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Instructor Profiles

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JBC RCK 82012

Joe Chalakee


Ashland, OR
United States 97520
10 out of 10 (42 reviews)
In December of 2007, Joe began training with Dr. Mark Cheng, Sr RKC , an expert in the Russian Kettlebells Challenge (RKC) and the founder and Head Instructor of Kettlebells Los Angeles.

After a year of intensive study, Joe earned his RKC-Certified Kettlebell Instructor in August 2008. After earning his RKC, Joe founded Kettlebells South Bay in which he owned until December 2014.  Now living in Ashland Oregon he has a new gym Ashland Ageless Strength. 

Joe expanded his teaching credentials to include the growingly popular Battling Ropes training by attending John Brookfield’s Battling Rope Certification in August 2010. In July 2011 Joe attended and passed Josh Henkin’s D.V.R.T. Certification for Ultimate Sandbag training .  In November of the same year Joe earned his Certified Indian Club Specialist certification under Master RKC Brett Jones. January 2012 he added the TRX Instructor to his qualifications as a trainer. In May of the same year he attended CK-FMS. August 2013 Joe was asked to be a DVRT Master Instructor. In July 2014 Suples Bulgarian Bag Certified Instructor. 

Joe has been teaching  to hobbyists, martial artists, and fitness enthusiasts of all backgrounds. In addition to his background in kettlebells, he holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate under James Yabe Sensei 8th Dan. Joe also has trained extensively in Judo and Kyokushinkai karate.

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10/10 Invaluable Resource for me as a coach and kettle
By Nathan White / Palos Verdes, NA

Joe and I have been training together going on 1 year now. Joe has been an invaluable resource for me as a coach and kettlebell instructor, resulting in my passing of the level q Kettebell Instructor Cert in February of 2014. Joe takes his craft seriously and like the kettlebell, commands respect. Thanks Joe let's keep it going upward and onward to Level 2!

10/10 Southbay Kettlebells GREAT
By Joe M / Torrance, United States

I first tried Southbay Kettlebells in 2013 (w/ a Groupon). I was very intrigued by the whole concept, and tried it. I enjoyed the classes, but when the Groupon ended I went back to my local YMCA to work out alone. I then decided to try the UFC gym. UFC was good at first, but I started to work out more on my own. I saw some bells along the wall and started working out with them again. That is when realized that I enjoyed working out with bells. When another Groupon came around earlier this year, I jumped at the opportunity to go back to SBKB. I have been going for the last 8 months as often as I can. Everyone in class is very encouraging and we all push one another to reach the next level (some of us are training for Mud Runs and Spartan Dashes). I have enjoyed the workouts (and by enjoyed - I mean worked my butt off for the whole class in ways I never thought of) so much that I convinced my wife to try it. Now she is also an avid kettlebeller as well. The classes are small, and the instruction that you get from Joe is the best. He gives everyone close, personal attention. Joe is very focused on safety and proper technique. In addition to kettlebells, we use sandbags, TRX and battling ropes for training - just to mix it up. I have enjoyed the experience so much that I have asked Joe to train me for my RKC certification in March of 2015.

10/10 Total Body Transformation
By Cortney Castaneda / Torrance, USA

When I moved back to the South Bay I was looking for something that would take my fitness to the next level, so I was more than pleased to find Joe.
Iv'e tried every kind of exercise and have had many different trainers and hands down Joe has been the best. When I first met Joe I told him that I wanted to have strong defined triceps and in three months I had them. Joe's workouts are amazing and super challenging. He'll push you and make sure that you are always progressing yet he watches you like a hawk to make sure that your form is perfect. I have been a student of Joe's for about six months and my body has completely transformed. I'm a 49 female and my body looks better now then it did at 29!
So especially you Ladies, if you are willing to put in the hard work and be consistent Joe will see to it that you will get the body that you've always wanted.

