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The Neuro-Grip Challenge by Jon Bruney
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The Neuro-Grip Challenge by Jon Bruney
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The Neuro-Grip Challenge

A Radical Program for Building Greater Strength and Power in Your Upper Body

By Jon Bruney

Paperback, 146 pages


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Warrior Athletes: Want to Fix Your Fatal Flaws? Here’s How…

What fails you now as a competitive warrior athlete? Could it be fatal flaws like: weak wrists, suspect shoulders, lack of power, poor mobility, sick joints, mediocre grip strength, bad balance, an unstable core or poor recovery times?

If you have any ONE of these fatal flaws, you’ll be a loser more often than a winner when they hit you with the hard stuff. More flaws than one? You’ll be history, all too soon…

It’s a fact: most of us do a lousy job of fixing our flaws—and set ourselves up for failure. But with the arrival of Jon Bruney’s combo of Neuro-Grip tool and multi-method training system, all of that has changed forever. Simply implement Bruney’s secrets—and become the unstoppable warrior athlete you’ve always wanted to be…

When you’ve trained the Bruney way with Neuro-Grips, you’ll need to come with a warning label: Beware of The Specimen!

For martial artists, fighters, grapplers and full-contact athletes, the Bruney Neuro-Grips program helps fix ALL of your flaws—and go beyond what you ever imagined possible for yourself. It’s a set of devastating advantages you’d be a fool to miss out on…

Imagine yourself being able to:

  • Punch holes through walls—with your reinforced concrete fists, unbreakable wrists and massive forearms
  • Stagger the competition with your brute biceps, impregnable shoulders, etched abs and magnificent chest
  • Shock opponents with your crushing, limb-wrenching grip
  • Explode into a lethal fury of strikes—that would have the baddest hombre reeling backwards in dismay
  • Glide with an eye-popping, fluid grace—with your newfound movement skills
  • Master the secrets of extreme muscle control so you can effortlessly swing from full tension to utter relaxation—just like the most elite of athletes
  • Injury-proof your joints—to dramatically reduce your liability as a warrior athlete
  • Possess the potent endurance of a stallion on steroids
  • Own a dynamic core—that sends a powerful warning signal to all comers
  • Enjoy the pleasure of a bulging extra muscle pump—with the special Bruney occlusion secrets

This all can be yours when you fix your flaws the Bruney way…

Jon Bruney's The Neuro-Grip Challenge isn't just a book about a training device: this book contains some of the most interesting insights on teaching tension I have ever seen in my career.

The sections on wrist care are as good as anything I have seen. And, that is what I like about The Neuro-Grip Challenge: regressions, corrections, rehab, prehab, programming and exciting new ideas and techniques drip off every page.

Jon understands the need to bring the nervous system first and foremost into our strength training. Jon is a master at engineering new ways to challenge and refocus our nervous system—which leads to "more." More on the bar, more reps, more sets and more success.

I love this book.”—DAN JOHN author of Never Let Go

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The Neuro-Grip Challenge (paperback) - $24.95
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Why Neuro-Grips Should Be in Every Warrior Athlete’s Toolbox

Neuroscience studies have shown that a large portion of the brain is committed to controlling and using the hands. Therefore, by increasing the difficulty of grip strength in one of the all-time greatest exercises, the mind-body connection is also increased.

Incorporating Neuro-Grips into your training regimen will increase neuromuscular efficiency and provide a myriad of benefits. These implements can be used for so much more than a basic push-up.

Neuro-Grip Push-Ups

Neuro-Grip Benefits

  • Increased neuromuscular efficiency
  • Increased core strength
  • Improved shoulder health and resilience
  • Greater wrist strength and mobility
  • Enhanced balancing skills
  • Greater overall strength
  • Increased muscle mass and muscle tone
  • Better problem solving and greater creativity
  • Better body control
  • Enhanced athletic performance


Getting Started

  • How to test for and improve your stability
  • How the Bird Dog can result in significant stability gains
  • Vestibular drills that Bruney does every day to dial in his balance—these are challenging!
  • How employing THIS method enhance your grace while walking
  • THIS is a fabulous but little known exercise for waking up your glutes
  • How to condition the wrists and improve their stability
  • The sure-fire method for creating full-body tension
  • How to properly perform an impeccable Neuro-Grip Push Up
  • The best recovery protocols for the wrists
  • Here’s another little-known method for pain prevention, better hand and elbow health
  • An incredibly effective ancient method—with a modern twist—for increasing circulation, mobility, reducing inflammation in the shoulders and arms, plus aiding in joint pain relief
Neuro-Grip archer pull with band

Shoulder Mobility Series

  • How to enhance shoulder mobility and heal up old injuries
  • How to guard against the perils of hyper-tonicity
  • How to simultaneously increase your strength AND mobility
  • Strategic stretching and deep tissue mobility work for healthier shoulders
  • THIS is an essential drill for healthy and mobile shoulders
  • How the Neuro-Grip Scap Up will enhance your athleticism
  • THIS is a great technique for releasing tightness in the chest and avoid shoulder issues
  • This dramatic version of the Neuro-Grip push up will develop stunning punching power and strength the entire upper body
  • Why the Neuro-Grip Hindu push up is one of the best shoulder mobility drills on the planet—stretches and stretches the whole body as a big bonus
Neuro-Grip Hindu push-up
  • Do THIS drill for an awesome whole-back stretch
  • An "extreme strength yoga" method that will skyrocket your lifting gains
  • Here’s a tremendous —and eye-popping—drill to strengthen your shoulders and core in one fell swoop
Advanced Neuro-Grip Side Plank

Wrist Mobility Series

  • How wrist mobility drills can help protect your hands and arms—here are the best to do

