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Instructor Profiles

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Aaron Larmore


Phone: 319-269-5360
Iowa City, IA
United States 52246
9.97 out of 10 (128 reviews)
Pro-Fit Gym
Aaron Larmore is the Founder/Fitness Director of Pro-Fit, located in Diamond Dreams Sports Academy in Coralville, Iowa. (Near Marriott)   These fitness classes are for the serious individual looking for significant body transformation, and athletes looking to take their game to the next level.  All fitness levels are welcome! 
Pro Fit (Adult Fitness) is a blend of strength training and cardio that is skillfully programmed into a 45 minute workout.  You receive the best in personal training everyday, for ONLY a fraction of the cost!! These workouts will accelerate your metabolism, while significantly increasing your strength, cardio, and endurance. Be ready to firm up and trim down, all while attaining incredible strength! EXPECT incredible results...
In addition, Aaron Founded and is a Co-Owner of Iowa City's Fit2Live Gym in Iowa City. Through his approach came the vision of Fit2Live, something new and refreshing, raw, and outcome oriented.
Since 2004, Aaron's methodology has benefited hundreds of members with significant health improvements, and SERIOUS body transformation.  
Through this approach, his depth of experiences, and having worked with thousands of individuals came Aaron's biggest accomplishments.  Aaron successfully developed a CrossFit system of programming, is the creator of the Athlete Performance Model, and developed an internship curriculum that nurtures many area college students each semester, with the purpose to better prepare them in the field of Fitness and Strength and Conditioning.  
A highly sought-after fitness trainer and athletic development coach, his skills range from working with fitness enthusiasts to expertly training numerous professional and top level athletes from around the area.  
To date Aaron has professionally helped over 150 individuals shed more than 15 pounds.  More importantly, in doing so, many of these individuals would state they're in the best physical and fitness shape of their lives!  Athletes he's directly worked with and developed include; 6 Professional Athletes, 35 All-State Athletes, and 28 Collegiate Athletes (including 21 Div. I).  This list includes a World Champion Boxer, a Premier Soccer League Player, 3 Professional Baseball Players, an Olympic Figure Skating Hopeful, and a First Round Major League Draft Pick.  
His educational experiences include working with some of the nation's top strength and conditioning coaches including the Iowa football and Olympic programs, as well as former Husker Power strength coaches at Xplosive Edge in Omaha, Nebraska. Aaron's approach to fitness is heavily influenced through time spent with Pavel Tsautsoline in the Russian Kettlebell Challenges and Brian Grasso with the International Youth Conditioning Association.
  • 2004 ACE American Council on Exercise – Personal Trainer
  • 2006 USA University of Iowa – Health and Sports Studies
  • 2006 USAW USA Weightlifting Club Coach
  • 2006 RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge – Russian Kettlebell Instructor Level I
  • 2007 NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • 2008 RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge – Russian Kettlebell Instructor Level II
  • 2008 IYCA International Youth Conditioning Association – Youth Fitness Specialist Level I
  • 2008 IYCA International Youth Conditioning Association – Youth Fitness Specialist Level II
  • 2009 USATF USA Track and Field - Club Coach Level I
  • 2009 FMS Functional Movement Screen - FMS Instructor Level I
  • 2010 CF CrossFit – CrossFit Instructor Level I
Fitness Related Experience:
  • Pro Fit @ Diamond Dreams Sports Academy in Coralville, IA: Founder/Director of Fitness July 2011 - Present
  • Fit2Live Gym in Iowa City, IA: Admin/Director of Fitness March 2008 - June 2011 / Founder and Co-Owner  March 2008 - Present
  • North Dodge Athletic Club in Iowa City, IA: Fitness/Personal Training Director July 2006 - April 2008
  • Iowa Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning in Iowa City, IA: Internship January 2006 - May 2006
  • Iowa Football Strength and Conditioning in Iowa City, IA: Internship September 2006 - January 2006
  • Gold's Gym in Coralville, IA: Personal Training Director August 2004 - July 2006
  • Xplosive Edge Human Performance Center in Omaha, NE: Internship May 2005 - July 2005
  • Valley View Athletic Club in La Crosse, WI: Membership Services/Desk Services August 2003 - July 2004
  • VVAC Fitness Xpress in La Crosse, WI: Membership Services/Desk Services August 2003 - July 2004
  • Advocare Nutrition: World Class Nutrition, 2001 - Present
Additional Seminars 
  • Northern Illinois Strength and Conditioning Workshop in Dekalb, IL: Consulted all strength staff under the direction of Eric Klein (U of Minnesota Football) in the use and implementation of Kettlebells into a strength and conditioning program – May, 2010
  • International Youth Conditioning Association – Consulted with IYCA Founder Brian Grasso, Speed and Agility Camp for Soccer Players Peoria, IL 2009
  • Carleton College Strength and Conditioning Workshop in Northfield, MN: Consulted Women’s Basketball Team including a training workshop for players and exercise programming in Summer of 2009.
Select Awards/Accomplishments/Achievements

