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Peter Marsden


Phone: 07419826440
United Kingdom EX32 9HY
10 out of 10 (1 reviews)
 I've taught people of various backgrounds to use kettlebells since 2013 and have an interest in many forms of strength training. As well as kettlebells, I teach barbell and bodyweight lifts, clubs and macebells. I'm also a PN qualified nutrition coach.
I like to help all my students/clients move with confidence, strength and purpose. Beyond that, everything depends on your goals. Whether you want to get lean for a wedding, play with your grandchildren or improve performance in your sport, I can help.
If you'd like details of how to train with me, either by enrolling in a kettlebell class or as a personal training client, please visit my website (which has a contact form) or give me a call.
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10/10 Listen to Pete, Lean & Strong you will Become
By Simone Godfrey / Brisbane, Australia

I have trained with Pete several times over the past few years. Each time was a different goal and each time he was great at listening to my issues and what I was looking to achieve, before designing me a specific program. It is never just a one-size fits all approach with Pete. His programming is smart, achieves results, and is most definitely challenging. My goals have ranged from rehab (following removal of left Achilles - long story), I needed to build unilateral strength and get my confidence back. Then it was weight loss following the rehab - lost 13kg and at 38 I was the leanest, strongest, fittest and lightest I had been pretty much ever in my life! I have since moved back to Australia and Pete continues to train me remotely. Now I am nearly 42, and earlier in the year I hiked the Oxfam challenge 55km of hills in 17hrs, and in October will be climbing Mt Kinabalu in Borneo. Thanks Pete!

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