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Ashoka McCormick


Phone: 8312348690
Santa Cruz, CA
United States 95060
10 out of 10 (7 reviews)
 Ashoka is dedicated to helping people make a positive difference in their lives through exercise. He is committed to helping every client achieve his or her optimal fitness and athletic goals. 

He is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS), Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor (HKC), and Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC). 
An advocate and practitioner of continuing education, he attends seminars, participates in internship opportunities, and regularly reads the latest research in the field of Sports Performance Training. Ashoka is a martial arts enthusiast with competitive experience at the US Open, Pan American Championships, and several other International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Ashoka works in the private sector serving youth athletes, regular population clients, and elite level judo athletes. He is also the Volunteer Strength and Conditioning Coach for the San Jose State University Judo Team. 
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10/10 Knowledgeable
By Billy Holland / Little rock, United States

Ashoka is one the brightest coaches I've had the pleasure of working alongside. He has the ability to coach people from all walks of life from athletes, your weekend warriors, or someone looking to move and feel better. He is a great coach and even better person and genuinely cares about you and helping you reach your goals.

10/10 Versatile and Phenomenal Trainer
By Kyle Goody / Santa Cruz, United States

From all the work I have experienced first hand and seen this man produce I can solidly say that he is the right kettlebell and all-around strength coach for any person at any level. Before meeting Ashoka I had a pretty moderate to severe shoulder impingement and with his guidence I have been able to increase my range of motion and mobility in my shoulder and also develop more strength in all areas with proper mobility. As a kettlebell instructor he is very well rounded and has great knowledge of its use in training even for beginners. So wether your an professional athlete or just another person interested in being fit and healthy, like I am, Ashoka is the right coach to count on!

10/10 Dedicated
By Matthew Ogata / San Jose, USA

Ashoka is a great motivator and trainer for athletes at all levels. Personally I had the privilege of working with Ashoka for over two years and experienced improvement in my physical and mental preparation in the sport of judo. I am very grateful for his insight and knowledge pertaining to strength and conditioning. Furthermore, Ashoka is also very humble in the sense of always trying to learn and be open minded to new functional excercises. Therefore, I would recommend anyone to be under his tutelage if you want to improve on rhe physical fitness as a whole.

10/10 CURLS
By Kaitlin Krometis / San Jose, United States

Ashoka is an all around great guy! He is motivated, positive and shows a genuine passion for what he does! He truly loves helping people improve and be the best strongest version of themselves. Ashoka helped me improve my squat and deadlift form, and I began squatting/deadlifting more weight then I ever thought I could! He is an amazing motivator and is always willing to help anyone. I'm grateful to have been able to work with Ashoka and for all the things I have learned from him!

10/10 Swole patrol
By Lee Galles / San Jose, USA

Ashoka is one of the most motivated, humble, and passionate people I know. He really knows his stuff and always eager to learn. Coming off of a major surgery I was worried I would not be up to par with my competition in judo but with Ashoka's help I have never been as fit and strong as I am today. I'm glad I have such a passionate trainer who truly loves his job and willing to help me in anything I need. One of the best around!!!

10/10 Sleeper agent
By Arash Soofiani / San Jose, USA

Shokes comes off as a very calm Guy. but when he starts to turn the dial up, he transforms into a solid support system that will get you where you need to go. After returning from injury, I lacked the self-confidence and preparedness needed to compete successfully in judo. With Ashokas help, I felt stronger and more confident than ever before. He brought the power back into my hips and fine tuned my heart to keep up with the rigors of judo. This is made possible by his prior judo and current BJJ experience. He understands what it means to fight in the gi. Overall, he's a very knowledgeable, reliable, and humble guy. Very glad and grateful to work with him

10/10 Positive, targeted coaching
By Mary Bailey / Aptos, USA

As a general population client, Ashoka has been a very positive and motivating influence. He has a constant and humble presence which makes his clients feel inspired. He seems to love his work. His balanced movement program,supporting of lifestyle choices and informational links helps us gain not only physical control but center our lives. The BEST!!

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