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Elise Matthews


Phone: 803-240-6836
Columbia, SC
United States 29201
10 out of 10 (5 reviews)
Elise is an exercise physiologist with certifications in various forms of weight training and conditioning from the American College of Sports Medicine, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, RKC Level 1 & 2, and is a Postural Analysis Specialist and most recently Advanced FMS and CK-FMS certified. Her main goal is to spread health and wellness to the general population. 
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10/10 SImply Incredible!
By N Reamer / Chapin, USA

I have been working out with Kettlebells for a year and a half - all on my own. I knew I had some technique issues. When I discovered Elise was right here in Columbia, I immediately phoned and told her my situation.
In two sessions, she has totally reworked my swing and clean and addressed an issue I was having with the wall squat described in Pavel's book! Elise is an outstanding coach! She has a suberb ability to see what you are doing wrong, describe it to you and provide exercises that reinforce the proper muscle memory. My workouts are much more intense now that I am doing the swing and clean correctly!
I thought it was going to take a while to fix my bad habits! Not so! I look forward to more one on one sessions and eventually doing some of the classes offered at KORE Wellness.

10/10 Absolute Power
By Gerard Brown / Columbia Sc, USA

Training with Elise is great she really knows her stuff she can give you the most simple answer to what seems like the most complicated questions. Great energy and a comfortable training atmosphere and it seem like she lives to help all her clients and every session is filled with not only training but encouragement and knowledge how to make it to the next level or reach the next goal.

10/10 First rate KB instructor and so much more.
By Rick Widdifield / Columbia, US

I've been training with Elise for about six months and can attest to her deep knowledge of the human body and her amazing intuitive way of getting maximum results in minimum training time. She also really cares about her clients. For Elise it's less about the business and more about providing individualized service and this makes working with her very rewarding. She understands the importance of good technique and is very demanding of everyone she works with. You will train safely and effectively under her watchful eyes. I highly recommend her approach no matter what your fitness goals are. She can design a program tailored to your needs and you will see quick results.

10/10 Fantastic to work with
By catherine / rock hill, sc

I have been a client of Elise Matthews for a year. She is absolutly fantastic! She is easy-going and flexible. For example, her gym is in Columbia, but she meets me in Charlotte on the weekends! The workouts she assigns to me are challenging, exciting and comprehensive. After you have learned kettlebelling technique, she has an online training course where she emails you five video workouts each week, much cheaper than private instruction or gym memebership, plus you get professionally designed workouts that are varied, so your muscles do not get accustomed to do thing same workout. Again, she has been one of the best fitness investments I have made.

10/10 Best experience ever!
By LA Collins / Columbia, SC

Just finished my first session with Elise Matthews three days ago and I am thrilled with kettlebells and with the ease at which I learned how to use them! I came in after hearing some of my crossfit friends talk about how bad kettlebells were and how they always hurt their backs after using them. Needless to say I was hesitant about trying them but after reading Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell I knew I needed to give these things an honest effort. Elise took me through my first session and I was learning how to do a swing and clean, how to squat properly, and how to train with kettlebells without hurting myself(Which I must say there was no back pain... but definitely some muscle soreness!). All in all, I love these little black bells and I am going to keep going with it. The best thing I have tried in a long time!

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Elise Matthews