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John Hundsperg


Phone: 4042874389
Marietta, GA
United States 30064
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
Personal trainer and small group coach at MVMNT Gym near Marietta Square
USAW L1 (former)
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10/10 Stern - in a good way
By Billy Miles / Marietta, USA

I’ve been training with John for about 8 months. He’s patient but he’s also stern. He finds the right balance. Recently, I wanted to quit 12 minutes into a 30-minute workout. But the thought of John giving me a verbal whooping was enough to keep me going. He pays a tremendous amount of attention to detail. Just when I think I’ve got a movement perfected, he points out other additional things I need to work on. He has a great way of finding the right words to articulate exactly what he wants you to do in a way that just clicks. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to get stronger and motivated.

10/10 Attentive, Direct and collaborative.
By Robert Eugster / Powder Springs, US

In a group setting, John won't hesitate to pause other lifters (for their benefit and safety) so he can analyze your form more closely. He's been able to spot issues and offer corrections for my problem areas and also spends the time to show you exactly what the issue is. His help has improved my form and made me more critical and aware of what my body is doing during a lift. When working on a tailored training plan he shows you his research and makes sure you have a chance to read and understand the concepts and reasons behind the training and options. I enjoy working with him.

10/10 Attention to Form
By Darrell Grizzle / Marietta, USA

John taught me how to properly do the bench press, deadlift, squat, overhead press, famers walk, and several other lifts. His attention to detail and proper form are especially important to an older lifter like myself (I'm 56). I'm a slow learner where physical movements are involved, and John was very patient and professional in his training and coaching with me. John provided a foundation that enabled me to win 4 powerlifting medals in my 50's. I highly recommend John as a personal trainer and strength coach.

10/10 Knowledgeable and supportive
By Brad Scott / Atlanta, US

I did some strength training a handful of years back with John—squats, deadlifts, sandbag carry, etc, even some introductory martial arts—and he always remained patient and supportive with me as I worked to get the hang of things and get results. He is incredibly knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, but especially on fitness and health. He’s a great guy to work with, and he’s a strong motivator too.

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