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Lori Crock


Phone: 6148323216
Dublin, OH
United States 43017
9.96 out of 10 (45 reviews)
Lori is an RKC Team Leader and PCC instructor who owns MoveStrong Kettlebells in Dublin, Ohio (Columbus area) where she teaches people to move better, get stronger and enjoy the life-changing benefits of kettlebells and smart bodyweight, barbell and TRX training.

Lori is passionate about helping people reach their potential and to fall in love with consistent exercise. She has experienced the positive impact of strength training in her own life as an injury-free athlete, both a student and a teacher, who is stronger now than she was in her twenties.

Teaching people to make injury-prevention the top priority while getting them stronger, and guiding them safely to the edge of the ability, is what Lori loves to do as a strength and movement coach.

Lori is RKC-I and II, PCC, FMS-I and II, TRX-! and II, Crossfit Level I, and a USAW-I certiified.

Lori's Dragon Door articles: Why you should hire an RKC to learn to use Kettlebells and Why the PCC Experience is Great for Kettlebell Coaches and How to Achieve Pain-free Cleans from the Start and Fitness Freedom + Play = Increased Strength and Conditioning.

Lori's MoveStrong Strength and Movement blog.

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10/10 The best...
By Frank Spencer / Granville, USA

Lori is the best coach I have ever worked with. I appreciate her adherence to the fundamentals (I learned everything I know about proper kettlebell form from Lori) as well as her concern for safety and staying injury free. That said -- the workouts are tough! I always leave MoveStrong sore in new and different (and healthy) ways. Great gym, great "vibe," great coach. Frank

10/10 Great RKC experience
By Pat Giblin / Mason, USA

When registering for my RKC re-certification in 2016, I was happy to learn that Lori would be hosting the April event at her facility in Dublin. I had met her at my first RKC in 2013 and knew that we would be in good hands. The letter that Lori sent out in the weeks prior to the course was exactly the information that I needed to fine tune my preparation! Her facility had more than enough equipment and Lori's knowledge and friendly, calm demeanor enhanced the whole experience. I believe that Lori's coaching can benefit anyone regardless of their experience level. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area and have the desire to move better and become stronger, train with Lori.

10/10 Awesome encouraging environment
By Mike Butsko / Columbus, United States

Lori provides a great environment and works in a lot of instruction in kettlebells, body weight strength training and movement.

10/10 The professional's coach!
By Lisa Krumlauf / Grove City, USA

I met Lori several years ago when a patient from my PT clinic was using her for his fitness training. After meeting Lori the first time I knew she had something special to offer and so I referred another patient from our clinic to her once that patient had completed her formal physical therapy. I have recognized for years the undeniable gap that exists from the time a patient completes formal rehab for a given injury to returning to full functional ability both in the gym and in life. What a gift it is to have Lori to help me fill this gap in Columbus. Not only as a coaching resource for our patients, but I now use her as my coach. I very much see my class time with her at MoveStrong as my personal functional training AND as professional development for me in my clinical practice. Her focus on postural training and awareness surpasses my expectations at every turn! Her attention to detail overflows from the KB lifts to every mobility movement and even including how we approach and lift the kb's in her gym. One of my favorite comments from Lori is when she says "you have to earn the right to pick-up a kettlebell in my gym." In other words if you aren't going to use the proper lift technique to get your kb from here to there then you haven't earned the right to use it. Lori is relentless and tenacious about her client's progress: the way we move, the way we flow (or more precisely THAT we flow everyday paying attention to what our bodies are asking for) and whether or not we are achieving OUR goals. She ends her weekly e-mail updates with phrases like "Thank you so much for your trust, and know that I truly love coaching all of you, learning from you, and being part of your fitness journey" and "take a few minutes to be grateful for your body each day and all that it can do because each of you are amazing in what you can do!" If your coach isn't using words like these to encourage and move you forward in your life's journey maybe consider a new coach! May I recommend Lori Crock at MoveStrong Kettlebell.

10/10 Best thing I've done for myself
By Cindy Musson / Delaware, Usa

I came to Lori 6 months ago at 53, looking to get in better shape. I didn't think I could actually work out in front of other people. I did a lot of video workouts and walking on my own. Lori made me feel very comfortable in class. She encourages me to push myself, and doing so I have made great gains in strength and flexibility. The workouts are always fun and never the same, which is what keeps me coming back every week. This always makes class exciting and the lack of redundancy makes me enjoy exercising while improving my health. Lori teaches us proper form and technique in all the exercises that we do, not just kettle bells. She is concerned with functional carryover into everyday living, which has helped increase my body awareness. Whether I'm standing or sitting, I am constantly modifying my posture through techniques Lori has taught me to incorporate at home. If I am unable to attend class due to my work schedule, I still find time to do some form of physical activity at home.

