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Instructor Profiles

Mike KB Profile PNG

Mike Klaus


Phone: (314) FORWARD / (314)367-9273
St. Louis, MO
United States 63143
10 out of 10 (35 reviews)

Mike is a health and fitness professional and the owner of Forward Fitness. Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, he makes fitness, nutrition, and recovery a priority. Playing the Irish sport of hurling, skiing down mountains, rocking out to Pearl Jam, and grilling steaks are among his favorite past times. He prides himself on consistently growing by pursuing education through personal coaches, books, media, seminars, and workshops. Current holder of the following certifications: ISSA, RKC, FMS, Restorative Breathing, TFW.

His coaching philosophy is designed around the Functional Movement System, a movement screen developed by physical therapists and used by professional trainers, clinicians, and even professional/collegiate athletic associations.

Mike coaches personal trainers, youth and collegiate athletes, competitive runners and cyclists, recovery clients, senior citizens, and anyone looking to take their health to the next level.

Accomplishments and Certifications

  • Strength and conditioning coach for the St. Louis Amateurs and AAA youth Blues hockey
  • St. Louis GAA hurling league captain and St. Louis GAA hurling traveling player
  • CPR certified
  • PATI certified
  • RKC Level II 
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10/10 Fantastic Gym - Even Better Instructors
By Stephanie Pineda / St. Louis, USA

I started working out at Forward Fitness about three months ago, and I absolutely love it! It is by FAR the best gym of which I have ever been a member. Mike and all the trainers are incredibly friendly and welcoming. They are also extremely knowledgeable, not only on the exercises/lifts they are teaching but also in the way different parts of the body should move/function. This has been particularly helpful for me (and one of many reasons why I love this gym so much) because every now and then I have recurring injuries/muscle pain that come back from other sports I do, they're all helpful in being able to either modify parts of a workout for me or even giving me stretches or moves to do at the gym and at home to help relieve said pain. I love the FitCamp classes and Kettlebell workshops, and I appreciate that they have new and fun workouts to do for each day of the week. This really takes the pressure off me of having to come up with a new workout every time I go into the gym. I used to dread that! I also appreciate that FitCamps and Kettlebell workshops are capped off and kept small because this truly allows the trainers to be able to keep an eye on everyone for form and provide appropriate and timely feedback if I'm doing something incorrectly. I don't have to wait until I'm injured to realize I was doing it wrong; rather, they catch it early on. The small classes also make this gym more personable than any other gym I've attended. It really is a community of people looking out for one another, and the trainers definitely want what's best for all their members. I genuinely feel that they are helping me get stronger and accomplish my fitness goals all while teaching me new and proper techniques. I always look forward to working out with them, and I highly recommend checking them out!

10/10 Quality Teacher
By David Wittenberg / Alexandria, United States

Even when I am injured, I still attend my sessions with Mike. I simply press light enough weight that I do not aggravate my pain. Mike will always make sure that I do not lift too much weight. Mike is always there when I need to notice my bad habits, and hone my proper, most therapeutic motions. I arrived to the gym with a blown right rotator cuff. After 7 months with Mike, my pain has completely gone away and my strength has increased by %15. I now have awareness of my latissimus, my rhomboids, and the purpose of both of these muscles. I never had this awareness before, spite the fact that over the previous 15 years alone I had spent well over 10,000 hours with exercises, physical activities and physical arts. Mike fixed my plank, my pushups, my press, my swing, my snatch, my clean, my rows. Mike gave me the Windmill, which makes me ridiculously strong. Mike taught me to press the kettlebell bottoms up. I regularly do this now, because it gives my body more therapy due to more balance. I am now healed and working once again with all of my physical arts, pain free. All of my weight training and physical training movements are now pain free. Thank you Mike.

10/10 Mike is awesome!
By Ryan Talbert / St. Louis, USA

I wanted to get into Kettlebell training and found Mike on the RKC website. His coaching and cues helped me get onto the right track and protect my body from injury as I explored kettlebell training. He focused on the fundamentals, encouraging and took a well rounded approach. Very enthusiastic and passionate about what he does and improving people's lives. He's also has a great sense of humor! Thanks Mike for getting me going in the world of hardstyle!

10/10 Stronger Than Ever
By Vince Machen / Union, USA

I have been training under Mike's tutelage for over 5 years. When I started my program I had constant back issues and could not even squat well, much less perform a kettle bell swing. Over time, with Mike's focus on my form and correctional cues, I was able to continually strengthen my core and begin to understand the importance of form and how to maintain it, not just in the gym, but in everyday life. I have gone from agonizing back pain to feeling healthy, strong, and confident in my physical ability. Mike's individualized approach ensures that he understands each clients strengths and weaknesses, and then develops a method to help them safely through those weaknesses. I have never felt stronger than I do now.

10/10 Motivation + Inspiration at Forward Fitness
By Aubrey Morris / Saint Louis, United States

I started training at Forward Fitness in January of 2016 with zero Kettlebell Training under my belt. From the start, Mike proved to be a patient, precise and incredibly motivating trainer. He’s consistent with his guidance and encourages each individual to not only practice good form, but to challenge yourself to grow in an encouraging and inspiring way. His ability to clearly articulate ways to improve movements, form and breathing techniques combined with his personal passion to continue to grow and strengthen his own abilities as a trainer and fitness enthusiast have made my time with Forward Fitness something I look forward to each week, instead of prior experiences…which often left me “dreading” the gym.

10/10 Mike is the best!
By Christa Frisella / Maplewood, United States of America

I'm so happy to have found Mike at Forward Fitness! He and his team have helped me towards my fitness goals while always working with me on proper form. If you're looking for the best, he is it!

10/10 Phenomenal Trainer!
By Amanda Buchheit / St. Louis, USA

Mike is by far the best trainer I have met. His knowledge is so deep and he continues to educate himself and his team. He has high regards for form and making sure safety is the number one priority. He knows when you're ready to weight up, and encourages you to do so. He doesn't hesitate to take a time out and help modify an exercise for you. Mike is passionate, knowledgeable, and is there to help you achieve your goals. If you're ready to make the next move up on kettlebells, he's right there with you teaching you how. The atmosphere him and his team have created at Forward Fitness is fun, friendly, and a blast to come to!

10/10 Top Kettlebell trainer in St Louis
By Drew Perkins / St louis, Usa

Couldn't be happier that I made the decision to start taking classes with Mike. He's knowledgeable and fun to learn from! It's also amazing that he keeps getting more knowledgeable by getting more certifications and passes that down to his clients!

10/10 Great Kettlebell Instruction at Forward Fitness
By Frank Johnson / Shrewsbury, USA

In my search for an RKC kettlebell instructor, I found Forward Fitness and registererd for their kettlebell workshop over the summer. I had started using kettlebells myself but knew I needed more knowledge on specific techniques of the exercises to get the most out of my workouts and facilitate safety. After the workshop, I have continued to take their kettlebell classes and have learned so much about using kettlebells while working under the guidance of Mike and Suzanne, the owners. I highly recommend Forward Fitness for kettlebell training or other fitness classes they offer (I've taken a few of those, too). You'll get individualized professional instruction, attention to detail, and a friendly family-like atmosphere, regardless of your age or current fitness level. A very pleasant experience.

10/10 Awesome Trainer
By Jeannine Beck / St. Louis, USA

Mike is an outstanding trainer who prioritizes good form and client safety over everything else. I have full confidence and trust in his expertise and as a result, I am motivated to push myself when he challenges me.

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