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Kevin Knapp


Phone: 253-229-2791
Seattle, WA
United States 98115
9.88 out of 10 (24 reviews)
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10/10 Excellent Coach and Mentor
By Carol Donahoe / Seattle, USA

I am fortunate to have worked with Kevin professionally for almost three years and in that time it was clear he was more than qualified to prepare me for my RKC. After seeing the care and attention to detail he gave to his clients I knew he would be the perfect choice. As a single mom starting a new career I didn't have a lot of extra time to put toward training but had a long way to go to get ready. Kevin took these things into consideration and planned a program for me that was very doable and also very enjoyable. He became familiar with my strengths and weaknesses and created the delicate balance that it takes to improve both simultaneously. Under his guidance I was able to comfortably pass my RKC and really enjoy the entire experience without worrying about anything. He is extremely knowlegable but also very humble and really loves what he does. The passion that he has for teaching is put toward every program he writes or every session that he teaches. I will continue to train under Kevin's guidance and feel very honored to be considered his peer in this amazing organization.

10/10 Best of the Best
By Karin Young / Seattle, USA

I've been working out with Kevin for over two years now and he is the BEST! He is a great instructor and designs great workouts. If you get the chance to work with Kevin, DO IT! He truly is the best of the best!

10/10 One of the BEST
By Heather B / Seattle, US

I began training with Kevin at Kettlebility a little over a year ago. I was unsure what Kettlebells were or how to use them correctly. Kevin walks you through every step in a calm cool very professional manner. He exudes confidence in a way that makes you feel comfortable, safe and like you are being trained by one of the best instantly. He is an expert in Z-Health Performance Solutions which is an art in learning movements that help reduce pain or discomfort. There have been many times where I explained to Kevin how something was hurting me, he showed me a couple of movement drills and wall-la, it felt better. It is truly amazing! Kevin has also supplied me with workouts to take with me when I travel. He customizes it based on where I am going, whether or not I will have a bell and if I don’t he gives alternatives. He goes the extra mile for his clients and training with him has been one of the reasons I continue with Kettlebells and LOVE IT!

10/10 The best I've worked with.
By Chris Wilmott / Seattle, United States

I had been training for RKC and making some good gains, until I injured myself. An old rock climbing injury resurfaced and was giving me a hard time. Not being able to train and not knowing how to change my workouts was taking its toll on me. So with about 5 months until RKC, things were not looking good. Kevin asked one day how things were going and of course my response was "not good." He said "If you want you can work with me; I want you to have a good weekend." So we went to work. Kevin performed a FMS screen on me and started giving me exercises to help my back. Things started coming around and I could train light again. Kevin focuses on every detail; he doesn't miss a beat!. When something isn't working he changes it and checks in with me consistenly, making sure my movements feel good and everything is working. Over time, my strength came back and, on top of that, I got more in return. I was training really hard and consistently and I felt great. Kevin genuinely wants people to succeed and achieve there goals. It was because of Kevin that I not only passed my RKC, but performed well throughout the weekend. The conditioning and strength I gained from Kevin's training allowed me to not ony make it through the weekend, but enjoy myself along the way. If you're looking for someone who pays attention to detail and truly cares about your results, you should be looking up Kevin. Thank Kevin, I truly enjoyed working with you.

9/10 He's good looking too!
By Patty Johnson Patty Johnson / Seattl, Washington, United States

I used to be an avid gym rat, but after a hiatus and a not so brief illness that kept me laying around for awhile, I began working with Kevin. It’s only been a couple of months and I feel so much better already. The other day, while wiping my hands on my leg, I found a muscle I didn’t know I had! Then on a different day, two different women commented on my flat stomach! Two different women, same day! Now, how is that for a ringing endorsement? (He tells me it will get even better.) Kevin has been super patient with me and is teaching me how to work out without hurting myself. Not easy for a woman over 60. His knowledge of human anatomy is truly amazing and I recommend working with Kevin to anyone who will listen.