10/10 Even a coach needs a coach
By Eric Schmelzer / Columbus, US

I have been training with Lori on and off for about a year. In that time I've seen dramatic "gains" in my strength, explosiveness, mobility, and overall health. I began training with kettlebells in 2011. I taught myself the major kettlebell lifts with help from Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell and Simple and Sinister. I was doing the movements well enough to get from point A to point B (and in the case of the TGU, back to point A). Lori has been able to point out some very subtle details that were compromising the overall efficiency of the movements. After correcting those, with her help, I've seen big improvements in my strength and the overall "comfortability" of the lifts. She has great knowledge of kettlebells, human movement and anatomy, and can always tell when we've had just enough (but not too much). I workout at 5:45 am and able to work full time as a manual therapist without feeling too beat up. Except for this morning. Yesterday was rough lol.

10/10 Exceptional coaching!
By MaryEllen D. / Clarkston, USA

I hired Lori as an online coach to prepare me for the RKC. She overdelivered! I never realized how much I was about to learn from her coaching. She not only helped me achieve my RKC, but she has made me be a better coach. Her attention to detail made me very efficient in my lifts which allowed me to get through the physical and mental demand of the RKC weekend. Our FaceTime sessions were always very productive. Lori was able to point out my weaknesses quickly. She then would program workouts that would address those weaknesses. I started to feel and move stronger quickly after her smart programming. Just a few weeks before my RKC, I developed tendonitis in my wrist. Lori carefully programmed around my sore wrist and kept me safe from further injury. My snatch test felt great! Lori exhibits all the qualities of an exceptional coach. She was always positive, encouraging, and very knowledgeable! I will definitely hire Lori again when I prepare for my RKC-II -- without a doubt!

10/10 A great coach
By Don Malec / Cuyahoga Falls, USA

I was very fortunate to meet Lori at our RKC certification in 2012. She offered several suggestions during the 3 day experience. You could tell that Lori was meant to be an instructor. She possesses all the skills of a great coach. Lori was the Team Leader at my recent RKC recert at her gym in Dublin, Ohio. She provided excellent guidance and suggestions for improving my form throughout the recert. Lori's MoveStrong gym is a great place to train. She has a huge selection of kettlebells, coupled with free weights and TRX. It is a well organized, clean and a safe place to train.

10/10 Highly recommended!
By Josh Seabloom / Columbus, United States

I had not worked out for 5 months when I started with Lori and I had no guided experience with weight training. I learned about kettle bells through listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and knew that learning the technique was critical. I found Lori through google and this page on My goal was to learn enough proper technique to be confident to continue the journey on my own as well as to get into serviceable shape. My experience with Lori and the people that attend her gym was excellent. I attended her gym for about four months. Her 1:1 time before beginning my official gym membership was great and it really reinforced her focus on proper technique above all else (I don't have a lot of gym experience but the fact that she would dedicate 1:1 time before starting the membership? Amazing and in my case it was much needed). The classes themselves were nicely varied and interesting in addition to being rewarding (we didn't execute a duplicate workout once over my time). The second highlight was the group of people that attend her gym. I can't say enough about how warm and kind everyone was that I saw week after week were and I don't think this is an accident; Lori cultivates the atmosphere in her gym and it really is great. Overall the vibe is very personal both between Lori and the student and student to student which I valued quite a bit. I absolutely achieved my goals with her and I will miss attending regularly. I recommend her gym to everyone that expresses an interest in fitness in conversation. Email her now and sign up I promise you will have a good experience!

10/10 Unparalleled Training
By Julie Bryan / Dublin, USA

I stumbled upon Lori. through a recommendation on Facebook by a mutual acquaintance. I had tried kettlebells years before when I bought a home DVD and a 15lb kettlebell from Target. I knew I loved the movements and using kettlebells from the DVD; however, my form and technique were completely wrong and I ended up getting a back injury that took months to recover. When I saw there was a gym dedicated to kettlebells, I knew I wanted to try it again with the actual correct instruction. I was blown away immediately by a) how terribly wrong I had been doing everything before; and b) how incredibly knowledgeable and spot on Lori was with every technique and every movement that was sharp and clean. Regardless the size of the class, it always get like you were getting a full personal training session from Lori. She is very easy to follow and makes sure you will not do anything to injure yourself. I am so happy at the strength gains I yhave made in such a short time and would recommend Lori to anyone!

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Lori Crock, Strength and Movement Coach