2001  IOWA Shrine Football Captain

2001, 2002 UNI University of Northern Iowa Football Team Member

2008  RKC Internationally Ranked Top 10 Kettlebell Instructor

2008  RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge Level I Certification - Course Instructor

2009  IYCA International Youth Fitness Conditioning – Member of the Week

2009  IYCA Featured Expert Interview on the International Youth Conditioning Association Members Site Regarding Youth Fitness Development

2010  RKC Russian Kettlebell Challenge Level II Certification - Course Instructor 


Personal Philosophy


"You get out of life what you put into it - Create your destiny"

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10/10 Supreme Dedication to Improving Peoples Lives
By Alan Weber (Strength and Conditioning, SIU) / Carbondale, IL

Aaron Larmore is a very knowledgeable and professional individual when it comes to working with the individuals that take his classes or the athletes that attend his camps. I have attended some of Aarons kettlebell classes and have been extremely surprised and pleased with how difficult the training can be with the correct instruction. Aaron is very creative and energetic when leading his classes and keeps the people motivated and interested during the classes. He is the one who introduced me to kettlebells and convinced me that kettlebells are a useful tool that can be used with anyone from individuals wanting to get in better everyday shape, and high class athletes looking to improve strength and power. I now own two of my own kettlebells and use them often because of Aaron and his introduction he gave me to the world of kettlebells. I highly recommend him and his coaching and training abilities!

10/10 Great leader and instructor; Highly educated in the discipline of the RKB
By Adam Altman / Iowa City, IA USA

Aaron has taught me how to use the Russian Kettle Bells on a multitude of levels. He has demonstrated how they can be used as a precursor to facilitate the difficult movements implemented in power lifting, how they can be used with the general population regarding strength training, that they are a fun alternative to traditional weight lifting, and how they can be used in my own work out regiment to shock my muscles and avoid complacency that can come with traditional work outs. The Kettle Bells allow me to train large muscle groups rather than isolating one or two muscle groups for a total body work out that calls upon both my cardiovascular and strength endurance. The knowledge that he has given me has greatly changed the way in which I approach exercise prescription and planning even in my own workouts.

10/10 Awesome Guy + Knowlegdable Trainer
By Adam Rees / Savage, MN

Aaron is an awesome guy that's always there to help. Incredibly knowledgable and driven to constantly improve and expand that knowledge. His clients love him and for good reason. He's very good at what he does. His kettlebell workouts get results, simple as that. His repertoire of kettlebells and biomechanics his second to none in the Southeast Iowa Area. I would refer him to anyone that wants to get stronger, move better, and live a healthier more fulfilled life.

