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Austin Jones


Phone: 314.221.6040
Saint Louis, MO
United States 63105
10 out of 10 (5 reviews)
Greetings from St. Louis! Whatever your goals are--whether you want to get healthier, leaner, stronger or want to improve your Kettlebell skills, that's an adventure I want to guide you on. My goal is to take you to the next level with the kettlebell and with your fitness program. As a personal trainer, my philosophy is to find how to best help you achieve your goals with compassion, fun and a genuine love for the process. In addition to being a certified personal trainer with certification in Kettlebells, am also a Z-Health Practitioner, and am R, I, S and T-Phase certified. I have also attended advanced 9S Z-Health classes, as well as in the process of becoming CKFMS certified. I am an athlete at heart, but think I can understand the struggles some of you may be facing. I did battle with a lot of weight gain at one point in my life. When I decided to make a change, I achieved some results with "traditional" training. My natural curiosity kept me looking for new challenges and when I discovered kettlebells I saw dramatic changes in strength, cardio fitness, and body composition. Now I want to help you make those changes. As an athlete, I wish I had known about kettlebells when I was playing youth sports. Kettlebells would have given me that extra ability, level of conditioning and confidence to reach my highest potential. If you're interested in more information about kettlebell/Z-Health or if you want to learn more about me, please send an email. I am excited about the opportunity to work with you! One of my clients agrees that I have a bit of the 'ursine' about me. Maybe I do, but I promise not to hibernate if you want to be in touch. Sincerely, Austin Jones
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10/10 Effective and efficient
By Drew S / St Louis, MO

Austin showed me kb's as an efficient way to maintain muscle tone and get a total body workout in under 45 minutes, and often less than 30. Since using his protocols I experience lower back pain less often while standing all day at work. I'm looking forward to his z-health aspect ro fitness as well. Great trainer always looking to mix things up avoiding monotony and keeping interest and focus.

10/10 Cave Man Kettle Master
By Geronimo / St Louis, Mo

Since trianing with Austin using kettlebells.... I have gotten stronger , leaner, and eliminated previous lower back pain. I have seen an increase in strength when performing military press, bench, etc with weights. Smaller muscles around the rotator cuff have almost improved and reduced previous pain in the area. It is a kick-ass cardio workout.
Austin's emphasis on technique has allowes me to improve and make great strides in strength and flexibility.

Im predicting a week away from doing full kettle handstand ... with press!!

10/10 Awesome instructor
By Rebecca / Houston, TX

I went from never having heard of kettlebells to looking forward to every training session with Austin. He takes the time to not only teach the technique, but explain the mechanics behind each move and make sure you have perfected it before moving on. Austin is thoroughly educated in and appreciates the art of kettlebells, and that totally came through and rubbed off on me as I learned more about this addictive work-out style. He is everything an instructor should be: knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and an expert at getting your butt in shape!

10/10 Great "gut checker" for questioning technique.
By Seth / St. Louis, Missouri

I found Austin to be a great observer of my technique while giving straight forword advise. Our training session was scheduled for an hour but he spent an extra 30 minutes making sure that I had everything down.

I will be working with Austin again in the near future and I highly recommend him!

10/10 Great Experience
By Erich / Houston, TX

I was briefly introduced to kettlebells in college, but did not get much instruction in them, so I was excited to have the opportunity to learn about their proper use and application. Austin was great to work with. He provided a good instructional environment; he was patient while I learned new techniques and exercises, but kept things moving so that I didn't get bored. His routines were well designed and I always looked foward to the next one. He's a laid back guy and provides a fun, comfortable atmosphere (but is still plenty motivating so that you don't get lazy!). If you're looking for a kettlebell trainer, I would recommend him without reservation.

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Austin Jones