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Instructor Profiles


January Shiflett


Phone: 770 773 5987
Cartersville, GA
United States 30120
10 out of 10 (5 reviews)

 I am a Kettlebell swinging, obstacle course racing, wife, mother, and friend... and I would be honored to add "your personal trainer" to that list.  

I had little trouble managing my weight as an athlete through my high school and collegiate years. However, after marriage and a couple of children my weight had soared to borderline obesity levels despite my dangerous flirtations with fad dieting.  After correcting my deranged eating habits with whole and clean food, I began to search for an efficient method to ignite my metabolism and start "working out". I stumbled across Kettlebells, and quickly learned (the hard and painful way) that I needed to hire an RKC trainer to lead me in my efforts.  I discovered Beth Andrews, Senior RKC at Maximum Body Training; and fell in love with the success and simplicity of Kettlebell training.  

80 pounds lighter and 8 dress sizes smaller, I have achieved feats I would have laughed at 3 years ago. I ran a half marathon and countless 10k’s and 5k’s. I have discovered a passion for obstacle course racing; and Kettlebells are my mobility, strength, and endurance training weapon of choice. There is no other single tool that will demand Strength and Endurance from your body like a properly and progressively used Kettlebell.

Come train with me.... if you want to lose weight, get stronger, or race harder; I want to help you get there. You're on this site because you want to make a change... Click on my email or give me a call. I want to be on your team.

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10/10 Attention to DETAIL
By Don Waln / Rome, USA

Technique, Form, Positioning...all the minor details that most miss, January addresses and corrects to provide maximum results while maintaining a SAFE and efficient workout....Something other "CrossTraining" programs overlook.

While being an awesome RKC trainer, January is also a great "running/OCR" coach. She analyzed my "gimpy stride" (Excessive supination was the word she used), as well as my upper body posture, and taught me how to run the CORRECT way (I didn't know there was a wrong way). She even assisted me in selecting proper footwear for training, which I LOVE!! (shoutout to Athletes Locker)

All of this took me from a previous PR of a 29min 5k, (in which I was dead the next day) to being able to run 7 miles in 63mins, without walking like a duck the day after. I haven't run a 5k recently, only 10k and 15k OCRs.

Whether it be weight loss, diet, toning, cardio, speed, or strength, January will help you EXCEED your goals, MOTIVATING you to a level that you may have previously thought was ever attainable.

One phrase I love and I keep going back to is. (not verbatim)
"Eating Right is HARD, Working Out is HARD, Being Unhealthy & Overweight is HARD....Which Hard do you want to live with" -

10/10 STRONG!!
By Sarah Yacovett / White, U.S.A.!!

When I first started working out with January my goal was to feel strong again. After having 3 babies in 5 years I was feeling weak and incapable. I knew I needed someone strong to help get me back on track....January was just the person for me. In the 3+ months I have been working with her, I completed my 1st 5k, regained flexibility I thought was lost, have gone from barely being able to do a push-up to knocking out 50 in a circuit, developed muscles I didn't know existed, and am continuously reminded just how good it feels to safely push yourself to become stronger than before. January also has access to invaluable nutritional information and really understands the struggles that can arise when building your strength and losing weight. She keeps workouts fun, challenging, energetic, and offers plenty of variety so I am never bored. I look forward to my workouts and enjoy having my strong built up by hers. Share the strong. <3

10/10 January has changed my entire outlook on fitness!!
By Amber Blalock / Rome, United States

January convinced me to try out a class at MBT when she was being trained by Beth Andrews and I have never seen such an amazing group of women. It would only make sense that January would soon join their ranks and become the inspiration I needed to change my life! She is not afraid to show you where she came from and encourage you to take charge of your health!! I have been training with J for my first Spartan race and I have gotten stronger than I ever thought I could in just a few weeks! I went from being able to do like 3 "girl" push ups to doing 3 regular push ups and I even ran my first consecutive mine in years (this may not seem like much but I am well over 200lbs and running is not in my vocabulary!! She isn't afraid to run right beside you and encourage you along the way. Safety and form are her top priorities and I am stronger than I have ever been! I am so ready for my next OCR training session and cannot WAIT to see where I am at after a full year with January guiding me!! Thank you J for everything you do for us!!!

10/10 January is my fitness hero
By Stephen Taylor / Rome, US of A

I have always been a big dude with my biggest being over 300lbs. I began going to the gym years ago to enpower myself and get myself in better condition and I was proud of myself for the little progress I had made, then I met January. About two years ago, Before January became certified, she somehow convinced me to run the Spartan Race. I was fresh off a broken leg(for the second time) and had minimal confidence in my ability but after talking about my gym time, she convinced me that I could do it. To my astonishment, I finished the race and I was blown away with myself. January pushed me to challenge myself and as result I experienced a unforgettable moment. Fast Foward a year later and January told me that she was going to get certified and teach a class, I was automatically all about it. I severely underestimated the progress that I would experience in my few weeks with January. I have never felt so accomplished then after my time with January. I reached personal bests; as insignificant as it may be to some, for the first time in my life, I broke a ten minute mile. My strength, stamina, attitude have all increased since working out with her. I am so blessed to have met this woman, she is an inspiration, she is passionate about Progress and helping people get there. January has the ability to bring out the best in you.

10/10 January helps me reach my goals
By Leslie Simmons / Rydal, USA

I have been impressed with January since she began working with me. She took the time to listen to MY goals. She creates every workout to help me achieve what I want to achieve. I really appreciate a trainer who is willing to take to time to hear what I want to accomplish and then teach me how to get there. And I love doing it all with kettlebells!

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