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Instructor Profiles

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Derek Toshner


Phone: 920-251-4481
Fond du Lac, WI
United States 54937
9.94 out of 10 (67 reviews)
Hi, Thanks for stopping by my RKC page. Please visit us as well on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website. My gym is called TNT Fitness Results, and is located on the south side of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I run classes and personal training sessions for a variety of individuals including: 1. Those starting an exercise program to lose weight 2. Those looking to break a fitness or weight loss plateau 3. Fire fighters, police officers, and other professionals who need conditioning 4. Under developed athletes 5. Highly conditioned athletes My background is in strength and conditioning, and I competed for many years at a very high level of track and field. Today I workout to keep my body in tune for an active lifestyle involving rock climbing, as well as to lead by example to those looking to improve their fitness level. My philosophy is if I preach it, I must be it. I expect my clients to improve, but demand improvement from myself in areas of body, mind, and spirit. Live Fit, Derek Toshner RKC II, CK-FMS, CSCS TNT Fitness Results "Real Fitness. Real Results." 920-251-4481
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10/10 A Kettle Bell Journey Has Begun...
By Dwaine Dailey / Fond Du Lac, United States

Derek did a great job. Derek not only instructed proper technique with kettle bells, but he was specific and thorough in how he explained the rationale that dictates the proper technique. I will be able to incorporate the kettle bell training, that I received from Derek, not only into my own workouts but also into the workouts of athletes that I coach.

10/10 Excellent Motivator, instructor and leader
By Duane Hart / Oshkosh, USA

Derek often teaches the classes I attend at TNT Fitness Results. His technical skills, motivational skills and positive attitude help beginners (like myself) and elite athletes alike. Derek is always quick to correct form to ensure that we receive the maximum workout and avoid injury. He has a unique ability to get the most out of us, even when we are in the midst of a grueling workout.

I have recommend his classes to friend and family and most recently my wife has joined me in the workouts. She speaks very highly of Derek and all TNT staff.

Top of the line instructor at a top of the line facility.

10/10 Derek Gives His All
By Ali Krueger / Campbellsport, United States

"Don't Give Up", "Set Goals", "You Can Do Anything for a Minute", "Legs Equal Results", "Sprint to the Finish Line". Those are just a few of the many encouraging statements Derek will say numerous times during a workout. Those are the lines I need to reach the goals I set. Derek gives his all to help his clients get to where they want to be. His support and encouragement is amazing. I would not be where I am today without Derek and TNT!!

10/10 Just getting started....
By Vicky Berg / St. Cloud, Wisconsin, USA

At the urging of a friend of mine, who has been involved with TNT for some time, I took an Essentials class and was certain that I would never get the hang of it because I am a little klutzy and lack coordination. Well, it has been almost two months, not sure of all the moves yet, but I have definitely felt some changes going on with my body and as hard as it may seem some days, I look forward to the next class. Derek certainly has a gift and I appreciate his skills and understanding when things don't always go my way. Motivation is something I need and he is the one that will give it to me. Thanks for your guidance and pointers at the end of class.

10/10 Changed my life
By Joe Schweda / Oshkosh, WI, USA

Derek introduced me to kettlebells over 2 1/2 years ago. He made working out tuff but fun. I love Derek's attitude, always upbeat. I've lost about 85 pounds with the help of Derek's training and advise. I continue to get stronger as I lose weight. I will continue to take opportunities to work out with Derek when I can. I can't thank Derek enough for what he has done for me.

10/10 Almost Year 3 Complete
By Dave Kusek / Fond du Lac, Wisc, USA

I started TNT almost 3 years ago in the old gym, looking for ways to transform my middle age body into something that would make me feel healthier, stronger, and provide me with more mobility, I found it with Derek's tutelage as I have lost 15 pounds, and am doing exercises that I have not done since high school. That is a long time ago since I am now 60. I also benefit from Derek's knowledge of nutrition that comes from his "Nutritional Tip of the Day", along with answering questions that I have had about the right foods to eat.
Thanks Derek, to you and your staff, for making me want to come and workout at TNT with the rest of the "family" of the 5:15 am class.

