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Scott Jenkins


Phone: 0417 894 852
Australia 5046
10 out of 10 (6 reviews)
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10/10 Scott Jenkins
By Emma Parker / Adelaide, Australia

I've been training with Scott for over five years and have always found him to be extremely dedicated to getting the best out of his clients. He has a conscientious approach to his own development as a trainer and consistently builds his own skills by undertaking courses on a regular basis. Scott also has the dedication and flexibility to adapt his classes as appropriate to accommodate clients with specific injuries or limitations and this enabled me to safely continue training in kettle bells when I had chronic back problems.

I highly recommend Scott for kettle bell training, boxing for fitness classes and personal training. He is always motivated (and motivating) and his combination of professionalism and humour make training rewarding and fun.

10/10 10/10 Trainer
By Gary Chisholm / Adelaide, Australia

I have been training with Scott for almost 10 years and have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer. He is continually developing himself and his knowledge for the benefit of his clients. He is very passionate about his clients and his strong focus on technique and his ability to explain and demonstrate makes for a safer environment to train in. Scott has always been professional, encouraging and supportive and I sincerely recommend all of his services When you’ve done a session with Scott you’ll know it.

10/10 Commitment to Training
By Julie Wallis / Adelaide, Australia

My successful journey to be fit and my weight loss of 14.1kg I can contribute three main things 1. Commitment to training 2. Good nutrition 3. Support of my trainer Scott (plus a million kettle bell swings).
I joined a 12 Week Challenge to be happy, fit and healthy again and feel the way I should ‘energised’ plus get my gym mojo back.. As part of the Challenge I decided to train with Scott whom I had trained with before so I knew his style and he could get the best out of me. One of my goals during the first Challenge was to win, and I did. This goal helped to keep me motivated but winning didn’t come easy, you don’t just sign up for something and expect it just to work by just turning up. You need to put in the effort and surround yourself with the right people to support you. But even if you don’t win the title as during the second challenge that wasn’t one of my goals, you win from great results from your hard work and commitment. The amazing results came not only from weight loss but also strength and fitness.
I continued to train with Scott now as the benefits even from the dreaded crawling were paying off for me. Did I mention I hate the crawling? But I do it, I complain while I do it but I do it because this routine Scott has made for me, has proven to work so I whinge and just do it.
Scott has helped inspired, encouraged and motivated me to achieve my but it is up to me to continue to train and eat well. I turn 50 this year and I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been. You are never too fat or too old to start and achieve great results.
Training becomes part of your life. Knowing you did everything you could to make it to old age as fit and healthy as you could, should be everyone’s goal.
So thankyou Scott, my success is also your success.

10/10 Fantastic Trainer!
By Jess Peake / Adelaide, Australia

Scott is a fantastic trainer and leads by example. His clear communication makes learning the numerous kettlebell techniques and sequences easy to understand and put into practice. His passion for all things kettlebells is contagious and inspiring. His persistence for technique always makes me feel safe and know that I am not going to be injured. If Scott can teach someone as unco as myself to use a kettlebell for a full body workout then he can teach anyone! I even gave up my gym membership because I felt I could get all my training from my kettlebells!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Jen Nowland / Adelaide, Australia

Scott is a great instructor, he goes through each step, clearly explaining and demonstrating in a way which is easy to understand. He takes the time to make sure all the movements are done correctly and allows time to practice these moves.Scott has motivated me to want to continue to work with kettle bells, building confidence and strength.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Jodie Quinn / Adelaide, Australia

Scott is a great trainer because he breaks the movements up into easy to understand steps. He ensures that your technique is good before continuing to the next step. He encourages me and motivates me to get better and stronger with kettle bells. My fitness has improved greatly since I have been training with Scott.

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