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Michelle Infante


Phone: 513-560-7101
Cold Spring, KY
United States 41076
10 out of 10 (6 reviews)
Michelle has been teaching fitness since 1990. She has been an ACSM Personal trainer since 2008, a certified TRX instructor and certified in YogaFit and Balanced Body Mat Pilates. She earned her RKC in April 2015 and PCC in January 2017.  Michelle is the Fitness Supervisor at Town and Country Sports Complex in Wilder, KY.  In the course of a normal week she will have one-on-one training sessions with her weekly clients, coach several group kettlebell sessions and teach Pilates/yoga group fitness classes.  Her main focus is building a durable, strong body for clients everyday actiivites or athletic endeavors. 
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10/10 Amazing knowledge! Great instructor!
By Hoy Miller / Alexandria, United States

I have been training with michelle for almost two years now. She has always been helpful and has made a huge difference in meeting my fitness goals. She is very knowlegable and always keeps my training fun and challenging. I couldn't ask for anything more from a trainer.

10/10 #NeverSayNever #IronBack
By Mary Stetter / Ft. Wright, United States

I first started working out with Michelle on March 7, 2013 which was 3 1/2 years ago, but if you ask me it seems like it has been a lot longer than that. Michelle is a trainer that doesn't only care about how much you can lift, but she is a trainer that cares about your whole mind, body, spirit, and health. She also cares and makes sure that whatever you are doing that you are doing it the correct way. I say this because Michelle has helped me to get through a lot of hard/bad times over the past 3 1/2 years. If 3 1/2 years ago you would have told me that I would be using Kettle Bells in my training sessions with Michelle I would have given you a look and told you that you are "Nuts/Crazy." I say this because 3 1/2 years ago I couldn't even do a lunge without having to hold onto a dowel rod to get back up!! Now I am doing lunges with weights, and I am using Kettle Bells in my workouts. As I said before Michelle is always making sure that whatever you are doing that you are doing it the correct way!! Even if it means going back to the beginning to correct something no matter how big or how small it is. Michelle also celebrates with you the little and the big things that you achieve in your workouts!! Michelle has also gotten me back to working out 3 days a week instead of just 1 day a week. For the past several years when I would be working out with Michelle her saying to me would be, "We Are Building You An Iron Back!" As I looked back over the past 3 1/2 years I have come a very long way, and I have overcome many obstacles that have come up over the years! Michelle has come up with another saying that we have started saying while working out and it is, "Never Say Never!" Thanks Michelle for being such an amazing, wonderful, careing, and the outstanding trainer that you are!!!!

10/10 Great Motivator!
By Cheri Allari / Alexandria, United States

When I began taking Michelle’s kettlebell class last fall I had no exposure to kettlebells at all, but was willing to give it a try in order to add variety to my workout routine. I was initially reluctant to increase the weight of the bells because, as a 56 year old woman with artificial joints, I was afraid I’d get tired and sloppy and injure myself. But Michelle is very enthusiastic and encouraging, and always provides helpful input on form and safety…before I knew it, I was achieving new personal goals and excitedly bragging to my husband about it! Michelle’s class is a heck of a workout, but we have a great time swinging and sweating together!

10/10 Best workouts EVER
By Tim Mitchusson / Cincinnati, USA

Michelle is by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. Every workout is different and challenging - never the same thing twice. A few years ago she introduced the russian kettlebell in to my workouts and from the start I knew this was going to be a challenge. Michelle always found new ways to challenge my strength and stamina with the kettlebell workouts. What looks so easy is anything but. Michelle always found a way to keep my motivation up and the workouts fun. If you want a personal trainer that knows what they're doing and can keep you motivated then Michelle is THE ONE that you are looking for.

10/10 Top notch instructor
By Nikki Taylor / California, United States

When Michelle introduced kettlebell, I was a little hesitant. I've never been into weight training, but I was intrigued and wanted to try it. After I took it once, I was hooked. When I leave class I feel strong and confident. She has us do exercises that I know I would never do on my own, and she pushes you to do the best job that you can do. In just a short time my strength has increased tremendously. One of the things that I love most is that her passion for fitness and kettlebell shines through in every class. She is a true inspiration!

10/10 The Best Trainer Ever!
By Emily Kreyling / Ft. Thomas, United states

I've been taking a variety of Michelle's classes for 12 years and she is the only reason I am a member at my gym. No matter what class you are taking from her you can be sure that she will provide excellent instruction on how to safely perform the movements and in an environment that isn't intimidating. When she started teaching kettlebell groups last year I was very excited to try it. I has some minimal exposure to kettlebells and knew it was something I would like but I definitely needed her expertise to go farther with it. She is able guide groups with a huge diversity of ages and abilities in a fun and friendly environment. I've never has so much fun having my butt kicked. I'm a short 43 year old woman with 2 kids and I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to Michelle's kettlebell training. I'm sometimes surprised by just how strong I've gotten and how much my cardio endurance has improved. I appreciate her emphasis on functional movement and prevention of injury. Her sessions are always changing with our increased abitities, she keeps us challenged and never bored. Her passion for fitness is contagious, she constantly learning new things and passing them on to her lucky students. I'm a scuba diver and this summer I could easily sling my tank up on one shoulder and carry my gear with the other, no problem thanks to kettlebell training. Hopefully with Michelle's excellent instruction I'll be carrying tanks when I'm 80. I love her group instruction, we moan and groan, laugh a lot, then we pick up some big ass bells. Great way to start the day.

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