9/10 Above and beyond while serving as First Mate
By Will Williams RKC Team Leader / Southern California

Aaron earned his RKC, and as some standout candidates are, he was recalled for duty as an Assistant Instructor at the April 2007 RKC in St. Paul. During these 3 days Aaron displayed an uncommon degree of discipline while disposing of the trainees like a coroner with spent latex gloves. He layeth smack down on all 8 subjects in our group even before I gave the order, and he could not get enough. When the General called me in to prep the massive attack on the entire class, Aaron took charge of my post and did an outstanding job in the process. This young man is fully capable of taking the safety and welfare of any student into his good care, and delivering a solid product on the other side of the training.

By Philip Ostrem / Iowa City, Ia

I suffered a back injury. I am a late-40-something and was keeping weight off by running, but did no strength training. In my job, I mostly stand by a counter or sit in a chair. I thought I was in OK shape (because of running), and then I lifted something I shouldn't have. After months of back and leg spasms, climbing stairs was difficult, running was impossible. My family doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon for a blasted disk, but I really wanted a better alternative than back surgery. So I decided to look for a trainer, and Aaron's bio included rehab on sports injuries; I immediately signed up for a few sessions. Aaron explained possible causes of the injury and developed a treatment plan of progressively more intense stretching exercises and core fitness workouts with kettlebells. Aaron fully explained each movement with the bells and how to increase repetitions and weights progressively to increase my strength without further injury. I cancelled my doctor's appointments. After a year, I continue with classes and also have my own set of bells at home. Aaron's classes help to keep motivated and add new excercises, and he continually suggests changes in improper or potentially harmful techniques. I have been pain-free for many months now and really consider myself to be in the best shape since college (probably better).

10/10 Young Budding Super-star Coach
By Brad Nelson RKC Team Leader & Owner Kinetic Edge / Woodbury, MN

Aaron Larmore is more than an RKC. He is a coach. He understands when to motivate, teach, and inspire and implement them appropriately into his training. Aaron has mentored with some of the best strength programs in the country: Husker Power, Univ of Iowa, and the International Youth Conditioning Association to name a few. My final point is this: I would trust my mom with Aaron. That says it all. Do yourself a favor and seek Aaron Larmore for training.

10/10 Kettlebells + Aaron =AWESOME!
By Karey Hawkins / West Liberty, IA

I was introduced to kettlebells by my husband. I had an interest in learning to use them but was a little intimidated. After joining Aaron's class last summer I am TOTALLY addicted! He was patient and encouraging while I learned and then pushed me to reach my physical goals. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but I had a great sense of accomplishment after each workout. Feeling energized, lean and ready to take on anything! Kettlebells is definitely my workout of choice and I have them at home for my daily workouts, but I will sign up for every opportunity to take a class with Aaron!

By Mark and Eadie Weaver / Iowa City


10/10 Outstanding Motivator for ALL kinds of clients
By Gwen G. / Iowa City, IA USA

Aaron's his kettlebell workout is challenging, fun, and effective. Everyone, from accomplished athletes to regular folks like me, will get excellent workouts from his program. Kettlebell exercises provide a great full-body workout at any fitness-level. I am not very coordinated or athletic, and I really don't enjoy weight-training at all, but over the last year and a half, Aaron's kettlebell program has helped me tone and increase overall fitness--and I had fun doing it! This is due to the effectiveness of the kettlebell program but mostly because of Aaron's tremendous motivational skills. He tailors the workouts to my fitness needs and pushes me to challenge myself and my fitness, and his encouraging attitude keeps me coming back and working harder. And the results speak for themselves: I've lost almost 15 inches!

10/10 this workout works and Aaron is the reason why
By Chip Eldridge / Iowa City, IA

If you want a work out that will challenge you to take it to the next level this is a great work out for you. I have been doing kettle balls for 6 months now and i can tell that with in that time i am in the best shape i have been in, in a long time. The fact is Aaron knows what kind of workout to give you great results. he is a great guy and have fun doing the kettle ball class or any thing he may teach you. Every penney that you spin is worth it. with his programs he can help you to be in the best shape and by able to put on a good amount of muscle. i will always be addicted to kettle balls and i have Aaron to thank for that. you put in the time to this work-out and you can have great results.

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