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Keira Newton


Phone: 505-501-0180
Santa Fe, NM
United States 87505
9.96 out of 10 (171 reviews)
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10/10 Master Indeed!
By Amy Bruce / Waldorf, USA

This past weekend I attended the Raleigh, NC RKC with Master RKC Keira Newton and I was blown away. Her professionalism and attention to detail are extraordinary. She started the weekend off by setting us all at ease. We were all nervous about the snatch test and right away she made us feel that it was going to be fine. After that we got to work. She is so experienced in what she does and has a way of making every move look powerful and graceful at the same time, while explaining all of it in an easy to understand way. Her eagle eye caught everything we needed to improve upon. She was quick to call us out when we were performing a movement in an unsafe manner but also very encouraging in correcting us. Thank you Keira for all you shared with us this weekend!

10/10 Professional and highly motivational
By Leigh Sullivan / Santa Fe, US

I decided to do a boot camp in 2012 after reaching a low point in my life. I had a friend who'd been training with her and decided to jump in with both feet. I was certainly intimidated at first meeting her, but I haven't looked back. I have a long way to go on my fitness journey, but I've come so far already with the support and tough love of Keira and her entire staff. I can't imagine training anywhere else with anyone else! Physical results are not all I've experienced, and I'll be forever grateful for that. She is the level of experience I will continue to aspire to.

By Leandra Branch / Denver, USA

I moved to Santa Fe to train with Keira after falling head-over-heels in love with kettlebells. We started training for my RKC May of 2012. After a few sessions Keira understood that she had her work cutout with me... I knew nothing and honestly wasn't in that great of shape! After 10 hardworking months, tears, laughs and a friendship I will always hold dear to my heart, I headed to St. Paul to conquer my dream of being a RKC Instructor. I was immediately recognized as 'one of Keira's', for she is famous in the RKC World for her perfect form and the grace and elegance she brings to kettlebells. She expects her students to be flawless and she worked months and months to get me there. Her ability to see what needs work and know exactly what to do to fix it comes from years of experience and a determination to be one of the best... which she absolutely is! If you ever are lucky enough to train with Keira take it! Her talent is mind blowing and her style fun, you won't be disappointed!

10/10 Tremendous asset
By April Buchwald / Miami, USA

This is one seriously strong woman. She should be incredibly intimidating, and yet, remains perfectly approachable and easy to both work with and learn from - a real inspiration to fellow instructors and students alike. Whether you're a true beginner or more experienced, Keira will be a tremendous asset in your quest for kettlebell instruction

10/10 Technique master
By Jim Hall / Dixon, USA

Had the pleasure of having Keira and Mark as trainers for the RKC certification, and what a great combination. Keira was great with her technique demonstration and breakdown of movement progressions. When you think you're executing a KB movement perfectly, compare it with Keira's and see how you stack up. Very concise and passionate instruction, and seemed to really enjoy her work. Thanks, Keira.

10/10 Simply Amazing
By Nicole Banning / Colorado Springs, USA

My husband and I have been messing around with kettlebells for years. We are not in the fitness industry as personal trainers and it's not our careers. My husband is in the Army and I work in healthcare. We signed up for the RKC instructors course in Denver initially. Due to the Army changing his schedule, we decided to go to Sante Fe instead. We made the 5 hour drive, not knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly greeted by everyone at DKB and began our session. Keira and her entire staff were so incredibly friendly, professional, and very informative. Keira has an eagle eye and can spot things from a mile away. She is extremely motivational and simply enjoys teaching. She taught us so much and we are eternally grateful for her, and the DKB staff's professionalism and expertise. Definitely an experience to take us to the next level with our training to live an even more healthy and fit lifestyle.

10/10 Delivers on the promise!
By Elizabeth Martin / Santa Fe, United States

A devastating medical event 7 years ago ensured that the road back to health, fitness and well-being would be long and arduous. Having all but given up pushing the immense boulder up the steep hill I wandered into DKB sick and tired of being sick and tired. My entry was Boot Camp. But Keira’s keen eye, expertise and training knew that I needed more. With individual sessions tailor fit to my needs and schedule, she slowly helped me build strength, perspective and confidence again. Integrated, well-rounded, and holistic - Keira delivers on both the transformation and community that she promises.

10/10 AMAZING Instructor
By Megan Trice / Santa Fe, NM, United States

Keira and DKB Fitness are UNBELIEVABLE! I was always athletic growing up and have tried several different workouts over the years, but since meeting Keira and joining DKB my body has changed and tightened up in areas I didn't know were possible. Keira is an amazing trainer and motivator, and I've actually grown to love her grueling workouts! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body, and a big stickler for correct form to help steer clear of injuries and maximize a full body workout. I feel SO blessed to have Keira in my life, and can honestly say I'm addicted to kettlebell!!

10/10 Measurable results
By Sheila Nixon / Santa Fe, United States

Many changes have occurred in my body since joining DKB. At an average attendance of 2 classes per week (lucky if I can make 3!) I have noticed changes in a leg that had been shattered in a riding accident a few years ago. Increased muscle definition – I had given up on it looking anywhere near the other (normal) leg. Increased extension – my norm is hyper flexion 7% - it now appears at least “straight”, whereas I could not truly straighten it at any time after the accident. Flexion has increased as well – I can now sit in a “yogi” position with soles of feet together, whereas previously the compromised leg could not be flexed inward to meet the normal leg. I hope you get the picture! Also, in the right light (LOL), I can see a six-pack!

Having had a professional career as a dancer/choreographer spanning 25 years, I can say that I have obtained visible/measurable results from DKB in a shorter period of time than with any other training method.

Sheila Nixon

10/10 Excellent Team Leader
By Matt Mitchell / Rockwall, TX, USA

Keira was my Team Leader at RKC Chicago this past September. I have nothing but the highest regards for her leadership and skills. Keira has a sharp eye and is an excellent instructor. She personally guided me through my specific issues and helped me correct those in order to pass. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her for those three days. She is a model of the principles the RKC stands for.

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Keira Newton