personal trainer with considerable knowledge of biomechanics and has studied and taught martial arts for many years. He is adept at problem solving and is a stickler for proper form.This combination enables him to help his students nail their technique and has helped me to focus on correct movement patterns.
He really cares about his clients and wants them to do well and avoid injury. His lowkey sense of humor and straightforward approach are encouraging for students.
He is a great guy and does a great job!

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