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Chris Worth


Phone: 07876 635340
United Kingdom W1B-3HH
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Not a trainer, just an interested practitioner! Progressive calisthenics changed my life, and I enjoy sharing the message with others. 

A "marketing hobo" by trade, I spent a decade with top-10 advertising agencies in the capitals of Asia and Europe. Somehow, despite dropping out of school at 16, I gained an MBA from a top b-school as an adult. Today a freelancer, I create ad campaigns, sales copy, and web content for clients worldwide—mostly in the communications / media / technology and financial services sectors, with automotive and aerospace gigs on the side. 

I work out for strength, health, agility, and that all-over awesome feeling that lasts all day, with bar, 'bells, bag, and bodyweight. (The best gym is within your skin.) I'm also a keen boulderer (rock climbing without the altitude) and qualified diver (sea and sky).  

I'm ready to help fitness professionals market themselves and find new clients with my published methods: see 100days100grand.com.


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