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Jen Kalmes


Phone: 6513997396
4155 South Robert Trail, Eagan, MN
United States 55122
10 out of 10 (28 reviews)
Jen Kalmes
*NASM Certified trainer
*RKC Certified
*PCC Certified
Jen Kalmes has 7 years of kettlebell experience. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. Her studio is located in Eagan Mn. Contact Jen today to set up your complimentary  kettlebell lesson and to try a week of free classes.
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10/10 Jen is the real deal
By Jill Walz / Eagan, USA

My sister has been going to Jen for over three years. She always talked about how great the classes were. I played college sports and have since fell out of a fun workout routine. I also was not at all happy with what was going on with my body. I started with Jen just 10 months ago and I love it. There are so many different workouts. You never get bored or tired of the same routine because they are all different. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or not...Jen teaches and coaches you and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone...young or old, experienced or new, fit or not...Jen will get you to where you want to be!!!

By Jen V / Inver Grove Heights, USA

I have been going to Jen's classes for almost 3 years and love it! Even after all this time, I'm still challenged at class. Jen shows alternative moves to accommodate everyone's needs. I have gained overall strength and lost many inches! My arms used to ache after doing household chores and my grip was very weak. This has all changed. I highly recommend Jen and Kettle Strength! If you're thinking about it...give it a try. You'll love it!

10/10 Hands down the BEST!!
By Kelly Kriesel / Farmington, United States

There is no better place than Jen’s kettlebell classes!! ! I have had the privilege of being trained by Jen for numerous years and what I love most about her & her classes is they are always evolving & pushing me to become stronger and better. I have numerous injuries (bad back & a repaired ruptured Achilles) that sometimes impede my workouts but yet another thing I love about Jen is she knows when I need to sharpen up my form, when I need to be pushed & when I need to be dialed back in. She will offer modifications to me so when I leave for the day I leave feeling like I had a fantastic workout even though I may had to modify because of having an off day. The kettlebell & Jen’s classes have played such an important role in my recoveries from my 2 surgeries and a vital role in keeping my back strong to live a pain free life. She keeps class fun and exciting while pushing you to become a better stronger you. There is no better feeling than getting through a challenging workout with the support and encouragement of an excellent instructor!! You truly are missing out if you don’t come and take one of Jen’s classes, I can guarantee you WILL be hooked after only one time! Jen is hands down the BEST!

10/10 Jen+Kettlebells= Best Workout Around!
By Molly McGillen / New Prague, USA

I am so grateful my path crossed with Jen's! She was able to create a customized workout plan for me that continually changes as I progress. Jen's workouts fit my life perfectly. They combine cardio and strength training without taking hours! I look forward to my 45 minutes with Jen as her energy is contagious! I have seen such an increase in energy and strength since starting Kettlebells. Her knowledge and passion about fitness is unlike anyone I have ever met!

10/10 Amazingly Motovatioal!
By Kimberly Hart / Apple Valley, United State

I started and was introduced to kettlebells by Jen around 4 years ago. Her passion and ability at teach are outstanding. Everyday when I go to workout, I am amazed by how she mixes things up. Keeping it at the perfect range of pushing us to try new things to mixing it with what we have mastered. I feel strong and confident during class and if I need some extra instruction, she can deliver it in a way that is positive and encouraging. The classes are full of fun and laughter which makes them so much more enjoyable. The results are incredible, and I feel my body has had a complete workout after leaving her classes. Seeing the age range and mix of men and woman shows me just how well Jen has the ability to connect with her clientele. I love telling people about the studio and anyone who has gone has been equally as impressed with the level of quality of instruction they receive. She is professional, yet has the ability to create a very inviting atmosphere. Hands down one of the best instructioners out there in the fitness industry!!

10/10 Most effective workout for strength and cardio
By Sue Mortensen / Mendota Heights, United States

I started with Jen's studio almost 2 years ago and have never felt stronger or more toned. I had never thrown a kettle-bell before and while my body screamed in protest to moving muscles that I did not know I had, my body now craves the challenging workouts that touch all muscle groups. I attend her classes at least 3 days a week and no workout is ever the same. I highly recommend Jen's hidden gem and encourage anyone interested to give it a try. You will not be sorry.

By Mary Ann Beissel / Apple Valley, United States

I started working with Jen 7 months ago after a friend invited me to an intro class. I wanted my review to stand out however, the only one to stand out is Jen Kalmes ! Every review says the same thing over and over because there are only so many different ways one can say the same thing. Jen is an amazing instructor !! She is truly passionate about the kettlebell and her clients. Jen brings only positive, and encouraging vibes into her studio. She is truly sincere about wanting the best results for everyone, no matter what their fitness level might be. I have worked with personal instructors before but I did not know that they lacked passion until I met Jen. Jen watches our techniques and movements. She is so knowledgeable about the kettlebell workout and how it affects the human body. She is always there to improve our techniques, to keep us safe and moving forward. She is NEVER condescending or patronizing when instructing us. I have never left Jen's Studio without feeling better about myself. She carries a positive energy that she clearly wants everyone to be able to experience. I am very fortunate to have been introduced to her. Since working with Jen, I have lost 9.5 inches. I have had to get rid of so many clothes and a few belts. ( Yay ! ) My body fat has decreased from 36.7% to 33%. I have worked with other trainers but have never seen my body fat decrease like this before. If you want to feel better about yourself, to be able to physically move through your day to day life more easily, and not have to wait for someone to open your jar of pickles, then this is the place to come.

10/10 Life changing
By Diane Oslund / St Louis Park, USA

Jen is a high energy very knowledgeable instructor. I love that she helps people transform into the best version of themselves. Jen always makes me feel comfortable with where I'm at and shows me modifications if I need them. I'm so fortunate that I've been able to work with her and see the differences the workouts have made in my life. Love the studio too!! Thanks Jen for all you do to make my workouts Rock!

10/10 Amazing place!
By Shannon Pelzel / Prior Lake, USA

I've never been big into workout. That is until I started working out with Jen. Before long I was hooked 4-5 days a week. I was able to go down 2 sizes and 20 pounds lighter. Never felt stronger! Everyday is something different, Jen is always introducing new exercises to class. So you never get board! Encouraging environment be in! Crossroads Kettle Strength Studio is the place be!

10/10 Jen is amazing!
By Erin Porter / Farmington, USA

Jen is an awesome coach/instructor/motivator! She knows how to push her clients - but never makes you feel intimidated, she just truly makes you your best! If you've ever wanted to feel strong and empowered to try a kettlebell workout - but are intimidated by big gyms - this is a great place! Jen holds me accountable for my goals and helps me to accomplish them - there is nothing I can't do! I also love how much Jen is forever evolving her kettlebell practice - she's always got great new exercises and techniques. Workouts are never boring and always challenging!

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