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Marc Ayala


Phone: 6176422470
Quincy, MA
United States 02169
9.95 out of 10 (21 reviews)
 Marc Ayala, PCC, is a personal trainer in Boston. With a love for reading and research, he is constantly on the quest for more knowledge and sharper skills. He has a passion for uncovering the physical potential in his clients, pushing them to levels of strength that they never thought possible. No matter whether they are 15 or 65, he is going to push them to get their chin over that bar!
For articles explaining all things health, strength and personal development posted by Marc, check out his blog at!
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10/10 Consummate professional - talented and committed!
By Jeff Stein / Boston, United States

I have had the great fortune of working with Marc for almost four years now and have completed nearly 350 personal training sessions (both physical and virtual) with him. Marc is a consummate professional with deep knowledge and expertise in strength, conditioning, and mobility and an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of his clients. He exudes positivity and optimism, and as a lifelong learner, is always striving to grow and improve his craft. Marc comes to every one of our sessions with a clear strategy and workout plan and is remarkably attentive – he never “wings-it” and never just “goes through the motions.” Marc is an outstanding teacher and motivator, and by guiding me through upper and lower bodyweight exercises with an emphasis on proper form and technique, has pushed me to levels of strength and flexibility that I never imagined for myself. I have struggled with shoulder impingement issues for many years which multiple surgeries in my 20s failed to correct. Marc has patiently focused on helping me develop strength and mobility in my shoulder and back muscles, and my shoulders feel better than they have in decades. At age 55, I can honestly say I am in the best shape I have ever been, and I owe this to Marc - a personal trainer that I trust implicitly.

10/10 A True Professional, and a Wellness Advocate
By Andrew Clark / Boston, United States

I have had the pleasure of having Marc as my personal trainer for 7 years now. The length of time I have enjoyed having him as my fitness coach should be testimonial enough to the quality of his work and his commitment to his clients. Marc is what I would call a true believer. He believes in the power of exercise and wellness. He believes that anyone of any age can improve their well-being through these means. He loves and is passionate about his chosen profession and it shows every day. He is an inspiring coach, who is passionate about teaching his clients their true potential. I have been awed by what I have been able to accomplish in my personal fitness - increasing my flexibility, building strength, and losing weight - and I must give most of the credit to Marc and his guidance. He shows you your true potential and his friendly and positive disposition always make the workout enjoyable. Even when you muscles are burning, you are dead tired, and want nothing more than to stop. I would strongly and unequivocally recommend Marc's tutelage and wisdom to anyone. It is a privilege to work with him, and if anyone want to get into bet health and shape, I recommend that you work with him too.

10/10 relentlessly positive and positively relentless
By Kelly Guarino / Boston, USA

Marc is relentlessly positive, and positively relentless. Those are good things. He is always encouraging and good-natured. On days when I don't feel like working out, I can just ride along on his positivity. Marc is pleased for me when I get stronger and am able to do something new. It is genuine, which makes me want to keep trying hard. He is even super positive with his corrections - it will be "bonus points if you can roll that left shoulder back" instead of "don't let your left shoulder slump." By relentless, I mean that he is methodical and precise. He is always watching and notices every detail of movement. Every session is challenging, but not overwhelming. He clearly knows when to have me do something in a different way, to build up the strength to get to the right way. He doesn't give too much information, and has fixed things I didn't know he was fixing. After months of working on variations of squat exercises, he mentioned that I was no longer squatting too wide - I didn't realize we were fixing that. Marc also has done a good job with my vague goal of "getting stronger." After eight months, I can now do different types of "real" pushups and the occasional chin-up, I've discovered that my shoulders have lots of different muscles that move, I'm relearning the power of sprinting, and I sometimes even enjoy the stair runs. I am 50, female, with only a few years of gym attendance (classes). I started working with Marc because I wanted someone to tell me what I needed to do to get stronger as I age, and to make sure I was doing it the right way. He is doing that. I'll keep showing up, and I'll let Marc handle the positive, the relentless, and all the rest.

