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The Way of The Iceman by Wim Hof
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The Way of The Iceman by Wim Hof
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The Way of the Iceman

How The Wim Hof Method Creates Radiant, Longterm Health—Using the Science and Secrets of Breath Control, Cold-Training and Commitment

By Wim Hof and Koen de Jong

Paperback 168 pages

Foreword by Jesse Itzler

Foreword by Marty Gallagher

Science has now proved that the legendary Wim Hof Method of breath control and cold-training can dramatically enhance energy levels, improve circulation, reduce stress, boost the immune system, strengthen the body and successfully combat many diseases. While Wim Hof himself has run marathons in -30 C in shorts, swum hundreds of meters under the ice, sat in a tank of ice for 90 minutes without his core temperature changing and boosted his metabolism by over 300%, The Way of The Iceman documents how anyone can use Wim’s methods to transform their health and strength, quickly and safely.

“After teaching specialized breathing techniques to SEALs for years, helping them focus, stay warm in the cold ocean and get centered in combat, I can attest to the authenticity and power of Wim Hof's methods. Wim Hof is providing a great service with his new book The Way of The Iceman by bringing breath training and simple, powerful health practices into mainstream consciousness.”—Mark Divine, US Navy SEAL (ret), Founder SEALFIT, Best selling author of Unbeatable Mind and Way of the SEAL

“What fascinates me most about Wim Hof's method is the potential application for athletes...the science in this book shows that we can all amplify our recovery, maximize our pain tolerance, massively jack up energy levels and even learn to control inflammation...and it can be done without resorting to toxic drugs. In fact, the system outlined in this manual might just be the key to producing a generation of enhanced but drug-free athletes.”—Paul “Coach” Wade, author of Convict Conditioning

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Advance Praise for The Way of The Iceman

"Inspiration inspires. What I like most about Wim and his book is how he taught me to trust my body, overcome fear and give me the best opportunity for success. He mixes personal experience and science—which becomes truly motivating. Wim provides the tools you need to master self-discipline, gain courage and live a vibrant life. He is Aquaman and Tony Robbins rolled into one. He is The Iceman!"
—Jesse Itzler, author of Living with a SEAL

"I am continuously searching for ways to expand my mind, body and spirit—Wim Hof and The Way of The Iceman have done just that! He shows us that human potential is limitless and we are ALL capable of anything we set our minds to.”
Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness

"Homo sapiens is a species that is uniquely and tragically ill-adapted to our environment. Maladies ranging from heart disease to diabetes to autoimmune disorders are generated by the mismatch between the natural world we evolved to live in and the artificial realms in which we find ourselves today. Wim Hof's teachings show us how to recalibrate our bodies in a way that recognizes the extremes of our natural environment as teachers to be celebrated and consulted, rather than enemies to be insulated against. Wim's deepest insights resonate with our hunter-gatherer ancestors, who understood the wisdom of adapting to the natural world rather than trying to dominate and control it."
Christopher Ryan, PhD., New York Times best-selling author of Sex at Dawn

Wim Hof Ice Throne"We live in a chaotic modern world with daily assaults on our health from frenetic schedules, poor sleep, high stress, chronic disease, and infectious illness. Our brain and nervous system have been highjacked by this toxic environment, always on high alert with real consequences to our physical and mental health.

With The Way of The Iceman, Wim Hof has given a profound gift to public health. The science is solid and the results actual and measureable. As you follow his remarkable life story it is readily apparent that this man is no charlatan or snake oil salesman.

Through years of commitment and self-experimentation, Wim has empirically figured out how to exert significant control over the autonomic nervous system, a feat once thought impossible. His method has held up to scrutiny under the dispassionate lens of science, expanding our knowledge of what is possible with dedicated training in what is now known as the Wim Hof Method.

Deceptively simple, and incredibly powerful, The Way of the Iceman gives you not only the scientific framework, but actionable steps you can implement to take back control over your high-jacked brain, increase resilience from illness, and start healing yourself from the inside out. The Wim Hof Method has become a cornerstone in my personal daily wellness plan, and as a public health physician, I cannot recommend it highly enough."
—Dr. Chris Hardy, D.O. MPH, CSCS, Public Health Physician, Integrative Medicine Specialist

Wim Hof and Iceburgs

"The Way of The Iceman is one of only two books in my life that I have read cover to cover the first time I put my hands on it.

What won me over was the simplicity of the explanations of diabetes, inflammation and the family of modern ills. Moreover, the discussion on diet, just a brief mention of ‘Fast-Five,’ is the first time I actually understood not only how inflammation is such an issue, but a means to deal with it.

This book is the missing link for most of us: the discussion of breathing is so simple, yet so doable; coaches and athletes will understand a newer and simpler means of recovery.

