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Justin Lind


Phone: 805 443 5348
Santa Barbara, CA
United States 93012
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 I am a different kind of strength coach. I come from a Mechanical Engineering background and became a full-time coach simply because I had to. I began coaching out of my passion for movement, athletics, and teaching. Shortly though, I realized that I had to leave engineering to focus my path to create a stronger and healthier world by helping others develop a relationship with their body. I've been coaching for nearly 6 and have now worked with 100's of individuals to improve their lives through movement.
"Always something to work on, always something to celebrate"
Over the years, my philosophy grew much deeper and more holistic . My programs and coaching are for individuals who want to develop more than just strength and athleticism, but a deep relationship with their body and mind. Using various modalities, I create personalized programs that build strength, mobility, and stability for beautiful and fluid movement. You will cultivate an awareness and gratitude for your body that leads to a healthy and fulfilling life.
My life and coaching center around my personal mantra - always something to work on, always something to celebrate. A meaningful life and optimal health come from the finding the balance between a quest for progress and gratitude for what you have and what you have accomplished.
As a competitive athlete, passionate teacher, and perpetual seeker, I have been exploring movement my whole life. From gymnastics and soccer as a child, to running and triathlons, CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, to skateboarding, surfing, and yoga, I have committed my life to seeking the awareness and fulfillment that comes with new physical challenges. As a coach, I bring this same fun and exploration into your program. Whether you are a high-level athlete seeking to improve in your sport, an advanced mover seeking to grow your gymnastics or handstand prowess, or just beginning your journey, I can guide you toward your goals.
I teach gymnastics workshops and kettlebell workshops, and offer online coaching. I would love to work with you to move your fitness journey forward.

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