10/10 He helps my 77-year-old body grow strong
By Dexter Donham / Boston, USA

Marc has been a great trainer for me. I came to himrecovering from a broken leg, and with several other physical issues relatingto my age. My testosterone level was zero. Marc put together a training programthat has greatly improved my strength, and has brought my T level up to 85 andstill climbing.   Marc is very careful and observant to gauge how my body isreacting to the exercise. He pays attention to correct my form and increasesthe intensity of my exercise as I improve. He pushes me to improve nut nevertakes me beyond what I can handle. He also talks with me about my diet to helpme improve my strength, my sleep patterns, and my general well-being.   I am very happy with Marc and recommend him highly as atrainer

10/10 10/10 would recommend!
By Katherine Marano / Boston, USA

I’ve been working with Marc for the past few months and have loved it! He makes working out fun - something I never thought was possible - by using stairs, buckets, and balls. Every training session is different and exciting, yet builds off the previous one and continues to challenge me. After only a few months, I can feel and see my muscles getting stronger. He works in such a great way that always pushes me but also encourages and helps me. He has taught me so much and I feel so lucky to have found him as a trainer!

10/10 Effective and detail oriented
By Elizabeth L / Boston, United States

I recently spent several months training with Marc and thoroughly enjoyed the process. He pays keen attention to technique and form and because of this I was able to progress through a series of body weight focused exercises, gain strength and resolve ongoing issues with imbalances in my hips and low back pain. His work outs are unique and challenging while never pushing to the point of injury or pain. I have been able to carry over what I learned into my independent work at the gym and out of the gym. I travel a fair amount for work and personal enjoyment and love having all the skills we have worked on when I do not have access to a traditional gym that allows me to still have an effective work out. Definitely a great experience!

10/10 Attention to Detail
By Katie L. / Boston, USA

I trained with Marc over the course of several months and was always impressed with his attention to detail. He carefully watched every rep of every movement and was fully engaged in each session. Marc quickly identified weaknesses and modifies movements to maximize the work in those areas. He finds ways to keep things challenging and interesting and seems to know when you are in need of mixing things up a bit.

10/10 Terrific Training Experience
By Matthew Garvey / Boston, US

I have been training with Marc for 2 years now and have seen dramatic improvements in all facets of my workouts and body transformation. At first I was skeptical about even using a trainer, however, I can't see continuing to go to the gym without using Marc's services as a trainer. He has an incredible ability to digest what each of his trainees (beginner, intermediate or advanced) is looking to get out of their workouts and cater to them exactly what they need. For example, my goal was to gain strength while also improving my mobility and flexibility. He has been able to customize workouts for me to achieve both of those goals. I'm moving so much better throughout the day and have much less pain than ever before. One of Marc's greatest strengths is no matter the level you're at, he can push you beyond what you ever thought you were capable of - but not too far. This has not only helped my physically but mentally too. His knowledge of weight based workouts is remarkable and one I would put up against anyone else's. However, he is also incredibly astute to knowing how the body moves and how one can workout with no weights at all. This is terrific for me as our workouts are never stale, always challenging and most importantly fun! Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention his deep knowledge of nutrition - which has helped me tremendously. With his knowledge and influence on my diet, it's made my workouts better, more impactful and has helped me see the results I've been wanting. I would highly recommend training with matter what level or expertise you are. You see results while having a great time.

10/10 Amazing trainer, look no further!!!
By Margot DeMore / Boston, United States

Marc is a gifted trainer and an awesome human being. I've been fortunate to train with Marc since 2014, when I was out of shape, not feeling great about my body, and going through fertility treatments. 4+ years (and two more babies!!), at 42 yrs old, I am stronger and leaner than I've ever been in my life. I have a new found love and passion for picking heavy things up and putting them down ... in part because of Marc. Marc has taught me SO much about strength training, I am now excited to conquer the gym on my own, but also love, how our ongoing training helps me refine, learn and progress further! Marc's focus and attention on each individual client is what I find most remarkable. He is incredibly passionate about his craft and deeply attentive to everyone he works with. He is laser-focused during sessions, and then retrospective about how to help me progress. He is also continuously pushing himself too also progress, constantly pursuing new certifications, opportunities to learn and expand his mind. Training sessions are the bright spots in my week, I leave stronger and invigorated. Anyone who trains with Marc is lucky!

10/10 The Next Level
By Will H. / Boston, USA

It seems like Marc starts slow, probing the weaknesses of his client. But there is a well thought out plan of attack. Marc identifies the weakness, works the weakness, and turns the weakness into strength. Marc has changed the way I train. Weak points in my back shoulders, and neck are all transformed. Balance, posture, strength. Conceive, believe, achieve. Marc is an exceptional trainer.

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