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Instructor Profiles

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Matt Maher

Matt Maher


Marlboro, NJ
United States 07746
10 out of 10 (21 reviews)

Matt Maher is a competitive natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, and kettlebell instructor with over 9 years of full-time personal training experience. Training exclusively out of Fit for Life Personal Training Center in Marlboro NJ, Matt combines the principles of Pavel Tsatsouline, Louie Simmons, Eric Cobb, and Gray Cook to improve his clients' movement, athletic ability, physique, and daily lives.



Personal Instruction from Renzo Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Fabio Leopoldo
RKC preparation with RKC TL Thomas Phillips and RKC TL Jordan Vezina
Regular training-related certifications, seminars and workshops:
Russian Kettlebell Challenge - team leader Dave Whitley (San Diego, CA)
Return of the Kettlebell Seminar with Pavel - hosted by Franz Snideman (San Diego, CA)
RKC II Seminar with Sara Cheatham, Will Williams - hosted by Phil Scarito (King of Prussia, PA)
Doc & The Dane Seminar with Mark Cheng & Kenneth Jay (New York, NY)
Press, Pullup & Pistol Seminar with Kenneth Jay - hosted by Delaine Ross (Atlanta, GA)
CK-FMS Workshop - team leader Will Williams (St. Paul, MN)

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10/10 Outstanding coach
By Kirk Adams / New York, United States

I've had the pleasure of assisting an RKC with Matt. He is a first class trainer who will help you reach your goals!

10/10 One of the top trainers in the state
By Kyle Critelli / Toms River, NJ, USA

I started training with Matt a few months ago after he was recommended to me by another health professional. I had never been to a trainer before, and despite being pretty fit, I definitely needed work on my movement patterns. So, I took the drive from Toms River (about 45 minutes) and if my schedule allowed it, I would make that drive to train with Matt everyday of the week. By the end of my first session we had identified some of my imbalances and started to work on them and I can feel the improvements every time I get to train with him. The workouts are fun because they challenge me every time, Matt mixes things up between kettle bells, resistance bands, the prowler, body weight, good old fashioned barbells and plates and whatever else you can think of. To keep it short, the guy is a pro. Everything I have asked him, he has had an answer for me, from my own routine when I'm training on my own, to what my diet should look like. Bottom line, Matt was recommended to me for a reason and there is a reason he works at such an amazing gym. Matt just gets it done and is an awesome guy to train with.

10/10 Matt is #1!
By Jim T. / Tinton Falls, NJ, USA

I have been fortunate to benefit from Matt's training for the last 8 years. Matt is a highly knowledgeable personal trainer who is skilled at transferring that knowledge to his clients. I am consistently impressed by Matt's customization & adaptation of our sessions to best suit my personal needs and goals. Matt has helped me with weight loss, strengthening, and pain management. At 54, I am committed to continuing to develop and implement the skills, knowledge, and attitudes Matt has helped me understand in pursuing optimal health.

The best part is the extent to which Matt helps me be my best in terms of training and nutrition. He walks the walk and is an excellent teacher and role model who provides the tools to keep growing & moving towards a healthier life! Whether in personal training or in classes, Matt's sessions are a key part of my week. I appreciate him greatly and recommend him highly to anyone seeking to take it "to the next level" starting right where you are.

10/10 Attention to detail
By Frank L / Marlboro, USA

I have been training with Matt for over two years and feel very fortunate to have met him.

In addition to his superior knowledge, Matt takes the time to get to know his client's individual needs and adjusts his training techniques to obtain the maximum benefit.

The gains that I have made training with Matt are unmatched.

I HIGHLY recommend him.

10/10 Change in the making
By Bix DiMeo / Red Bank, USA

When I started to train I put my faith in Matt and his ability to create a program that would work for me. His knowledge and skill proved to be the right combination for me as the change in my fitness level was clear. I have made great strides in my fitness journey because of his talent and have made the right choice in Matt as my instructor

10/10 He Walks the Walk
By Brett K / Marlboro, USA

Matt is a great trainer. For almost 2 years I have worked out with Matt and have also been trained by him. He definitely is a top motivator and keeps the workouts challenging by always adding a variety of exercises to our sessions. Whether it is weights, kettlebells, TRX or the prowler, Matt pushes you to be your best. His attention to detail is key as he stresses proper form and technique. Matt is also a great resource when it comes to advice on nutrition. It is obvious when you look at Matt that he practices what he preaches. His expertise and dedication is motivation enough to get to the gym for the 5:30am training sessions.

10/10 Excellence
By Chet Skalski / Englishtown, United States

Having Matt for a trainer has been a great experience. He is excellent at what he does. I have been training under Matt for 2 years and he has helped me gain more knowledge in how I move and what works best for me then anyone else I've used. He has helped me understand not only what I should be doing but why I'm doing it. I have used other trainers in the past and I can honestly say Matt has far surpassed them all. Matt has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals in fitness. At 47, I am more fit then I've ever been.

10/10 Great trainer
By steven M / east brunswick, usA

I have been working with Matt now for almost two years and he has changed they way I
think about training. His attention to detail and knowledge of his craft is second to none.
I enjoy my training sessions and all the classes that Matt runs.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Gary Tolchin / Marlboro, USA

I have been training with Matt for over Two Years, I am in the best shape of my life, I just turned 53 and I still look forward to training with Matt during the week, he keeps the sessions , Fresh,Challenging, and Fun, I can't imaging training with anyone else.

10/10 Best Trainer
By Paul Sudakov / Manalapan, US

Matt is the best trainer I have ever worked with , a year later I am 20 ib lighter and 100 points less on my cholesterol , I feel great I haven’t felt like that in years , he makes me want to come back and train more. If you want results Matt is the trainer who will make it happen. Thank you Matt

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Dragon Door Interviews Matt Maher, RKC Team Leader

The speed and explosive strength developed from kettlebell movements really carries over to the deadlift, and I use many of the lifts as accessory lifts in my training templates. The way I train myself is similar to my approach with personal training clients. I think I've been successfully able to mesh the RKC system, FMS, and even Westside Barbell concepts to make my clients strong and healthy.

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