By Lynne Gibbons / Fond du Lan, WI

We are so fortunate to have Derek in the Fond du Lac area, I would never have changed my view of working out. I always wanted to workout, but found it very boring. That is no longer the case, I love to work out because of what Derek has brought to our area. Everyone says it is addicting working out at TNT!!! He compliments everyone in class and makes them feel very special and good about what they are doing. I have had this passion for working out going on two years now, it is not a phase. Thank you Derek!!!

10/10 Life Changer
By Jonathan Ehrhardt / Fond Du Lac, USA

Derek has truely changed my life. Two years ago when Ifirst walked through his doors, I'm sad to say I was getting my butt kicked with an 8kg bell. Know I warm up with a 24kg, and use the beast durring our workouts(48kg)! He has helped me loose over 50lbs. in four months I just got my HKC and am now on my way to help other poeple change there lives and the way they think about fittness. Derek Toshner Is not only a great instructor and leader, he's also a great person and friend. If you get the chance to work with him don't miss it! It may change your life.

By Rich Dehnel / Fond du Lac, USA

I first came into contact with Derek late last winter at the MS Spin for Team Fond du Lac Cyclery at center court of the mall. He was there to put on a demo of Kettle Bells and some of us were asked to get off of our bikes to participate. Being the good sport and avid road biker, I ‘volunteered’ and entered into a realm that I was not prepared for. My first thoughts, was ‘holy cow’ who would ever want to do this? From what I remember, we were asked to do a ladder of swings to five and then back down – none of us could do it. After that experience, I told him that would look him up in the fall of that year.

Don’t get me wrong, spinning is a great way to build leg strength, endurance, and keep weight in check, not to mention be ready come spring when the ice is finally gone to return outside. It is obviously very leg intensive and the rest of your body does not get the work out like Derek’s instruction and programs do.

I kept to my word and looked him up in September and started with the essentials, along with a few friends and my wife, and then proceeded to the Incinerator level. This proved to be a challenge at first and my wife, oldest daughter, and still one friend at this level and the results are showing. As a group we put together a goal to be measured before Thanksgiving and the prize was a Dells trip for us and our kids. Within two months we had reached our goal and a trip is being planned. They are still in the incinerator level, because Derek is always challenging them and getting them to move up weights and have introduced to them, everyone’s favorites: lunge walks and split jumps.

A friend and I have moved onto the unleashed level of this program. This program has produced results in me that I never expected. My flexibility and increased dramatically, since my job entails me to set behind a desk most of the time. Up to now, I have lost three pant sizes, reduced overall fat level, and weight. I am currently fitting into sizes that I have not seen since college.

10/10 You get better with age?
By Bob Wojcik / Fond du Lac, USA

The above statement is true about fine wines and perhaps several things regarding human beings, but one thing that is not true is the human body's ability to get faster or stronger as our body ages. For several reasons, around the age of 50 we start to lose muscle mass and flexability which are important to these traits.

I found out later in life that I was a competitive multi sport age group athlete (read swim, bike, run). This year I turned 60 which mean the two traits I spoke of above have got a head start on me. In all the reading I've done on improving my performance the one thing that continues to come up is I need to work on off season strength training but more specifically workouts that use mulit joint movements, encourages flexability and increase balance and stability. I found out through further investigation that kettlebell workouts do all that plus provide an amazing aerobic benefit as well.

The staff at TNT has helped me greatly on working on my weaknesses, instructing me on proper form and pointing out all things that will improve my ability to swim, bike, and run with more power. The daily class schedule provides a variety of challenges to improve all parts of your lower body and are as hard or easy as you want them to be. I find the hours that they are open provide me with more opportunity to get my weekly kettlebell workouts in and still leave time for any swim, bike, or run training.

I am looking forward to my first race next season knowing that this preparation is going to improve my performance and equally important decrease the likelihood of overuse injuries so common in my sport. Total functional fitness is the only way to go and the staff at TNT have provided me with the tools I need to reach my goals.

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Derek Toshner