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Instructor Profiles

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Tony Gracia


Phone: 206-992-8778
Portland , OR
United States 97210
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
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10/10 THE BEST
By gregory beagle / portland, USA

Tony is the best trainer around. I have known Tony for several years now, as my personal trainer and as the manager at my gym. Tony is as smart as they come. He is well educated and trained. Tony is VERY aware of the human body and its normal movements and limitations. Tony is capable of getting the BEST results from EVERY client, tailoring workouts to the individual's skills, limitations, and goals. He can INSTANTLY diagnose issues limiting client's from reaching their goals, and can usually offer two or three exercises to overcome the limitations. Tony's attention to detail is amazing. Not only is he a stickler for technique and form, he knows exactly how and what to tell a client to make it easy for them to understand how to perform an exercise. Tony is a great motivator but would never ask a client to perform an exercise that would be dangerous for his client to perform. Most of all, Tony is a great example. He keeps his own body in amazing condition by practicing what he preaches in all aspects of his life. Tony is alwys learning new techniques and trying them out for himself first before asking his clients to stray from their routine. Tony's recent interest in kettle bell training and his certification for teaching these techniques is just one example of his dedication to physical fitness and training. Tony is absolutely the best.

10/10 Tony is effective, goal oriented and professional!
By Mike Davis / Portland OR, USA

I have been training with Tony for over two years and have exceeded my fitness goals. Tony has used his RKC to build my endurance, strength, flexibility and reduce my body fat. I have been training to enhance my job performance and improve my fitness level. Tony is able to implement a fitness plan which has lead to me setting new personal records on a regular basis. I can now break through plateaus. I am able to deadlift 365 ilbs. at a body wieght of 172 ilbs. I highly recommend Tony as a trainer, strength coach and RKC instructor. He has the ability to instruct students on proper technique for maximum performance and safety. He is able to demonstrate a superior level of fitness and physical ability in many areas,especially strength building. Tony has a passion for training others and really enjoys seeing thier success. He is a true professional. Tony studies health and fitness and seeks out training for himself. He does this to be at peak physical ability so he can train others. Most importantly.. Tony really cares about his clients.

10/10 A True Expert of the Fitness Realm!
By Dan Lauth, HKC / Portland, OR, USA

When I started working with Tony, I thought I knew a thing or two about strength training, but it was clear after our first workout together that I was truly lacking in the knowledge needed to build a strong, healthy body.

Over the next two years Tony taught me the skills needed to unlock my true strength potential, and the results spoke for themselves both in terms of the improvement in my physical appearance and also the dramatic improvement in my form, technique and poundage that I was successfully lifting.

Tony is a true student of the Iron Game with vast knowledge of traditional weightlifting techniques, Olympic Lifting, and Kettlebells. Tony was the one who introduced me to kettlebell training, and I have been hooked ever since. His friendly coaching style, attention to detail, and solid fitness background make him the ideal instructor.

If you're looking for a master instructor, Tony is your guy!!

10/10 Very thoughtful and great attention to detail
By Mary Fortune / Portland, USA

I've been working with Tony for a couple of years now exploring general fitness, to my discovery of competitive weightlifting and most recently with kettlebellls. Tony is great in that he is a good acid test on my technique and form which is what is most important to me. He is also very good at designing training programs that show a clear progression which lead to me reaching my goals. I am much stronger and healthier thanks to Tony.

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