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Vassilios "Taki" Denaxas


Phone: 847-650-4115
United States 60173
9 out of 10 (8 reviews)
Personal trainer and Group Kettlebell Instructor for the Schaumburg Park District.
I believe that fitness is a way of life, if you put in the work and dedication, the rewards are greater than you can imagine.  For me nothing is more rewarding than helping my clients achieve their personal fitness goals.
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10/10 Kettle Bell Class - LOVE IT!
By Joel Botwin / Schaumburg, USA

The girlfriend and I recently signed up for a beginner Kettlebell class at the local park district, where Taki was the instructor. This was my first exercise class of any kind, so I was a little nervous about looking dumb or out of sync with everyone else. I was happy that even after our first session, I felt like there was someone there who could explain the proper techniques to us all so that we had good form and didn't hurt ourselves. It takes a little getting used to moving a kettlebell around your body and Taki would always do a very good job of demonstrating the exercise and giving us little hints and tips that made some of the more difficult ones easier to remember. The workouts are well balanced as well so that the entire body gets a workout. Each week the workout routine changes so nothing becomes stale. We're pushed hard, but no so hard that I ever consider quitting. I like that the most, because I know I'll get a great workout without over-doing it. We'll be signing up for the next class as well!

9/10 Taki will get you in shape
By Cecilia Sweeney / Schaumburg, U.S.

Taki is very thorough and patient. Kettlebells is a tough workout but he keeps it interesting so you come back for more fun(?). Would recommend Taki to anyone interested in kettlebells or personal training.

9/10 Knowledgeable, caring instructor
By Connie Tegeler / Marengo, U.S.A.

I thoroughly enjoy the classes that Taki puts together for us. He does a wonderful job of incorporating a variety of methods to keep things fresh and us using different muscles and skills. He is very conscientious about ensuring that we always use proper form. Also, he runs a very effective class while encouraging a fun and friendly environment. He challenges, he cares, and he is very knowledgeable.

9/10 Challenging instructor
By Sue Noland / Schaumburg, USA

Taki is a great trainer; his workouts have a lot of variety and always keep us on our toes! He keeps a careful eye on our form and is good at correcting without being overbearing. He cares about the various physical challenges that some have and makes suggestions for alternative exercises. I see him pushing himself personally, and I like that in a trainer.

9/10 Keeps you improving
By Kathy Kretschmer / Schaumburg, US

Taki continues to provide a variety of challenging workouts. Each week is another new workout using many different forms of exercise at different paces. He continues to challenge us to work harder to make us stronger, always making sure we use good form. An excellent instructor who uses his knowledge to make you succeed.

9/10 Kettlebell Class with Taki
By Tom Sweeney / Schaumburg, IL, USA

Taki is always prepared with a challenging workout. He is very good at making sure we are always using proper form and corrects us constructively as needed. He does a great job keeping us focused on the task at hand. Taki keeps the class interesting by incorporating many different types of exercises which keeps it from getting boring and keeps me coming back. Thanks Taki!

9/10 Taki always changes it up and customizes everytime
By Matt LaRue / ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, United States

Taki is very patient with all level of KB students. He does a great job keeping our group individually challenged and always makes certain we are using proper form. He recently began incorporating a wide variety of challenging exercises into our normal kettle bell routine which makes his class enjoyable. We have a consistent enrollment and seem to keep adding to the size of the group as a whole. Great to see Taki's hard work and dedication to the RKC certification.

8/10 About Taki!
By Dwyane Anderson / Palatine, IL, USA

Taki is a great instuctor because of his knowledge and patience.He he is dedicated to fitness and displays it with his dedication to his students collectively and personally.

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