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Neuro-Grips App


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Enhance Your Strength More Effectively by Tracking Your Progress with the Neuro-Grip Challenge Workout App

Jon Bruney’s innovative Neuro-Grip workouts are now available on the TriadXP fitness app. The fitness app provides voice and visual guidance to walk you through each of the workouts. So you know what to do, how many to do, or how long to do it. The TriadXP fitness app also tracks your results so you can see your progress. You can even listen to your favorite music or audiobook as you work out.


Perform The Neuro-Grip Workouts and Experience:

  • Increased neuromuscular efficiency
  • Increased core strength
  • Improved shoulder health and resilience
  • Greater wrist strength and mobility
  • Enhanced balancing skills
  • Greater overall strength
  • Increased muscle mass and muscle tone
  • Better problem solving and greater creativity
  • Better body control
  • Enhanced athletic performance

Visit our partner TriadXP to purchase the in-app version of the Neuro-Grip Challenge workouts. Special launch discount: purchase by Friday, December 31st and save $5.00 on your investment.