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Ericka Darst


Phone: 612-314-9922
Minneapolis, MN
United States
10 out of 10 (12 reviews)
Welcome! I'm Ericka, Online / In-Person kettlebell instructor and strength coach, owner of EDK Training and founder of Bells & Beers – kettlebell training sessions hosted by local craft breweries.
I instruct weekly Virtual Small Group Training classes, online kettlebell intensive programs, workshops and remote/online and in-person individual sessions. I specialize in advanced strength training programs, providing the opportunity for all students (all skill levels) to learn through detailed coaching tailored to individual abilities and needs. I have been training with kettlebells for over 14 years, coaching for 12 and I have extensive experience programming and coaching a variety of fitness populations from pre/postnatal individuals, Elite Ironman and Ultra Marathoners, students seeking strength training certifications and everyone in between! 
I have been a certified DragonDoor RKC instructor since 2013 and an RKC Assistant Certification Instructor. I am currently accepting new students both online and in-person (individually). Coaching is more than my passion. I love helping others experience the benefits of kettlebell training and learn how to train effectively through a safe, progressive approach. Please view the EDK Training website ( for details and join us!
Follow me and EDK Training on social media!
Instagram: @erickadarst & @edktrainingmn
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10/10 Simply Amazing!
By Carol Lynn Courtney / Minneapolis, US

I have trained with Ericka on kettle bells for about 6 months. I had been exposed before to kettle bells yet was a bit turned off as I was not confident about the instruction around form. i know that is the most critical when learning any new exercise. I took a chance with Ericka and it has been amazing. She is very good about providing feedback on form. She is always constructive in her approach. She does a great job with revisiting fundamentals as a refresher. She is also very encouraging and pushes us to improve. She has creative programs and is willing to always help new people that attend our class. She is also tenacious and willing to add classes and get the right equipment. She is a strong communicator and regularly sends emails with updates. She is one of the best trainers I have encountered over the years. The other great thing is she is encouraging no matter the age or gender of the person. This does not always happen. She does not make assumptions about one's ability if someone is in their 50s. Keep up the great work Erika!

10/10 More than a work out!
By Bailey Ribich / Minneapolis, USA

I trained privately with Ericka for a few months! She was always flexible, attentive, and fun! Never a dull moment during our sessions! Ericka listened to where I was at mentally and physically, and truly understood what I was looking to get out of training. Her sessions did more than kick my butt - they helped me think about my goals and how this was helping me get there. She offered valuable advice and suggestions as far as additional workouts to do and meal plans/programs to think about following! She was my therapist/life coach/dietician/personal trainer all in one!

10/10 Life changing exercise from Ericka
By Kathryn Richards / Minneapolis, USA

Ericka is a fabulous kettlebell instructor. She took a lot of time to make sure I was doing the drills right so that I would get the most out of it while keeping my body healthy with no injuries.
This was the first workout I found to tone and strengthen (without being boring) so it was easy to be committed to it weekly.

10/10 Ericka is awesome!
By Laurie D. / St. Paul, USA

I took a couple of group kettlebell classes to get a taste before I signed up for one-on-one with Ericka. She gave such great instruction in the group setting I knew I would get a lot out of the individual classes. Ericka was thorough, helped me make some adjustments for my limitations and kept me motivated. I gained balance, strength and confidence with Ericka's help. I would recommend her to anyone, at any abitlity level.

10/10 Caring, Dynamic and Highly Skilled
By Richard Haglund / Minneapolis, USA

The headline is but a fraction of a description of Ms. Darst and her exceptional ability to properly demonstrate, evaluate and motivate her clients! I have found her class to be an excellent compliment to my regiment to get healthy and transform my life.

10/10 Awesome instructor!
By Jessie Benson / Minneapolis, United States

Ericka is knowledgeable about kettlebell training and she seems very passionate about fitness. She also cares about making sure her clients follow correct form, while ensuring they get a quality workout. I recommend her classes to all my running friends, as its a great strength workout! I believe my core is stronger and hopefully I will see results from the 10 week session I did with her at my next marathon!

10/10 Fantastic Instructor!
By Joan Learn / Lake Elmo, USA

Ericka is a fantastic instructor! I have been taking KB classes from Ericka at Skyway Fitness for almost a year. When I first started I was not sure I could do this, but with Ericka's encouragement and support, here I am a year later :) I always look forward to her classes, the workouts are challenging, and afterward I always feel great. I highly encourage everyone to give these classes a try, Ericka is awesome!!

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Julia Thieschafer / Ham Lake, MN, USA

Ericka is a great RKC KB instructor - she is energetic, encouraging and enthusiastic! I always look forward to taking her classes where I am guaranteed an intense and sweaty workout (KB classes are one of the best ways to relieve work stress!). I had never taken a KB class before but felt comfortable the first time with Ericka. I love the fact that correct form is a priority during each and every KB class. Also, I definitely recommend one-on-one training with Ericka to take your KB skills to the next level. It is worth it!

10/10 an amazing fitness instructor
By Maude Dineen / St. Paul, USA

I never imagined taking a kettle bell class would be something for me . I work out at Skyway Fitness and believe I tried the class on a whim. Ericka is an excellent instructor! She excels at teaching the best form, whether it is a kettle bell swing or holding plank. Ericka is able to teach a class effectively with varying skill levels, I encourage you to give her class a try.

10/10 Awesome instructor
By Chad La Lor / Superior, USA

Ericka does a fantastic job with class, ensuring that new Kettle Beller's are provided the attention needed so that they're completing the exercises properly. She makes the classes fun to attend, which helps for those of us that have sometimes struggled with maintaining personal fitness programs/goals in the past.

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