Creating Balance and Symmetry

  • To avoid looking like a weak slouch, you need to fix those mini-lats, those rounded shoulders and that pathetic posture—here’s how to do it best
  • THIS cool drill was always a favorite of the old-time strongmen, for good reason. Now, with Neuro-Grips you can make it even more challenging and effective.
  • How this Iron Body Drill not only looks amazing but is an excellent strengthener for both mind and body.
Iron Body Drill

Strategic Stops and Isometric Holds

  • Why strategic stops and isometric holds are some of the all-time most powerful training secrets in the world
  • How to massively increase your training intensity for tremendous extra strength gains
  • THIS ultimate and incredibly demanding method will not only skyrocket your strength but induce mind-boggling hypertrophy

Changing the Leverage

  • How to use leverage with your Neuro-Grips to make your push-ups insanely tough—for impressive shoulders and nasty strength
Neuro-Grip Feet Raised Pike Push Up

Explosive Power

  • The best Neuro-Grip drills to help develop the essential skill of explosive power
  • Partner-assisted explosive drills for added power
Explosive Neuro-Grip Push-ups to Platform

Suspension Series

  • How suspension drills can increase muscle activation

Progressive Planks: The Key to the One-Arm and
One-Leg Neuro-Grip Push-up

  • A vital progression to accomplish before attempting the amazing one-arm Neuro-Grip push up
  • How to perform an impeccable one-arm Neuro-Grip push up
Neuro-Grip One Arm Push up


  • The amazing benefits of "blood flow resistance training" explained
  • Why occlusion works better than any supplement for that magical pump
  • It can be dangerous! How to effectively and safely incorporate occlusion training into your Neuro-Grip program
Occlusion Neuro-Grip Push-Up

Sensory Deprivation

  • How to increase your movement skill by removing sensory input
  • How to stimulate your creativity to new heights
  • How sensory deprivation can enhance your athletic performance
Blindfolded Neuro-Grip Push-Up

Band Protocols

  • How to increase your training intensity by adding external resistance
  • The strength gain advantages of Neuro-Grip band work
  • How to employ the X-band method for a ridiculous extra tax on your muscles and nervous system
  • THIS combo band multi-directional drill is unbelievably challenging—and equally rewarding
X-Band One Leg Neuro-Grip Push-Up

Moving Planks: How to Build Unbelievable Work Capacity

  • Learn how to move well in multiple planes of motion—and truly challenge your cardio and strength levels
  • How the Neuro-Grip Bear Crawl will absolutely torch your arms, chest and core
  • How to be physically shattered while mentally refreshed with THIS killer drill
Neuro-Grip Bear Crawl

Bicep Builder Series

  • How these bicep training strategies can translate into stronger overall lifting strength, less injuries and better overall performance
  • THESE two drills will have your biceps busting out of your shirt sleeves

Forearm Builder Series

  • Let’s face it: powerful forearms are a must for any serious warrior athlete—here’s how to possess this secret link to super strength
  • Want to be nicknamed Popeye? THIS drill will get that going
  • With THIS drill Jon Bruney upped his steel bending significantly—want to join him?


  • Jon Bruney’s recommendations for optimizing your Neuro-Grip strength and power building skills.
Neuro-Grip Wall Walking handstand
Read Reviews For: The Neuro-Grip Challenge (paperback)
10 out of 10 (6 reviews)
Rated 10/10 You can teach an old dog new tricks!
By Mike Bosch / Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

I am a 54 year old, lifelong athlete and am ready for an additional form of training. I love my kettlebells and was looking to add body weight training. The neurogrips and book are an answer to a total body workout without the joint impact. I am following the program from the very beginning. I have progressed to pushups from my knees and getting stronger every week. The neurogrips and book have challenged me in ways I have never seen. It is amazing to see the increase in strength and the stability gained with each passing week. I look forward to challenging myself in each workout. I strongly recommend the program to anyone who wants to be challenged at any age.

Rated 10/10 Neuro-Grip user guide and more!
By Brian Stramel / Cornelius, OR, United States

I bought this at the same time as the pair of Neuro-grips I'd had my eye on for quite awhile. Not only is it a great guide for getting the most out of them, the e-book delves into broader topics like sensory deprivation, isometrics, and using bands.

There is plenty of challenge and inspiration to keep you busy for a long time. Push ups are hard enough, the one arm, explosive, and elevated movements are another level. I don't know how the models pulled off the illustrations, they make it look easy (bravo!)

Rated 10/10 Great book to increase strength.
By Stephen Reiners / Indianapolis, IN, United States

This book is very helpful to increase strength and show the possibilities of how to best use neuro grips.

Rated 10/10 More than I expected
By Jon Thompson / Minneapolis, MINNESOTA, United States

I found neuro-grips to be a very well rounded approach to improving performance at a safe pace. I appreciate all of the progressions so you can start from any condition and still find value and see improvements.

Rated 10/10 An amazing way to increase strength quickly
By Jake Sy / everywhere, too many, quite afew

I bought the Nero-grips about a year before I bought the book and noticed good improvement. I picked up this book a few months ago and easily surpassed the reps I use to do. The exercises in this book are awesome for building better functional strenght. I use to have shoulder and trap issues but I noticed doing the verity of push-ups and pulling exercises my shoulder stability, flexibility, and strength have gone through the roof with the shoulder and trap pain non-existent. I highly recommend this book to everyone who travles as well I'm a frequent traveler and will never leave home with out my Neuro-Grips.

Rated 10/10 Best paired with grit
By Ed Bradley / New Orleans, LA, USA

I chuckled at parts of the book as I flipped through it; then failed to get through anything respectably with its guidance and the grips.
4 weeks later: I still need the book
If you get the grips, get the book.

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