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Michelle Henry


Phone: 0000000000
Wilmington, NC
United States 28405
10 out of 10 (6 reviews)
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10/10 Michelle has helped me grow
By Samantha Cole / Havelock, United States

Michelle Henry has been such an inspiration to me when it comes to fitness goals. I've not always been the most confident in myself, and after my time in the Marine Corps and having had two kids - it all took a toll on my body. I have such a love for weight training and I had picked up a kettle bell a time or to when I served, but when I thought I knew it all, Michelle showed me how wrong I was and then some! I've learned so much from her, and she starts and ends our sessions with such optimism, energy and patience. From the first session I had with her I thought I knew what I was doing, but Michelle showed me that what I thought was correct form and execution was actually quite dangerous. She promotes safety and has shown me how to breathe correctly, as well as several stretches to limber up and keep from getting so tight, which the Marine Corps neglects to work on, so Michelle had been working with years of bad habits in me. But Michelle is adamant about always improving ones self, and I definitely feel that I've done that. After our first session I ensured to practice all she taught me, from diaphragmatic breathing, stretching, warm up to engaging specific muscles through correct form, and even paying better attention to how I pick up and hold my children so to not hurt my back and have that mama posture. She also maintained contact with me to answer any questions I may have had, and provide follow ups. During our next session together, she critiqued my form and even noticed how much my posture had improved in just my every day stance. It's because of her I feel better in myself. I feel stronger, and have built more confidence mentally and physically. Michelle has helped me grow in more ways than one

10/10 Focused and Safety is First!
By Almira VanEtten / Okinawa Japan, Japan

Michelle Henry is a true professional! She's dedicated of making sure her clients achieves their goals. Training with her for six months has been the best thing for my body and soul. She energetic and has this positive attitude that pushes you to want more! I've been with other personal trainer but never lasted for a month. Normally, I get bored and afraid to push myself. Michelle gave me assurance that my body can handle the workout. Safety of her clients is always her priority which I love about her. I am much stronger, lost few inches and most of all, I feel amazing! Thank you Michelle! I will miss you!

10/10 Trust Michelle Henry!!!
By Pauline Fortuna / Okinawa, United States

Having just turned 40, I needed a different form of exercise to help modify my legs and hips. I could tell that my metabolism had greatly altered as I was approaching 40 and regular cardio with light weight training was proving useless in regards to losing weight and toning. Michelle had suggested that I give kettle bells a try under her tutelage and I was immediately intrigued. What I found interesting is that kettle bells can transform your body with very little time dedicated to the training. Of course, a proper diet is necessary in order to aid in the transformation and Michelle helped with that! I do highly suggest Michelle as she taught me the CORRECT forms on how to swing, hold the kettle bell and support my body when I kettle bell trained. I believe its imperative that a novice kettle bell user is instructed by a professional like Michelle. The exercise is effective when one is trained correctly. Otherwise results will be lacking or ineffective and one could possibly injure themselves.

10/10 When only the best will do, call Michelle!
By Rebecca Harvey / San Diego, United States

Growing up I played professional tennis and later trained with some of the best athletic trainers and strength coaches in college sports at the University of Nebraska. I was used to putting in hard work and training for a reason. Years passed and I was dealing with a fitness plateau as well as some nagging injuries. Looking for an instructor who could push me while ensuring I learned solid fundamentals and progressed at a reasonable pace, I sought out assistance from Michelle Henry. Her dynamic and detailed training program allowed me to reach fitness levels that I have not seen in years. My body comp has changed, my strength has improved, my diet is refined, and I am exercising without shoulder pain. I am not coordinated and still she was able to help me get the basics of the swing in just a few sessions. She phases the workouts in a way that is responsive to my needs and allows me to build on my skills. Tough but fun, I'm sore after many workouts but not in a way that makes me unable to continue working out that week. If you are looking for a motivating instructor who will help you meet your goals, you need to call Michelle. I hope to continue working with her for many years and am grateful for her presence in my life.

10/10 Fit and Happy!
By Sada Sheldon / Camp Foster, Japan

I was extremely blessed to train with Michelle Henry! I can't sing her praises enough. She is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and precise in her instruction. She was tough but compassionate. It was clear that my goals were her goals. She helped me gain strength, improve flexibility, lose weight, and stay motivated. And she was fun- so you don't realize how much work you are doing. :) You will not be disappointed in your training sessions with Michelle!

10/10 Integrity and Diversity
By Carrie Wood / Okinawa, Japan

I have had the pleasure of having Michelle as my personal trainer over the past year. In previous training with other instructors, KB's were not taught correctly and I injured myself immediately using when Michelle said these were going to be my mainstay I was a bit intimidated. Let me first say, Michelle KNOWS HER STUFF! Because of the depth of knowledge she carries in her field, Michelle tweaked my workouts to build a program which would allow my body to not only get stronger, but to heal from past damage. I am a scholar who spends hours of my day in books and writing, so I have what I not so affectionately refer to as my "scholar's hunch". Michelle saw this immediately and began helping me to open up my chest and flexibility with my shoulders and back as well...the difference is remarkable and it FEELS amazing. Michelle has given me exercises which strengthen each area of my body and really work on building a solid core. AND ~ she accomplishes this with patience and encouragement to me to keep striving for better form and muscle control. The nitty gritty is that in ten months I lost 28 lbs. and 15.75 inches from my body. I feel amazing, my health is the best it has been in ten years, my doctor is amazed at the results and says I look like a completely different person. When I went in for my last appointment, the doctor and her assistant were both blown away by the results I have had with Michelle. I spend a lot of time in the field on archaeological sites and climbing mountains. Because of the workouts I had been doing, I not only kept up with the college students who were 30 years younger, but I was going back down the hills and encouraging them on. Lifting, sculpting, swinging, energizing, and empowering! If these are the things you want to do then Michelle is your trainer! My physical health has never been better which boosts my emotional and mental health as well. Don't delay in working with Michelle, she is in high demand so get on her schedule quickly - your life and health will be better because of working with her!

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