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Kettlebell Method - Kendra Spanjer

Kendra Spanjer


Fort Collins, CO
United States 80524
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
On the advice of some friends in Minneapolis, my sister and I signed up for an introductory kettlebell class around Thanksgiving of 2013, and we never looked back. Over time, I knew I'd improve my fitness level and performance—as a skier, a cyclist and a yogi—but what I didn't expect was that I'd become hooked on the training itself!
I love kettlebell training because it offers a balance of technique, strength and conditioning that engages my brain as well as my brawn. The gym where I teach is the gym where I train. We are a small group that loves to have fun and keep each other accountable, not just to kettlebell skills, but also bodyweight and powerlifting, nutrition and recreation.
--> Favorite kettlebell exercise = Viking Salute
--> Essential workout jam = Come Out Swinging, The Offspring
--> Guilty pleasure = Cookies
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10/10 Focus and determination
By Christopher Adams / Fort collins, United States

I have been working out with Kendra for a few years now. She was always one of the more driven students in the class. She used that drive and focus to become a certified instructor. As an instructor she shows an eagerness to help others learn new skills and train in a safe and progressive fashion. Her designed workouts are some of the best workouts that I have been through. She always finds a way to design workouts that are exciting while incorporating movements that build strength, technique, and mental focus. Kendra is an all around fantastic person and instructor. I have really enjoyed training with her and I recommend Kendra as an instructor for anyone looking to move forward in their fitness goals.

10/10 Kendra is great!
By Tony Reyes / Fort Collins, United States

I began Kettlebell class around the same time as Kendra four years ago. I am amazed at her progress. Kendra mastered the basics much quicker than I did, but she always took time out of her workout to help me. Kendra has a wonderful personality and that makes her students feel at ease. The best thing about Kendra as an instructor is she has almost perfect form and teaches her student to strive to perform each exercise with proper form. Because Kendra demonstrates proper form, her students avoid many of the common injuries associated with kettlebell class. Although Kendra is a great instructor, she is a better person. Kendra is kind and understanding and is comfortable with anyone. I would recommend Kendra to anyone!

10/10 Brains and Brawn!
By Dana Spanjer / Fort Collins, USA

Are you looking for a physically and mentally challenging work out? Maybe you are feeling a bit timid about starting a new workout regimen. Maybe you are ready to take your fitness and nutrition routine to the next level. Kendra has you covered on all fronts. She has incredible patience when working with new clients who might be a little intimidated by Kettlebells and is really good at explaining concepts in different ways, which makes learning easy and safe. Kendra's workouts are fun, dynamic and challenging while being both physically and mentally stimulating. After her workouts, You will feel exhausted and invigorated at the same time. Kendra has a keen eye for proper form and mechanics, so while she will correct poor form if she sees it, she also designs her workouts to enhance proper mechanics without you even realizing it. Personally, Kendra has a true dedication to her own fitness and nutrition. She is a great accountability partner and will help you meet and exceed your own expectations. I love having Kendra as my coach and I bet you will too!

10/10 An Instructor Who Really Cares
By Sabra Epp / Fort Collins, USA

Kendra is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a trainer she is incredibly thoughtful and takes into account the students background when moving forward with a training plan. Because Kendra has sustained knee injuries in the past, yet remains an avid skier, she is very aware of how important good form and technique are for students. She is a master at working around injury and making sure students who have had issues in the past are well taken care of in terms of programming slow progress. Her goal is to get you moving and keep you moving in a safe and encouraging way. Beyond her skills with individuals, Kendra is an amazing class instructor full of creative ideas to keep the class motivated and on their toes. Our gym would not be what it is today without Kendra! I feel absolutely lucky to know her and to have the opportunity to work with her! you want this lady in your corner!

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