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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 12kg (26lb) Front P10g
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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 12kg (26lb) Front P10g
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  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 12kg (26lb) Back P10g
  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 12kg (26lb) Front P10g

RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.)

Your Personal Hand-Held Gym for a Powerful, Rewarding Full-Body Workout

Your Quest for a Superior Strength Survival Tool Has Been Answered — With This Faster, More Effective Way to Boost Your Physical Resilience…

BethAndrewsKettlebellSwing "A good kettlebell is more than a lifetime investment, it's a multigenerational investment. That is, as long as you get one of good quality, and when it comes to quality, nothing beats Dragon Door. The shape, the finish, everything is spot on. For just a few dollars more than the competition, Dragon Door kettlebells return the value a thousand fold." — Derek, Philadelphia, PA

Want to Get Stronger at Home Without Wearing Yourself Down?

The 12kg/26 lbs RKC kettlebell gives you sustained physical gains and superior endurance, without compromising your safety while working out at home. Get fitter faster — and stay that way — with this versatile “hand-held gym.”

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Order 2 units of the same size kettlebell and get an automatic 10% discount at checkout.

RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.) - $87.99
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How sure are we that RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.) will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.) to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.) didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.). Go ahead and try it today.


Now You Can Burn Away Your Harmful Fat, Tone Up,
Look Fantastic and Eliminate Energy-Sapping Stress!


In 2001, Dragon Door designed the world’s first-ever 12kg RKC kettlebell as a powerful tool for superior cardio conditioning and dramatic strength gains.

The results have spoken for themselves and the 12kg RKC kettlebell has become a tool-of-choice for all those looking to develop sustainable, real-world strength and conditioning.

Want brilliant programming and spot-on advice on how to optimize your results with the 12kg kettlebell? Then we recommend you invest in The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge.

Now, in just a few minutes and in the safety of your own place you can:

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress — with a heart-pumping release of potent endorphins
  • Restore your energy and sense of well-being — with dynamic bursts of high-yield drills
  • Regain your confidence — as you grow in strength and power
  • Re-sculpt your physique — to look and feel better than ever, however much you have to stay indoors!
  • Reward and protect yourself on a daily basis — with the immunity-boosting benefits of a robust, resilient system
  • Retain your athleticism and competitive edge — without the need for a gym or any other exercise equipment
RKC KettlebellSwings BethAndrews900px
Read Reviews For: RKC Kettlebell - 12kg (26 lbs.)
9.89 out of 10 (84 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Great Quality - Great Service
By Sue Jones / Elkhorn, United States

Thank you, Dragon Door, for providing such high quality products and great service! I appreciate that the bell was combined in a package with the Kettlebell Goddess DVD - Andrea's workout is fabulous!

Rated 10/10 Amazing Quality
By Robert Kane / Redwood City, CA, USA

I started out thinking a bell was a bell and bought a cheap 35lb bell from a local big box sports shop. The difference was amazing. Dragon Door bells just have a look and feel to them that can't be beat. The bells mean pure business and really help push me to my best.

The 12k bell is a great place for a "little guy newby like" myself to start on single hand swings. I already have my order in for a 14K and 20K. I wouldn't buy anywhere else!

Rated 10/10 Quality is name of game
By Brian Wagner / Port Clinton, OH, USA

I wanted a 12kg kettlebell to add to my ever growing arsenal of bells (16kg & 20kg) , Dragondoor is the only choice for this quality product. They be a little more in cost than the competition, but I will pay this premium for the best money can buy. Feel, lift and compare and you'll understand. Thank you again Dragondoor!

Rated 10/10 Other brands do not compare
By Jennie Post / San Jose, CA, USA

I work in a gym, and when I see other kettlebells, I want to laugh. Dragon Door has figured out the secret to constructing the perfect kettlebell. I wouldn't buy them from anyone else!

Rated 10/10 A step above other kettlebells
By Bill Caswell / Lockport, NY, USA

I own 4 kettle bells, each from a different brand. 1 is a Dragon Door and 3 are other brands. They are all good for exercise purposes. The fit and finish of the Dragon Door kb is above and beyond each of the 3 other brands which I own and use. It feels much better in my hand because of the surface which has just the right combination of smoothness and grip. If you want the best you have to pay a little extra but I believe it is well worth it.

Rated 10/10 Another Great Purchase
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

I purchased this size kettlebell for my wife's future progression from the 8kg kettlebell. Quality is, of course, superior to all other brands. Thank you for providing such high quality products.

Rated 10/10 It's Cheaper To Go First Class
By Gene Burnett / Ashland, Oregon, USA

I know the DD bell is expensive...but in the long run it's cheaper to buy a first class product. Spending the money up front on a quality product that you'll never have to replace. This is that product. It feels great, does what it's supposed to do, and will no doubt last a lifetime. I like this weight a lot, even though I'm a man, I'm in my late-50's and can't afford to get injured. I wanted a weight that would get my attention but not strain my joints, since I am prone to tendonitis. The 26 pounder is perfect. I got two because I like the "farmer carry" and holding both while doing squats.

Rated 10/10 Love my new KB
By Mark Chingren / Fort Dodge, IA, USA

This was my 6th KB purchase thru DD. I have never used another brand because I have always been completely satisfied. This is my first purchase with the new coating and really love it.

Rated 10/10 Excellent design.
By James McClellan / Richland, PA, USA

I have three of your kettlebells now, and couldn't be more pleased with the product quality. Yes they cost a bit more than many other brands, but I learned a long time ago that it is usually better to "buy once, cry once" and go with high quality rather than have to replace unsatisfactory items with what I should have bought the first time.

Rated 10/10 I bought two 12kg RKC and couldn't be happier
By Chris Abraham / Arlington Heights, Virginia, United States

I have been converting from steel competition kettlebells to cast iron bells and chose RKC bells for my collection. I pre-ordered two so that I can do double-kettlebell exercises. I have added these two kettlebells to my collection of 16kg and 20kg single RKC kettlebells that I also pre-ordered during the pandemic. No regrets. I will use the stuffing out of these and then will them to my descendants... they're going to last forever.

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9.85 out of 10 (84 reviews)