10/10 the best trainer I've ever had
By Maki Yamazaki / Torrance, USA

I've been trainig with Joe for over a year, and what I appreciate the most about him is not only his knowledge and the technique, but that he completely focuses on one to get every single movement right. It gives me confidence to know that by doing the movements correctly I won't injure myself and am constantly gaining strength. The classes have been challenging and entertaining and after each one I feel very accomplished! Joe is a perfectionist so he doesn't let me off the hook easily but his way of correcting and instructing is very polite.
I also appreciate that even though the class is at 6:15 am he's always on time and has never failed to show up.

10/10 Great place for a workout.
By Jason Hidalgo / Gardena, USA

Great place for a workout. Not your usual dumbbells and barbells. This place is about battle ropes, sandbags, and of coarse kettlebells. Joe is a great/patient instructor and knows the kettlebell inside and out. Classes are small so everyone gets individual attention. Myself in particular needed help recovering from shoulder surgery, and I feel Kettlebell Southbay helped speed up the strength portion of my rehab. Kettlebells also helped relieve some lower back pain that had been bothering me.

10/10 I have always wanted to do kettlebells
By Michelle Wilson / Hawthorne, USA

I LOVE groupons because without them I would have never found Joe and Kettlebells of South Bay.

I have always wanted to do kettlebells I would say for the last 6 years or so, but never put the energy into looking for classes or doing any research. Them BAM saw it on groupon and gave it a whirl. I've taken 2 classes so far and I'm really excited that I bought the 12 class package!!

If you are interested or looking definitely give them a try!



10/10 Top Tier Excellence
By Alexandra Spinner / Los Angeles, United States

Unbeatable! In my 40 years of being a professional athlete and foraying those skills into becoming a Professional Fitness Trainer myself I know that skills, habits and dedication is what I stand by. And so does Joe Chalakee. I have been training with kettlebells since 2008. As an equestrian, power lifter and fitness competitor my training experience in LA has been extensive. It is both difficult and rare to find experts of Joe's caliber anywhere in Los Angeles. I came to Joe to assist me in succeeding with my HKC certification. Joe's exceptional eye for the most minute of details, his innate ability to make every move so fluid and simple was an outstanding example of what he represents as a Dragon Door Instructor. Brilliance coupled with heart. Joe's patience, his passion and his never ending quest to teach kettlebelling in such a profound way is purely inspiring! With his training, unrelenting support and no-nonsense approach with his students; this is a stand-out virtue and testament that Joe is a natural born leader who possess' the very essence of what a Kettlebell Instructor represents I am honored beyond measure. Joe Chalakee will always remain my steadfast trainer and I would highly endorse Joe Chalakee to both those beginning to learn Kettlebelling and and to the pro athletes seeking to take the training to the next level. I thank you Joe, you changed my life!

10/10 The work out is fantastic!
By Frank Campagna / Redondo Beach, USA

I signed up not knowing much about this regimen but let me tell you, it's been great. The work out is fantastic! Works out all parts of your body and Joe is an outstanding trainer particularly in a method where form is critically important. I've been doing for a few months and I can really tell a difference in my core strength. I also like the facility. basic, with nothing to distract you. Joe, like others have mentioned, works with your level, is patient with everyone and yet still gets you through a challenging workout!

10/10 Great for beginners!!
By Katie C. / Torrance, CA, USA

I love KettleBell South Bay! I started off as a complete newcomer after purchasing a Groupon and have been slowly learning the technique for the past few months. I have enjoyed it a lot more that I expected and appreciate the pace of each class. Every class seems different and yet the instructor builds on things you have learned or are continuing to master. 45 minutes is a great amount of time for a workout class, and there are many days and times on the schedule.

Joe is an excellent, patient instructor who really cares about teaching proper technique. He is a great combination of working at your level while pushing you to do your best. I really think you will enjoy the classes at whatever level you are joining.

I would highly recommend KettleBell South Bay as a great way to kick off your exercise resolutions for 2013.

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Joe Chalakee