Nothing in the book is over the top and we are talking about a guy who swims under ice. The method is so simple, yet so elegant. It’s marvelous and I think you will apply the techniques immediately."
—Daniel John, author of Never Let Go

"Wim Hof makes the seemingly mystical and extraordinary, ridiculously easy to access. Anyone who is willing to explore the latent powers of deep breathing and imagination will feast upon his unique story and his method of overpowering the unconquerable elements of nature."
Matt Furey, author of Combat Conditioning

"Wim Hof has learned to control his physiology in a way rarely seen in human history. This book takes his extraordinary techniques and simplifies them so you can optimize your health and wellness. I recommend you learn the unique methods Wim has mastered in order to add vitality to your body and life."
Chad Waterbury, neurophysiologist, author The Muscle Revolution

Wim Hof on Ice"I found The Way of The Iceman absolutely fascinating! Many of us are familiar with the numerous benefits of cold training, such as increased energy levels, better circulation and improved mood, but nothing on the subject has ever been presented of this magnitude before! The legend himself, Wim Hof, along with Koen De Jong, share not only a detailed account of Mr. Hof's lifetime achievements (such as running a marathon in the Arctic… in just a pair of shorts!), but also practical, actionable methods that anyone can employ.

This book has everything from progressive cold submersion methods to breathing techniques. It delves into meditation and spirituality, but also presents the hard science to back it up. Any fan of physical culture or anybody curious about how far the human limits can be pushed needs to add this to their library."
—Danny Kavadlo, author of Strength Rules

"Wim Hof's techniques healed my gut where nothing else would. And I tried everything. The Way of The Iceman should be required reading. The world is just beginning to realize the extraordinary gift we have in Wim Hof."
—Mark Joyner, founder of Simpleology

Wim Hof Ice Running

"As someone who enjoys bare-chested, outdoor winter calisthenics workouts, Wim Hof's extreme cold weather feats immediately appealed to me.

The Wim Hof Method is so simple that anyone can get started right away. And the results are so palpable that once you start, you'll almost certainly want to keep going."
—Al Kavadlo, author of Street Workout and Pushing The Limits!

Wim Hof in ice cube box"Wim Hof first came across my radar a few years ago when I heard of a crazy Dutchman defying the laws of thermodynamics. How could a man submerge himself in freezing water for prolonged periods of time without hypothermia? How was it possible for his body temperature to stay the same during the process?

This book is an enlightening look into the nervous system, and the amazing power of the mind. Don't mistake this for simple ‘cold therapy’ although that is a piece of the puzzle.

This book will give you a front row seat to an education on the nervous system, and how one man and his disciples have learned to control it in a way that we previously thought was impossible.

I found The Way of The Iceman fascinating."
—Max Shank, founder of Ultimate Athleticism and author of Master The Kettlebell

When I read The Way of The Iceman I was struck with awe and hope! Wim has brought scientific evidence to what I personally believe and have been teaching my students for years about breathing, bioenergetics and our connection to the spirit world. By demystifying the religious Wim is helping to support a Truth in the New World; mainly that spirituality without science descends into superstition, and science without spirituality degrades humanity into the meaninglessness of materialism."
—Elliott Hulse

"What lies within this book is the key to accessing power whenever and wherever on demand. A tool to transcend consciousness and tap into the highest version of yourself. Never have I experienced anything that allowed me to instantly shift vibration and release such energy."
AJ Roberts, Fitness Hall of Fame and All-Time World Record Holder

Wim Hof Tai Chi in snow

Read Reviews For: The Way of the Iceman (paperback)
8.5 out of 10 (6 reviews)
Rated 10/10 To Improve We Must Evolve. This Book Inspires!
By Zach Even - Esh / Manasquan, NJ, The Underground Strength Gym

I am always seeking new knowledge both for myself and for the athletes I train. The one phrase that has always been a red flag for me when sharing new information is "We always did it this way." I did NOT want to be "that guy" or that coach who never evolved
and refused to open my mind to knowledge. And, at age 41, I am seeking out ways to evolve today more than ever.
How can I get stronger, healthier, more energetic and feel better NOW than I did 10 + years ago? How can I accelerate the results of the coaching and training
I offer is a question I ask myself. The answer is to learn more and constantly seek out greater knowledge.
I began the first breathing exercises immediately upon reading the procedures in this book. And after only a few minutes of breath practice, for the first time in a while, I felt relaxed in a way I hadn't felt in a long time.
I am looking forward to putting this information to use for myself and for
those who dare to evolve and improve.
"I always did it that way" is a dead end street!

Rated 10/10 back to life
By sylvia Ingram / Kingsland, Georgia, United States

It's tight and right thank you looking forward to getting back in shape

Rated 8/10 Brrrrr!
By Michael Pick / San Diego, CA, United States

Have been taking cold showers (no hot water) for about a year now, but adding the breathing part really takes it to a new level. Working outside in 15 to 30 degree weather this winter and the breathing really takes your mind off the cold.
Very entertaining book, highly recommended.

Rated 10/10 The way of the iceman

Great ebook very easy to read understandable in a different ligh of nature, that made me feel, to be curious about how nature has got all the answers.

Rated 5/10 Almost perfect
By Eno Christmann / Sarreguemines, Moselle, France

great book , great content and big inspiration. But unfortunately it is missing in my opinion a more detailed development of the practice. Further the connection between the beginner and advanced cold exposure technics and the actual application of them. It comes a little short. But great book, though.

Rated 8/10 Thought provoking
By Steve Sautbine / Red Wing, MN, United States

Every book I have read from DragonDoor has been surprising great reads, including this book. I would have given it a 10 if there was a bit more information on how to achieve his end results. For example, do you have to jump in ice water first and every day or can you take a month to get there? Still, the data speaks for itself. If you want his results, the book will take you there.

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