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Instructor Profiles

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Wendy Cecilian Welch


Phone: 504.302.2833
New Orleans / Metairie, LA
United States 70056
10 out of 10 (6 reviews)
I have been a sports and fitness enthusiast for life with  a bachelors degree from Washington State U, and a Masters of Science in Sport Management from Georgia Southern U.  
I am a competitor at heart and have enjoyed teams sports, tri-athlon, adventure racing, obstacle course racing, GoRuck and the list goes on.   In 2014 I found Krav Maga and a fitness program, Monkey Bar Gym, that incorprated bodyweight training and kettlebells!   Needless to say, my kettlebell obsession started then and there.   I LOVE kettlebells, they are efficient, they are brutal, they are a full body workout. 
I earned my Hardstyle and Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certifications in March and June of 2016 and a certificaton in Functional Movement Systems in 2018. I teach Kettlebell and Monkey Bar Gym classes as well as personal training at Triumph Krav Maga in Metairie, LA.  T
Teaching has been one of the most rewarding feelings I have experienced.  
Come train with me - I will work hard for you!  Location:
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10/10 Wonder Wendy is the BEST!
By Jen Lassalle / Metairie, US

Wendy was the first instructor to show me how powerful and strong Kettlebells can make you! She ensures your form is proper then really pushes you to try a heavier weight or more reps. She is enthusiastic, motivating and creative. Wonder Wendy is great!

10/10 Universe of energy & enthusiasm in a tiny package!
By Jonathan Scott / New Orleans, USA

Since working with Wendy in her kettle bell class, my strength has improved tremendously. She is a great motivator and brings fun and excitement back to kettle bells. If you are looking for an instructor to get you on the right path and keep you there, Wendy is the instructor for you.

10/10 Very energetic and Highly motivated!!!
By Anthony Mudge / Harvey, USA

I was introduced to Kettle Bells for the first time during Wendys Saturday morning class. "Strength training is fun again" Wendy has a way of helping you go beyond you goal's. Her emphasis on form and technique has help me perform excersises such as, Turkish Get Ups, one and two handed swing, and many others. Kettle Bells (for me) or no longer the funny looking iron ball sitting on the shelf, but a valuable strength building tool!! Thanks Wendy!

10/10 WonderSmash Wendy Welch
By Lucas Bridges / New Orleans, USA

They say big things come in small packages and Wendy Welch is no exception to this rule! I have trained under her for several months and her knowledge, experience, and character is second to none. She has helped me achieve tremendous strength goals that I thought would never be possible! Wendy is an amazing instructor, Coach, and friend!

10/10 Highly recommended trainer
By Laura Wright / New Orleans, USA

I tried using kettlebells a few years ago, and just ended up injuring myself from using terrible form. When I started taking Wendy's class, I figured it'd probably be the same. I was completely wrong. Not only does Wendy break down techniques in a way that makes sense, she makes it fun while doing so. I usually leave class feeling like I've had an okay workout, but the next day I KNOW I've put in a lot of work. Definitely check Wendy out if you're looking to improve your form and learn new techniques.

10/10 Confidence
By Tara Kennedy / New Orleans, US

She makes me feel like I can do more without pressure. I look forward to see what I can accomplish by continuing to take her class.

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