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Bottoms Up Lunges

Brad Sorabella


Phone: 781-788-0600
Waltham, MA
United States 02472
10 out of 10 (7 reviews)

Brad is an owner/trainer at STC Boxing & Fitness in Waltham, Ma, that specializes in Boxing, Kettlebell, and strength and conditioning. He works with clients of all levels of fitness, and offers private, one-on-one, semi-private and group Boxing and Kettlebell training. His goal is to help clients reach their full potential and better their overall health and fitness.


Brad has been involved with sports and fitness since an early age. He grew up playing hockey since the age of five, and competed as an amateur boxer for several years. He holds Russian Kettlebell and USA Boxing certifications. Brad utilizes kettlebells in his training to build strength, endurance, weight management, flexibility, and total body conditioning. Proper kettlebell practice reinforces natural movement patterns and develops athleticism. Combined with the correct diet, Kettlebells provide a fast, reliable and highly effective way to burn fat and build lean, dense muscle.


Please contact Brad for more information at:

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10/10 Great Coach!
By Yvonne Douglas-Dowden / Lexington, US

I discovered Brad Sorabella when I was looking for someone to encourage me back into fitness after a few years of not looking after myself. I feel so lucky to have found him and not ended up with a substandard trainer in a gym or even one of the soulless, commercial chains of boxing gyms. I was interested in boxing and so searched for a local independent trainer. Right away I knew Brad had the right approach and was a good fit for me. He's honest, so knowledgeable, really crazy fit and an inspiration. He invests so much time and energy in planning and conducting the training sessions. He takes it seriously and I always felt like I was getting excellent and tailored professional advice and guidance. It was such a bonus to be introduced to Kettlebell by Brad - not necessarily something I was looking for initially but I grew to love and appreciate how good it feels to develop the skills, discipline, balance and strength that comes from it. I recommended Brad to friends and I know that they've recommended him to their friends. He's a gem. I had to move away from the area, and I think it's further testament to Brad that my new trainer said to me at my first session 'I can tell you've had a top class boxing trainer'. Makes me feel proud - of Brad and myself!

10/10 Highly recommend
By Vishwesh Patil / Waltham, United States

I let the numbers speak for themselves!!! I joined Sorabella almost 9 months back weighing 189 lbs and body fat 26%. Never went to a gym for 3 years. After taking 30 classes (1 per week) and no diet restrictions of any kind I am currently 171 lbs with 19% boby fat!!!! Still a long way to go but has been an amazing experience. The best fitness center I have ever been to!!!! Brad (owner) is very knowledgeable. His training styles are amazing!!! Brad makes sure every person gets detailed attention and all workouts have been preformed technically right. Every person with different levels of fitness are very well accommodated!!! Every class is unique. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

10/10 Great Trainer!
By Meghan Murphy / Watertown, USA

I started training with Brad at STC to help prepare for my police physical abilities test. Not only did Brad get me where I needed to be to pass my test, but he is now helping to prepare me for the upcoming academy! Brad is one of the most knowledgeable, committed, and experienced personal trainers there are. He is focused on helping clients achieve their goals and makes sure each training session is challenging and something to look forward to. Signing up for personal training at STC was one of the best things I have ever done!

10/10 A Personal Trainer who can help change your life!
By Lisa Fiering / Needham, United States

Until a few months ago, I couldn't fathom being motivated to exercise, never mind look forward to it. I stumbled upon Sorabella Training Center, specifically, working with personal trainer Brad Sorabella, and it has had a huge impact on my life. Brad is very knowledgeable on all things RKC and boxing; he understands how to customize the training sessions for each individual client. He is creative and thoughtful in preparation for training, so it doesn't get boring, and you know it is the appropriate level and type of exercise for each person. Just as important as his technical ability, Brad connects with people and makes them feel totally comfortable, he is non-judgmental, and makes you feel good about your own efforts and progress. Make your appointment to see him now! You won't regret it!

10/10 Phenomimal trainer
By Batrice Bryson / Waltham, US

I had never picked up a Kettlebell in my life, and prior to coming to Sorabella Training Center; my knowledge of Kettlebell was minimal. Therefore, I feared the unknown. I started training once a week with Brad in Fall of 2015; we sat and talked about what my goals and expectations were. At first, my intentions for private lessons were to learn proper form for all the services his gym offered. I figured, once I had form down, I was good to go. But, once I started training, I was learning more than form, I was learning about fitness. Which, was something new for me and it's been more than just an hour of training then going home. It's an experience and it makes you want to excel at least for me anyway. Brad also explains the benefit to each excercise we are doing and makes sure I am comfortable with each routine. Sometimes, I even have to watch him 10x before I will even attempt a routine. But, he will show me until I am comfortable enough to try it. Aside from his knowledge, Brad is extremely patient, and, with a client like me, patience it key! Brad is also motivating, it's great to have a positive ear in your corner when you're struggling to do "one more"... it makes you want to finish at 110%. Brad makes you feel like you are more than an hour out of his day, he takes pride in giving his clients his 110%, and you can feel the pride he takes in working with you. I'm far from a natural athlete, but, I've worked out with personal trainers before and I also took kickboxing for several years. After "taking a break" it was hard to walk back into a high paced environment, but, Brad made the return much easier. Although I still have a ways to go, since working out with Brad, I've been able to attend more boxing classes at the gym, and I've started coming to the group Kettlebell classes they offer. In addition, since working out with Brad, I'm down 55lbs (measurements still have to be made) which, is an amazing feat for me. What puts Brad aside from other trainers I have worked with is, he understands what my fitness level is, he pushes me but not to the point where I'm not comfortable or injuring myself. I've had trainers throw me into high weights and intense routines without warming up, and it turned me off and I never returned. Here, I want to keep coming back and I'm excited for my workouts..even more so, I'm pretty stoked about my results thus far. Although I still have a long way to go, I now understand Kettlebell and the results from Kettlebell speak for itself .. and I enjoy it. I'm grateful to have found STC; I'm glad I decided to take on private lessons when I did. Hard work pays off but having positive supporters makes it much more worth it.

10/10 Amazing trainer!
By Maria Melpignano / Waltham, United States

Brad is an amazing trainer. He develops challenging and creative boxing and kettlebell workouts that have made me stronger than I have ever been. He is very knowledgeable and patient and takes time to explain and demonstrate techniques. I'd never even seen a kettlebell before and now I love them and look forward to my sessions every week

10/10 Excellent instructor at an awesome gym!
By Jonathan P. / Waltham, United States

I went to Sorabella Training Center to try one of the Kettlebell classes they offer on Saturdays and it was one of the hardest and most fulfilling classes I've ever taken! Highly recommend to anyone looking to get into Kettlebells!

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Brad Sorabella RKC