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Matthew Fuhrmann


Phone: 512-653-1495
Austin, TX
United States 78745
9.94 out of 10 (34 reviews)
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10/10 Life changing- functional- core- strength
By Josh Holden / Austin, Travis

When I started Tao a year and a half ago I was 33 and starting to nurse a beer belly and a bad back. Previously to joining I had lifted weights for 15 years and done yoga for 5 years. I felt strong in certain muscles but not in my body as a whole. My shoulders ached and I didn't know why. I desired a stronger core, proper attention and focus on form, more connection and functional strength throughout my body, not just my arms or legs, but how they all work together. Yoga was hurting my shoulders because the classes were so fast that I couldn't focus on form. Just going to Tao for the past year and a half has transformed my entire body. I've learned how to use my lats instead of my shoulders and my core instead of my lower back. My awareness around my posture has shifted completely, my wife says I walk completely different, taller and more confident. This work takes patience and focus but is extremely rewarding if you're looking to make a shift in your life and build a strong foundation. Matt is incredibly knowledgable and patient and has a gift to motivate and take you through the levels he has created. He is great at holding space for everyone in their physical challenges but also any mental challenges that come up around this work. I am now in level two and working towards one handed pushups and pull-ups, something I never thought would be possible, is almost achievable. That being said, the confidence and awareness and strength in my core that I have gained from Tao is way more valuable than any of my physical goals that I impress myself with. This is an ego-less community. If there is competition it is with yourself, which feels really great. We help each other out and push each other. Whether you are going to heal some old wounds or achieve some physical goals, it all feels possible there. Also, the layout is brilliant. You take an assessment and measure strength and flexibility and Matt tells you what your weakest link is in your body and the way it currently functions and why, then you work on strengthening that aspect of yourself until your next assessment. I love that there's no guessing involved but it's all based off of proof. I'm also taking Kung Fu there now and learning how to apply this new functional strength. This work has changed my life. Do your temple a favor:)

10/10 Self defense workshop
By Pam Miller / Austin, US

Very patient, insightful; interested in taking further classes here.

10/10 Life Changing Training from Matt
By Linda Clark / Austin, US

January 5 was my third anniversary taking classes at the Tao of Health and Fitness and, quite frankly, it has been pretty amazing. The Tao of Health and Fitness and owner Matt Fuhrmann’s training methods and caring have literally been life changing for me. For most of my first 65 years, I was categorized as very obese. Over the last three years, I have now lost a little over 100 lbs. Both my cardiologist and my PCP are very happy. I no longer need to use a CPAP every night for breathing, after using one for thirteen years. My hand tremors, which had become somewhat debilitating, are now very well controlled as long as I continue to do certain kettlebell exercises. My posture is becoming better and better. Already I am literally about three inches taller than I was three years ago - just from posture improvement working with Matt. And wonderfully the nerve issues in my left arm related to that past posture are all but gone. And I bet I might have another inch of height to find! Movement and moving around now feels wonderful. Over the last three years, I have slowly gone from sitting all day every day to actually enjoying walking and standing much more than sitting. I have gone from no energy to really good energy levels and lots of stamina. It has been somewhat stunning. From his functional movement class, I understand better what training is about - how important it is to do things based on the best form you are currently able to maintain - not just on high repetitions. However, you also learn how to build correct muscle memory by using low repetitions and consistency over time. I am gradually learning what my core is and how to use it to make movement in my arms and legs so much easier, less painful, more efficient, and safer. In addition to the functional movement class, I also love the 10 am MWF Tai Chi class. It is my favorite class and is definitely not typical tai chi. Matt combines learning the basic tai chi forms with learning about full body breathing, how energy is involved, how to use the core to move the arms and legs - but also Kung fu fighting drills showing how all of these are actually used. To me, the Tao of Health and Fitness is much more school than gym. Matt takes clients with whatever issues they come in the door and works with each individual to create their own routine with progression over time - but to help with their issues and constraints specifically. He is very gentle in his encouragement and teaching methods. He really works to protect us from getting hurt while doing exercise and activities, both at the Tao of Health and Fitness and in the rest of our lives (yard work, etc). Matt will tell you that you are the one who does the work to make progress. But he knows how to guide you for your specific issues and what to teach you and what is correct form to protect you from injury. And if you really listen to what he is suggesting or saying - and try to do it the best you can - my experience has been slowly amazing. In case it is not obvious, I highly recommend the Tao of Health and Fitness and Matt Fuhrmann!

10/10 Great results rehabbing an old injury
By Cody Klein / Austin, USA

Matt delivers results. I've had a lot of therapy since my car wreck in 1999. When I started training at Tao Health and Fitness I still had a depressed right shoulder with atrophy and diminished nerve activation that affected motor function and sensation. My neck had decreased rotation and hurt every day. I've been training with Matt for about a year now and my shoulders are level with equal strength. My neck rotation has improved by about 25 degrees to each side and the pain has decreased significantly. The improvement in range of motion and strength has helped me mentally and physically. I'm a bodyworker and an acupuncturist. Out of all the healthcare professionals I've worked with, Matt has helped me achieve the greatest level of improvement. There's no question that my quality of life has improved as a result of training with Matt and the other great people over at the Tao.

