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Instructor Profiles

Cropped Suzanne Profile Pic

Suzanne Klaus


Phone: 314-367-9273
Maplewood, MO
United States 63143
10 out of 10 (17 reviews)
 Suzanne is a registered dietitian and personal trainer. She loves to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Each person is an individual and should be trained and coached as such. 
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10/10 Positively Positive!!
By Vince Machen / Union, USA

I have known Suzanne for a number of years and during that time she has grown and developed as a superb trainer and mentor. Suzanne always greets clients with a smile and is sure to ask how you are doing on your goals. When she is conducting a class, Suzanne is constantly monitoring the clients to ensure their form is perfect and will not hesitate to correct you, or challenge you when needed. I feel very comfortable and safe when Suzanne is leading a class.

10/10 Kettlebell Training and Nutritional Guidance at Fo
By Aubrey Morris / Saint Louis, United States

I joined the Forward Fitness team and began training with Suzanne in early 2016 with a simple idea in mind: incorporate more fitness into my weekly routine. Truly focused on getting more active vs. losing weight seemed like a good plan, but from day one Suzanne encouraged every member of Fit Camp to write down goals and focus on them, one month at a time. Almost twelve months later, I’ve learned how impactful setting realistic, actionable goals can be. Beyond the end goal, I now ask myself -- how will I achieve it? What steps can I take and adjustments can I make in my daily life to get there? Suzanne’s ability to guide a positive kettlebell training and nutritional experience changed the way I think about food and my strength and abilities in the gym. I’ve been motivated by Suzanne because of what she says, but also because she truly leads by example. She makes taking care of yourself seem effortless, but makes the effort seem fun – a killer combination!

10/10 Kettlebells at Forward Fitness
By Frank Johnson / Shrewsbury, USA

Suzanne is an excellent kettlebell instructor who has a keen focus on technique while allowing for adjustments based on each individual's fitness level. It is always enjoyable taking her class due to her ability to make you feel welcome in addition to her sense of humor. I've taken several of her classes and have benefitted with improved technique and fitness level. And she always has a surprise finisher exercise at the end of class (right, Suzanne?). Suzanne and Mike run a gym that teaches movement activities that are functional and in tune with the latest developments in the fitness industry that get passed on to their clients. I've taken other fitness classes with them and was always impressed how they molded each workout to my needs. No old school thoughts here...they are on top of it!

10/10 Outstanding Trainer
By Amanda Buchheit / St. Louis, USA

Suzanne is such a joy to train with. She is personable and genuinely cares about your progress and personal goals. If you need help with goal setting, she takes time to discuss them with you, and will talk to you as long as it takes for you to be comfortable. Her passion for training is seen everyday. Suzanne is an expert at teaching kettlebells and other exercises and making sure members have the correct form.

10/10 Great trainer and very knowledgeable
By Drew Perkins / St. Louis, Usa

Very helpful and fun to learn from! Glad I made the choice to start kettlebell training with her!

10/10 Patient and Skilled
By Jeannine Beck / St. Louis, United States

Suzanne has the patience of a saint! She is especially skilled at teaching new techniques in a way that is easy to follow and remember. When she teaches a class, she flawlessly trains beginners and pros side by side, not missing a beat. Suzanne demonstrates genuine concern for each client- both in their overall health and in addressing obstacles that are preventing progress. She leads and motivates clients to push and challenge themselves in and out of the gym.

10/10 Gentle Powerhouse
By Tara Faller / St Louis, USA

Suzanne is amazing. Not only is Suzanne very knowledgeable about how to train in order to achieve your goals, she really focuses on you and your goal setting and diet needs. There are many instructors who want to help with your strength training and burning fat, but Suzanne goes the extra step. She helps you get a better understanding of yourself and your road blocks. She helps you set goals to overcome these and not all at once. She wants you to be successful so she works at your pace and helps you find achievable goals that you can be proud of. Suzanne has such a sweet demeanor but she truly is a powerhouse with her knowledge of both the physical and mental side of what it takes to achieve your goal.

10/10 The best :)
By Johanna Mertensmeyer / St. Louis, United States

Suzanne is great! Besides having the sweetest demeanor, she is an awesome trainer and dietitian. She pays close attention to your movement and form.. excellent injury prevention :) She has also been very helpful in food planning and preparation for me... she give great advice on minor changes to make healthy eating a lifestyle change.

10/10 Small but mighty
By Margie Saulka / Crestwood, St. Louis

Seeing Suzanne workout herself and teaching a class inspires me to follow her example. I would proudly recommended her to anyone looking to better themselves.

10/10 Personal growth
By Ginny Johnson / St Louis, USA

I have watched Suzanne grow in her expertise as a trainer and coach over the past few years. Her approach has always been good technique and attention to detail to get it right. She applies that method to training others! Her approach to daily diet coaching is straightforward and uncomplicated. No wonder she is helping so many people get strong and healthy!

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