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Michael Davidov


Phone: 7737426511
Denver, CO
United States 80401
10 out of 10 (12 reviews)
   I have a passion for strength. Whether you’re an athlete looking to perform better, or a working parent, looking to feel better and have more energy, I firmly believe that strength is the quickest way to achieve it. Growing up, I had the privilege of working under great coaches and with driven teammates in soccer, swimming and wrestling. 3 very demanding sports that pushed me to my limits. Later in life I looked back to the fundamentals of how to move efficiently, powerfully and effectively and have spent countless hours working with individuals and small groups, honing my skills on communicating and implementing what I had learned and practiced. Getting certifications from NESTA and the RKC helped me really stock up the toolshed, but most of all, listening, studying, practicing and sharing is the lifeblood of my ongoing pursuit to be an outstanding coach and make a real lasting difference in as many lives as I can. 
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10/10 Supportive / motivating / true trainer
By Jessica Nepomiachi / Chicago, USA

Mike is a true 10 out of 10. Every workout is catered to the needs of the client, accompanied with eating tips and recipes, discussions on the connections between mental and physical health, laughter, and sweat. Mike is such a good trainer that a one hour session feels like 5 minutes and you are left feeling energized for the entire week. While he specializes in strength training, Mike is knowledgeable about all aspects of physical health. I highly recommended Mike for all your personal training needs!!

10/10 Best trainer
By Michelle S / Chicago, USA

Mike D. Is an amazing trainer!! His upbeat and positive attitude is infectious. He creates new workouts every session so it is fun and new. Mike is very knowledgeable about his craft and it shows. He helped me reach my goals. He made great workouts for me based on my needs. 10 out of 10! I would recommend him to all my friends.

10/10 Mike Rocks!!!
By Rollin Weary / Chicago, united states

What can I say? He's a great trainer that has helped me incorporate exercise into my daily life. His concepts and execution continue to challenge and excite me. From kettles to cardio to cooking great food, Mike absolutely rocks.

10/10 Next Level Trainer
By Kevin Eichhorn / Chicago, United States

Exactly what I needed to give me the push to go a little harder than I would on my own. Introduces new techniques, new ideas, keep things fresh. Saw lots of strength gains while training with Mike. Definitely reccomend him.

10/10 Trainer, Teacher, Friend
By Zena D / Chicago, United States

Mike has been my trainer for a little over a year. What I like most about Mike's approach is that he pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone, but not so much to where you're injured. He listens and is totally focused on making sure you understand the basics of a movement before 'graduating' you to the next level. It's clear fitness is Mike's passion and not just for vanity's sake. Being healthy and strong are extremely important to him. He's constantly learning about fitness and nutrition and is eager to share his wealth of knowledge. He's a consummate professional, yet totally approachable. Not only is Mike my trainer, but I also now consider him a friend.

10/10 Game Changer
By Emily Lundmark / Chicago, United States

I got the opportunity to work with Mike through listening to his Podcast, Strong Arguments (check it out!!). Fitness has always been a huge part of my identity, but I was starting to hit a wall after years on ClassPass and following whatever trend was hot at the time. Mike introduced me back into the basics of strength training, but took it to the next level by teaching me how to "turn on" all of the muscle connections in my body during each move to really push my results further, faster. Every time we train I feel like I walk out having learned something new, and always feel accomplished. He took the time to get to know me as a person, and has helped me reach goals that I never would have even considered putting on my radar. I have a whole new level of comfort in the weight room and will continue to build off what he taught me. Highly recommend working with Mike! He will be missed in the Chicago area

10/10 Mike makes strength training accessible to all
By Maize J-B / Chicago, United States

I have been training with Mike for several years- first through training sessions through a gym where he worked and then I followed him when he went out on his own. I've never been keen on exercising, and I've tried working with other trainers, but it's never stuck. I sought out a trainer because I wanted to improve my strength and ability to lift heavy tiles in my line of work. I have also seen Mike tailor training regiments to weight loss or general health and nutrition. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to perfecting the basics. His focus on the foundations allows him to make sure your technique is strong enough to add weight, switch up combinations, and feel confident with your knowledge even when you're working out independently (if you're the kind of person that does that). I would highly recommend Mike, no matter your current level of knowledge or strength.

10/10 Fun, great workout, great technique.
By Chris Harden / Chicago, Usa

Mike is an amazing trainer. What I loved about working out with mike is that in the beginning he focuses strongly on technique. He wants to make sure your doing the moves correctly so you get the maximum results and that you are doing it safely. Mike also makes the workout fun. Mike has a great sense of humor. It's not one of those stuffy work outs with a trainer yelling at you. He is also a great motivator. Mike has an extreme passion for his craft and that is very contagious. I would recommend Mike to any one.

10/10 Mike D. Woke Me Up!!
By james silvestro / Chicago, USA

I have been working out with Mike for a few months now and it's changed my life. He is an inspiring teacher full of humor, dedication, and reliability. The best thing about working with Mike is that his passion for strength training is evident as he often talks about recent research he has done on a specific type of exercise, a podcast he has listened to, or a book he has read on the importance of training. His love for what he does is infectious. Without reservation, I would recommend Mike!

10/10 Tailors the work to you
By Keith Stewart / Chicago, USA

The biggest thing that Mike has done for me is give me the confidence that I could safely and effectively work with kettlebells to get the results I want. His enthusiasm is infectious and he always finds the best combination of movements to unlock my potential on that particular day. He's extremely dedicated and will make you a true believer in strength training.

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