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Emile Smith


Phone: 603-306-1587
White River Junction, VT
United States 05001
10 out of 10 (3 reviews)
  • CPT-ASCM: certified personal traininer with American College of Sports Medicine
  • CSCS: NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist.  
  • Certified 3rd degree black belt Tae Kwon Do, Chung Sul Kwon Federation.
Athletic accomplishemnts:
  • Winner of multiple Martial Arts Forms Competitions from 1994 to 1996
  • 1995 AAU Maryland State Champion Tae Kwon Do Forms Discpline  
  • CAT 1 Single Speed Mountian Bike Racing: multiple podium finishes in ultra-distance events throughout the Northeast region rom 2007 to 2013. 
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10/10 Expert in Mobility and Function
By Mark Reed / Lebanon, United States

I have worked with Emile for the last 4 years and am so impressed with how he has helped me improve my movement and performance. Emile does a very thorough assessment and is gifted at picking up even subtle restrictions in mobility. His goal is to clean up a person’s mobility as much as possible to develop a foundation upon which to make sustainable gains in function and performance. I came to Emile as a competitive racquets sports player with arthritis in my knee and back and tight hamstrings. Emile put together an individualized program for me that helped me reach the finals and semifinals of the National Masters Squash Championships. I have always been more of an endurance than a strength athlete and developed an interest in seeing how I could improve strength wise. Through working with Emile with kettlebell training I saw significant results and after 2 years of training became a certified RKC kettlebell instructor. It was an arduous certification but was very satisfying to see what my body could accomplish with steady work. Emile creates a fun atmosphere in his studio and is clearly very committed to the individual goals that each of his clients bring. I haven’t met anyone with his combination of skills around mobility and function who is able to tailor programs to meet the need of each individual client. Emile is a great role model for lifelong learning. Even though he is very accomplished in his field, he is constantly researching ways to enhance his ability to help his clients meet their goals.

10/10 Emile is the man with the plan
By Billy Reagan / Enfield, United States

I have been working with Emile for a few years now, first contacting him because i had a huge need to become all around stronger (arms, back, legs). I have been racing motocross 15+ years and was looking for someone to send me down the road with some good info on what to do in the gym and how to gain muscle. I met Emile and I learned very quickly he keeps it simple and economical; no unnecessary or complicated fancy equipment but instead uses knowledge, grit, and hard work. I also saw that Emile goes so far above and beyond with all his clients, working very closely with everybody to make sure they are not only reaching their individual goals, but also working out in a manner that is safe through proper technique. I was able to go Emile for great motocross training but he was also able to help me rehab and regain mobility after a broken clavicle. Going to school in North Carolina I will only go to Emile for training, questions, or advice.

10/10 Thanks to Emile I can run distance again
By john collier / hanover, N.H., USA

I have worked with Emile as my personal trainer for about 6 months. I have found him to be very knowledgable, thoughtful and helpful. His first work with me was to alleviate the calf cramps that I would get after running 2-3 miles. I had asked a number of trainers and coaches for strategies and a solution without success. Emile assessed my situation with a variety of tests and identified my problem as stemming from a lack of range of motion in my hips and ankles. He taught me a number of exercises and stretches to increase them and now I can run again! To me this is an important and awesome freedom and the recovery of an ability that I thought I might have lost forever. In subsequent sessions Emile worked with me to improve my mobility and stability working first with my neck followed by shoulders and spine and then on to hips.

Emile taught me kettlebell use carefully and in stages so that I never experienced any soreness or tightness the day afterwards. He was very patient and had many techniques for teaching the various exercises which were fun and very helpful. He has an extraordinary understanding of anatomy and is able to identify the sources of limitations and develop exercises or stretches to move beyond them.

I am very happy to have found Emile and to have him guide my exercise routines. I have found that my increased mobility and stability have helped me with ice hockey, squash and mountain biking. I have encouraged many of my friends who have developed limitations to their physical abilities to work with Emile as I have found no other trainer with his level of intuition, skill and care.

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