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Instructor Profiles


Marty Mills


Phone: Please Contact By Email
Greenwood, IN
United States 46143
9.98 out of 10 (560 reviews)
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10/10 coach mills weightlifting
By Heath Kalaba / Indianapolis, United States

Being new to Center Grove, I can honestly say that coach Mills' weights program was absolutely incredible. I had never lifted before my senior year, but knew what my old high school's program was like. Coming to Center Grove, seeing absolutely every single student working to get better every period, every opportunity was something so great it's hard to put into words. Mills and his program has helped me tremendously throughout my senior year. I came into the year weighing 152 and am about to graduate weighing 181. I've made massive gains to my athleticism and full body strength. The program was able to help me reach my goal of playing professional ultimate as a senior in high school. with my vertical increasing 4 inches and my 40 yard dash being half of a second faster. Although, the most crucial thing I've brought from mills' program wasn't my strength or achievements. It was the drive to better myself every single day. Every morning I wake up to an alarm that tells me to "Better yourself today" and a reminder before bed asking myself "did you improve?" not just as an athlete, but as a person. I will always remember my senior year at Center Grove High School, and i will always remember how much coach had taught and helped me. Thank you.

10/10 Strength Coach Leads Charge for State Contention
By Patrick Southern / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills had made me more than just strong. He has made me faster, made me jump higher, quicker, and has majorly improved all areas of my athleticism. He doesn't just make people stronger, he turns them into dominant athletes. This class has won state titles in soccer, football and softball, and all of those can be largely contributed Coach Mills. For me in soccer, my all-around athleticism gave me an advantage against my opponents. Defenders could not handle our ability to be both faster and stronger. His weight training does not hinder the other aspects of your athleticism, unlike other weight training programs.

10/10 Center Grove Weightlifting
By Jacob DeVries / Greenwood, USA

When I started lifting, not only did my strength begin to grow, but so did my confidence. Throughout high school lifting was a large part in my every day life. I participated in two different sports throughout the past four years and training with Coach Mills. Lifting with Coach taught me how to work hard and I became inspired by his motivational speeches. Each day I came ready to lift, I was always motivated even further by Coach. There hasn't been a single day that Coach Mills hasn't inspired me to do my best in and out of the weight room.

10/10 Lifting With a Passion
By Reed Sauter / Greenwood, United Satates

If there's one thing that Coach Mills has, it's heart. I've never seen someone with such a fiery passion for anything, let alone weight lifting. He has no doubt been instrumental to the success of Center Grove athletics and will continue to be for as long as he's at the school.

10/10 The Powerhouse Within
By Alexander Kenney / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills has been a great motivational instructor through every year I have worked with him. He focuses on the fundamental technique of every lift we execute, and does an excellent job at it.

10/10 Coach Mills
By Brian Hamilton / Greenwood, United States

Amazing coach and motivator

10/10 Coach Mills
By Nicolas Stark / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills has done a great job teaching me everything there is to know about weight lifting including the anatomy behind the different lifts. In addition to being a great instructor he also gives the best motivational speeches before lifts and is very supportive of everyone. Coach Mills always makes sure to point out when people are doing a good job and help out when anyone needs it. Thanks Coach Mills.

10/10 Coach Mills
By Cody Ubelhor / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills has done a great job throughout my high school career to prepare me to perform my best in sports. He not only is a great weightlifting coach, but a great motivator. He has taught me that in sports, it isn't always the guy who has the most natural talent, but also who works the hardest. Thanks Coach Mills

10/10 Weightlifting
By Ben Poore / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills has been an amazing coach throughout my high school career. He has helped shape me into the weightlifter I am today. When I first entered high school I could only bench 95lbs. Now as a senior I can bench 305lbs. I only weighed 95lbs as a freshman and I am now 165lbs. His training programs have allowed me to not only put on muscle but also get super human strong. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with someone like coach Mills who has the knowledge and skill set to help you get the results you want out of training.

10/10 Marty mills
By Matt Rosebrough / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills is an outstanding strength coach whole not only is an expert lifting coach but also a great life motivator. I would give him a 10 out of 10 not only for his coaching but his care for his athletes/students/clients. Best high school lifting coach for sure!

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Marty Mills