10/10 Stronger, Looser, and Inspired
By Richard Eckert / Seattle, US

I'm a 47 year-old guy with three college degrees, on financial hard times, and pursuing a new career. I somehow managed to prioritize my health a couple months ago, though, and started working with Kevin. It's apparent to me that he walks the talk. He's truly fit and I learn a lot just by watching him swing the kettlebell around.

But I also learn a lot from how he explains the various details of kettlebell exercise. He has a lot of knowledge and knows how to transmit it to me. He observes me intently and finds out where I really need to shift my focus, then comes up with a working recipe. He will tailor-make workouts just for my strengths/weaknesses and also my life situation. He knows I can't afford to run out and buy a new kettlebell, so he'll say something like, "I'll teach you some exercises designed to help you get the most out of your current kettlebells." And he does.

It's clear to me that he is a student of the discipline, and that makes him a great teacher. He's clearly learned a lot, and has a demonstrated desire to keep learning, but he also has a keen eye for where others, like me, can learn. And I feel great about the work I've done. I'm definitely stronger, looser, and inspired!

9/10 Wow you are looking great!
By Richard Peterson / Seattle, USA

At 56 this is music to my ears! When neighbors, friends and family freely offer this kind of encouragement I share the stage with my excellent trainer, Kevin Knapp at Kettlebility in Seattle ( After a few classes with Kevin and just 3 private sessions on flexibility and movement I can pick up a dime without groaning and the beginner kettle bell exercises have improved my strength and waistline by 2 inches in just 4 weeks. Kevin also offers lots of sage advice on working with one's mind to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Kevin and Kettlebility are a complete fitness resource without all the gym rat grunting and macho "no-pain no-gain" nonsense. His gentle manner and humble spirit are matched well with his professionalism and his own personal committment to maximum personal well-being. Thanks, Kevin!

10/10 Awesome Instructor!!!!
By Mario Magallanes / Seattle, USA

Well after a year of toying with the idea of beginning kettlebell training, this past July i finally told myself its time to check it out, and thats when i met Andrea Chang who introduced me to Kevin and most of the Kettlebility team, based out of Seattle, WA. After my first session i had never felt the way i did after training with Kevin, this guy is a great instructor! From breaking down exercises, to his motivational mind set, and just the energy/passion he puts into his art is awesome. I always am geeked out on everything i learn from him at each training session. Just when i think i have a certain exercise down, he always finds a minor/major deficiency that needs work and provides the necessary progression of exercises to increase strength or mobility to help me become better. It sucks to be told what your doing wrong but its better to be safe than sorry, and that just tells me he really cares about his clients and his art of kettlebell training. I am currently working towards my HKC as well as an RKC in the future, and i'm glad to have him as a trainer. I'm glad i stepped up to the plate and have begun my journey with Kevin. So far with the two months i've been training i have seen some pretty amazing results, and i can't wait to learn more. Thanks Kevin!!! And don't worry i'll be bugging the heck out of you in the days to come, ha ha!!!

10/10 The Richard Simmons of Kettlebells
By Siri / Seattle

Just kidding Kevin. But he really is the type of trainer that could get someone off a couch and sweatin to the oldies. Kevin is a FANTASTIC teacher, listener and observer. He is always able to give constructive feedback on form, technique, and always full of new workout is ever the same. He familiarizes himself with your strengths and where you need extra attention. He is one of the instructors that has helped Kettlebells change my life.

10/10 70-year-old male learns to deadlift and swing bett
By Keith Stamm / North Seattle

I came to Kevin as a result of becoming aware of strength imbalances from reading "The Four-Hour Body." We did a functional movement screening which made me more aware of the tightness in my hips and hamstrings. He started me on a stretching regimen that has made a big difference. It has helped me with my deadlifting form so I can lift more safely and confidently. I can touch the floor with my hands for the first time in my life. An unexpected benefit was the improved power and consistency in my golf swing, which showed up immediately at my first practice session in months. What a nice surprise! I've gotten help from Kevin I would never get from the trainers at Golds Gym where I train. Kevin is so much more knowledgeable and professional. He's turned me on to Pavel's book "Power To The People" and totally revolutionized my understanding and approach to strength training. Who would believe a 70-year-old man who has trained for years could get stronger and more flexible? I am.

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