10/10 Very knowledgable, ego-free teacher
By Nathan Ladd / Austin, United States

Wellness (and by extension physical fitness) is ultimately a long game. Matt does not offer a quick and easy path -- he did not recklessly escalate my individual effort level in order to make hurried gains. The path at the Tao has been gradual -- first skill and stability, then strength. I've been learning from Matt for almost two years now. At first, the workouts were not very intense, but I can see now that I was developing a solid foundation to safely progress through his strength training program. As a result, I am now performing challenging calisthenic exercises such as pistol squats that I would have once thought impossible as a matter of routine. I've built a ton of strength in not only my muscles but also my ligaments, joints, and even mental discipline that has carried into other aspects of my life. At the same time, I've also lost quite a bit of "bad weight." Because the process is so gradual, I have a good deal of confidence that these body changes have some staying power, too. I never decided to change my life to become more healthy -- I started showing up, and let the changes happen to me. Very "wu wei!" Probably my favorite best aspect of training under Matt is the community that has built around the Tao. That community has kept me motivated to regularly show up to train, even when life would otherwise get in the way. A lot of gyms offer a culture that is steeped in male bravado -- Tao Health & Fitness is a refreshing alternative.

10/10 Strong foundation to build strenth
By Rosa Vera / Austin, United States

I have enjoy Matt's unique training because it is very attentive to developing forms prior to building strength. I can feel my body responding to the focused workouts in a tremendous way that is highly encouraging. Old injuries have started healing and I am very excited to build strength with kettlebells. I highly recommend the time and money to improve mobility and reach fitness goals at any age.

10/10 Excellent teacher
By Aaron B / Austin, USA

Matt has been a great teacher. He has a wealth of knowledge about the way the body moves (and should move), and he shares with his students in each of his classes. Each class is well designed, and he paces them well. He has a great sense of humor, and this is expertly mixed with knowledge. I have learned how to move more effectively and more safely under his expert guidance.

9/10 Brilliant Teacher, Great Friend
By Evan Waddell / Austin, USA

Matt Fuhrmann is a great teacher, and down to earth friend. When he is teaching, it's as if he's just your friend, there to help you out. His demeanor is humble and humored, yet you can tell he's a tough dude. A powerful teacher in many respects. Sometimes when he gets to talking about his calisthenics programs, his eyes literally light up, and you can see his genius start to come through. He has a deep understanding of body mechanics and a passion for sharing. I love it when we get into conversations about calisthenics and working out, not to mention when he shares some of his Kung Fu experiences with me. The dude's got so many stories! My one complaint is that sometimes he is so quick to answer that I feel he's not actually listening to me. But maybe that's just because I'm whining! He's always joking about how much fun we're going to have busting it during the work out. And he's always encouraging. His program is simple yet powerful. No doubt, it has saved my life. As a man in my young twenties, with no exercise routine in my life to speak of, I was starting to feel weak and incapable. But through the simple exercises I've learned from him, all that has changed. Plus, I have discovered how much I love physical work. Thank you, Matt. If you're looking for someone who will give you an understanding of how to build strength, and use your body in it's best way, I recommend Matt. Or if you are in need of some physical rehabilitation, Matt is a great guide as well. Many of his students are older folks, and I've seen lots of people overcome long standing issues with their body. All in all, a great friend and a brilliant teacher.

9/10 My strongest
By Dawn Szombathy / Austin, USA

I've been going to Tao Health & Fitness for over a year now with Matt. I am so grateful for everything I've learned from him. He is always encouraging, learning more and happy to share what he knows. I've been recovering from several accidents that had my back go out and take my spine out of alignment. I have felt more improvement doing the work here than everything else that I've tried. I'm way more aware in my body and feel stronger no matter what I'm doing. Hard to think of not knowing or doing this training now! (A 9/10 because there's always room for improvement- but it sure is hard to find someone I trust as much as him)

10/10 Best fitness trainer in Austin
By Thomas Najar / Austin, United States

I've been a student of Matt Fuhrmann at Tao Health and Fitness for about a year now. I can honestly say that Matt has provided the best fitness instruction from any trainer I've worked with in Austin, bar none! In the beginning, he did a great job screening my initial fitness level and teaching me corrective exercises to address imbalances, weak points and injuries. From there, he's done a great job guiding me through 3DX and bodyweight exercises to build up foundational strength. This is the hardest I've worked for the longest period of time without injuring myself. I'm stronger than I've ever been and getting stronger all the time. Matt's classes are always fun and engaging. I get tons of personal attention. Matt is always cheerful, engaging and attentive. The class sizes are building steadily, and there's a real sense of family and community. I would highly recommend Matt and Tao Health and Fitness to anyone looking to address nagging injuries and attain their highest potential of strength and fitness.

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