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Matthew Flaherty


Phone: 516-993-0173
New York, NY
United States 10009
10 out of 10 (17 reviews)
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10/10 Matt is a great instructor.
By Joe Burt / New York, USA

Matt knows his stuff when it comes to kettlebells. He is great at making small changes in form that contribute to much improved technique. Looking forward to more time learning the art of kettlebells from Matt.

By Oscar Rios / Farmingdale, NY, USA

He is very knowledgeable and explains every detail of each exercise. Very patient and vigilant. He not only detects errors immediately but explains the dangers of not fixing them and how to correct them. He answers all your fitness questions honestly and directly. In my short time training with Matthew I am feeling more confidence exercising with kettlebells and with his help looking forward towards progressing more and more!!!

10/10 Knows how to fix your problems
By Chris / Holtsville, NY

I met Matt at a HKC. I did not pass i had to resubmit a video with the correct form of the getup and one arm swing. I met with Matt and he saw what my issue was that i wasn't activating my lat muscle. He showed me some drills to fix it. After a hour with him he shot the video of me doing the exercises and submitted it . Now I am a HKC Instructor and going on to the RKC.

He is very patient and is always continuing his education in fitness. This is what you need in an instructor. Work with him and you will be rewarded.

10/10 Best Kettlebell Instructor
By Joey Wilner / New York

Like many others, before training with Matt, I had no idea what a kettlebell was much less how to clean, snatch, or press one. Now after just over a year of training, Matt has taught me how to properly clean, snatch, swing, and press a kettlebell as well as how to do windmills, turkish getups and how to properly squat with one. Pretty soon I was regularly cleaning 72kg orange kettlebells. While I'm sure there are many other great trainers out there I doubt any have the ability to make working out not seem too difficult while at the same time pushing you past your wildest goals in the way that Matt does.


I began training on and off with Matt 5 years ago.My training only became consistent about a year ago when Matt introduced kettlebells into my training. The workout is challenging,my energy is phenomenal, physically and mentally I feel great.Matt is extreamly knowledgable,motivating and enthusiastic.I look forward to my sessions and feel a great sense of accomplishment!

10/10 Knows what he's talking about!
By Channing / Manhasset, NY

I am a self-taught kettle bell user and wanted to train with an RKC instructor to make sure that I was doing everything properly. Meeting with Matt really helped me pay more attention to form and the details of the moves. It was obvious by his comments/critiques that he knew what he was talking about. While training it was clear that he was listening and paying attention to what I needed and did not try to push me into areas I was not comfortable, though at the same time having me appropriately push myself. I would highly recommend Matt for Kettle Bell instruction or any other type of personal fitness trainer.

10/10 Knowledgable and Encouraging
By Luise / Great Neck, NY

Having tried traditional medical approaches (epidural shots, pain medication, physical therapy) for my painful herniated discs and spinal stenosis, I decided to begin one to one personal training. For the last three months, I have trained with Matt. Of course, I was concerned that I would experience more pain, but Matt's personalized, guided plan for me reflects his knowledge and understanding of my limits. I was completely unaware of kettlebells, and although we both thought I may have some reaction to them (residual pain), Matt immediately modified the routine accordingly. His encouragement always leaves me feeling better, after every session, even if I've walked in with pain or apathy. He's a great guy!

10/10 Matt took my training to a new level!
By Janine / New York

I have been training for over 20 years and thought I knew everything. Then I saw Matt training someone at my gym on the kettlebells and decided to give it a try. At first I was skeptical, but after about one month, I saw a change in my body and overall strength level. Matt worked with me to create a routine that was advanced and geared towards my specific training goals. I have seen other instructor's train on the kettlebells and unfortunately, they do not concentrate on form as much as Matt does. Pretty soon, I was up to the heavy black kettlebells. I continue to train with Matt once a week to learn new moves and keep my workouts fresh.

10/10 Amazing Instructor
By Arielle / Great Neck, New York USA

When I began training with Matt, I had no clue what a kettlebell even was. As Matt trained me, I felt my body transform into something I didn't know it could be. My arms thinned out and became more defined but most importantly, Matt trained me using the kettlebells so I felt better. With every step I took forward in my training, I accomplished something new and was proud of myself. He pushed me when I was feeling lazy and I doubt I would have been as happy with another instructor! Aside from being an amazing, patient, knowledgable instructor, he is really nice and motivating! Anyone looking to train with kettlebells should give him a call!!!

10/10 Matt Rules!!!
By Rosemary Love / NYC

I have been training with Matt for the past 8 months. I knew nothing about kettlebells before I started but Matt started incorporating them in my workouts. Matt is extremely experienced, patient yet challenges you at the same time. I am in my 60's and didn't think I'd be able to keep up but he has faith in me, which in itself, is a rare quality for a trainer. I actually look forward to working with the kettlebells now and have seen great results in both my physical and mental state. Anyone who wants to find a trainer who is knowledgeable about kettlebells, and patient, and just a really cool guy to train with should call Matt. He is awesome!!!!

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Matthew Flaherty