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CFWH Christmas 2013 16

Rob Exline


Phone: 832-331-2555
Houston, TX
United States 77055
9.8 out of 10 (5 reviews)
Rob Exline is the owner and Head Trainer at CrossFit West Houston. CrossFit West Houston is a strength and conditioniing gym found in the Spring Branch area of Houston. CFWH was founded in 2008.
Rob discovered kettlebell training in 2003 while working as a an instructor and manager of Guy Mezger's FS Martial Arts/Lions Den Dallas.
In 2011, Rob fufilled his 8 year goal of becoming an RKC in San Diego CA.
After hosting an RKC in May of 2013, Rob was inspired to take on the challenge of the RKC II.
In addition to RKC II, Rob i a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and USAW Level 1 Olympic Lifting coach.
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10/10 Makes kettlebells fun
By Molly Sternberg / Houston, USA

Rob is a phenomenal person and a gifted teacher. He loves what he does and it shows! He is so encouraging and really fun to have as a coach. His kettlebell training can take you to a whole new level!!

10/10 Rob is awesome!!
By Jeanne F. / Houston, US

Rob is a really great trainer and coach. He has a passion for working with kettle bells, and it shows! Not only is he a wonderful instructor, he is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to thoughtful and effective programming. There is a purpose behind each and every workout he writes, and he is always willing to share what he knows with you. I take great comfort in knowing that Rob has my best interests and safety in mind. He is not just trying to make you do the hardest, longest workout there is. If you are looking to get fit (the right way) and have fun while doing it, Rob is the trainer for you!

10/10 Meet your goals!!
By Sandra Exline / CrossFit West Houston, USA

Rob is my coach but also my husband. So I'll start by saying I may be a bit impartial!! But I'll also say I know personally how vested Rob is in all of his clients. Proper movement, nutrition and overall wellness are priorities for him in his coaching and his own training. He ensures that he continues learning and growing so he can pass that on to his clients and members.

When I very cautiously made the decision to take the RKC course, I was concerned about training and being prepared. I put my training in his hands. He did all my Kettlebell programming leading up to the course. When the day came, I was still a bit nervous, but quickly found that I was more than prepared! I was most worried about the snatch test and I finished with 20 seconds to spare (even with a very brief rest)!

Rob's knowledge and ability to coach someone to their goals always amazes me! Even though I've seen it for over 12 years.

10/10 10!!! Absolute 10!!
By Ray Wright / Dallas, USA

Rob is in the top tier of of ANY trainer ANYWHERE!! I've worked with Rob & watched first hand the heart & dedication he puts into his clients. He is a very hands on trainer & expects results. Rob never sets back & waits to be taken over. He is always out front when come to bettering himself & his clients. Whether you are a brand new beginner or seasoned pro athlete Rob Exline can help you get to the next level.

9/10 Excellent Kettlebell Instruction in Houston
By Daniel Brewster / Houston, USA

Rob is a excellent instructor for kettlebells, as well as crossfit training in general. Rob incorporates kettlebells into many of his daily workouts. When using kettlebells, Rob stresses safety and performing all movements correctly. He always makes sure the person is comfortable before allowing them to start the workout.

Rob is an excellent coach and you won't regret visiting him at Crossfit West Houston.

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