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Duncan Berends


Phone: 06-44642695
9.5 out of 10 (2 reviews)
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9/10 Getting results!
By Marieke Zandijk / Haarlem, The Netherlands

A few years ago I spontaneously ended up at a training of Duncan. First I participated in group training and at the beginning that was not easy. I suffered from being overweight, but due to changes in my eating habits in combination with Duncan's advice during exercise, I achieved results. When my condition was somewhat up to standard and I already lost a lot of pounds, I also received Personal training from Duncan in addition to the group training.   Then it went really fast!   In the end I lost a 100 pounds over 3 years and I felt really fit! The advantage of getting fit this way is not only that you feel better, but it also stays off! No yo-yo effect, but effective training sessions in which fat is disappearing, muscles are cultivated and endurance is increased. The training varies from kettlebell training, circuit training to Trojan training and allways with a great group of dedicated people. For teambuilding, Duncan regularly organizes a night out. The last time was indoor beach volleyball; Super fun! I still participate in group training and I still enjoy (and curse ??) Duncan’s passion and ability to motivate and inspire ??

10/10 Great training courses of BuitenFit!
By Else Heems / Haarlem, The Netherlands

The training courses of BuitenFit are super diverse, never boring and always challenging! I have been training at Duncan since January and notice positive physical and mental consequences. In addition to training hard, every workout always has a great atmosphere. I can recommend it to anyone who strives for a healthier lifestyle!

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