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Emily Abarquez


Phone: (773) 234-9751
Chicago, IL
United States
10 out of 10 (18 reviews)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor

MBG Certified Natural Trainer

USA Powerlifting Club Coach

ACE Behavior Change Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Coach Emily Abarquez is on a mission to aid everyday heroes in crushing their fitness goals. A former couch potato and fast-food addict, Emily caught the health bug after gaining an unwanted 30 pounds in college. Often having a hard time looking at herself in the mirror, Emily wanted out of her downward spiral - she wanted her skinny jeans back! Luckily, she found the right coaches to help discover and develop her inner athlete. She now competes in powerlifting (deadlifting over 300 pounds!), makes a mean PB&J, and teaches kettlebell and boot camp classes in Chicago, Illinois.
She's coached over a hundred clients in the past couple of years, and - in addition to designing total-body workouts that are effective, safe, quick, and fun - Emily loves to share the principles of balancing good nutrition with an enjoyable lifestyle.



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10/10 Emily is the best!
By Jordan Maus / Chicago, USA

Emily is absolutely fantastic! She's knowledgable, helpful, kind, funny and motivating! Emily always knows when to push and when to guide. Her compassion and easy going personality make Emily easy to form a bond/friendship/trusting relationship. I can't wait to work out more with Emily and all the knowledge and positive energy she brings to her classes!

10/10 The BEST Coach!
By Jamie E. / Chicago, USA

Emily is by far my favorite kettlebell and Bootcamp coach! She’s also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to weight training. Plus, she adds so much energy, fun, and creativity to her workouts that at times you actually forget you’re working out! Emily takes the time to get to know her clients, helps them meet their goals, celebrates their successes, and always has a smile on her face!

10/10 Great Coach!
By Megan Mansfield / Chicago, USA

Emily is a fantastic coach! She keeps each workout challenging and fun by including different exercises and focusing on different muscle groups. I always know that Emily will have a great workout planned! As well, Emily does a great job of correcting individuals and showing proper form with an approach that that is welcomed. Her focus on each person is always noticed! You can’t help but laugh and smile when you workout with Emily!

10/10 Emily Abarquez fitness coach
By Billy T The Greek / Chicago, USA

Emily is an awesome instructor, whatever your goal is she can help you get there! She’s charismatic and knowledgeable, which meant for me that she helped me work harder and smarter at the same time. Since taking classes with her for the last 6 months I’ve gained significant strength, power and stamina which have helped me enjoy my life by being able to do things like play soccer weekly and snowboard. Throw in her super friendly personality and you have one of the best coaches I’ve had the opportunity to work with! I mean seriously, if she wasn’t as awesome as she is I wouldn’t be writing this review!!

10/10 Excellent coach/trainer
By Tabatha Wells / Chicago, USA

Emily is my favorite. She keeps workouts fun and entertaining so that you don’t quite realize how grueling they are!

10/10 Emily is the BEST!!!
By Pam H. / Chicago, Usa

Emily is an amazing coach who gets to know you and your goals and helps you achieve them. She treats you as an individual and helps you find what works best for YOU! She is knowledgeable, energetic, and motivating. I’ve struggled with my weight and committment to fitness programs my whole life. I lost 7% body fat within the first 6 weeks of training with Emily and have kept it off by consistently training with her for over a year.

10/10 Emily is energetic, fun and focused on your succes
By Liz Skipor / Chicago, USA

Emily is such an amazing motivator! I've been taking her classes for almost 2 years now and I always look forward to her workouts and encouragement. She has provided me with nutrition tips and even personalized to my body measurements and metrics. I truly recommend her through and through! Thanks Emily!!!

10/10 Focused on Fitness AND Fun
By Kate M / Chicago, USA

Emily is a rare find when it comes to searching for coaches or personal trainers. I’ve gone to tons of Emily’s classes, at all intensity levels, and she never loses that key element that sets her apart from so many other mediocre trainers.....FUN. Coach Emily has fun and the participants in her classes have fun while sweating their butts off. I’m a huge believer that health and fitness should be enjoyable and Emily’s coaching style never lacks that. She also truly cares about you as a person and listens to your goals, concerns, etc. You not only gain in physical strength with emily but mental strength and confidence as well. She’s the best!

10/10 The person to go to if you want results
By Agnes L / Chicago, USA

I've been working with Emily for past few month. She truly knows what she'd doing. She listed to me and develop a program / classed that really help me to achieve my goals. I've work with many different trainers but Emily knows her stuff. Her energy is contagious. She is a great listener and understand what to do to make you work hard.

10/10 Coach Emily Rocks!
By Marvin H / Chicago, USA

Always quick to dish out pointers and encouragement!

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