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Angela Clark


Phone: 3523271119
Fort Collins, CO
United States 80524
9.83 out of 10 (30 reviews)
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9/10 Very professional trainer
By Nancy Grove / Fort Collins, US

Angela was helpful in helping me work on my exercise goals. She understood and took into consideration my current status and limitations. She encouraged me to work consistently.

9/10 Great Trainor that motivates you
By Dina B / Fort Collins, USA

Angela was my Boot Camp Trainor. She always changed up the training exercises for each session which I really enjoyed since I didn't get bored. Her positive attitude and big smile were infectious. What I also really enjoyed about Angela is she motivated me to to work harder vs pushing me. Every session was challenging but enjoyable too. I would highly recommend Angela as a Trainor.

9/10 Training Smart
By Jillian Burkley / Fort Collins, USA

I had the opportunity to train with Angela the last 6 months. I first observed her training style when she taught a small group class. I loved her approach when it came to techniques, and how a simple adjustment made a significant difference for the exercise. I then took the courage to invest financially to have her as my personal trainer outside of the classes. Throughout my time I perfected or learned new kettlebell movements. She was able to include moderate work around dietary changes, which I was able to implement and we were able to monitor eating habits. Angela's workouts are very effective and hard for the level and condition you are in. I have been proud of what I have been able to accomplish, and hope to sustain what I learned for life.

10/10 Stronger Than Ever
By Valerie W / Fort Collins, USA

After facing several major health challenges I was feeling more weak and out of shape than I had ever been in my life. My attempts at exercise always ended with frustration because I just couldn’t stay motivated and disciplined on my own. After a friend recommended Angela, I went for an intro session - and I’ve been coming back twice a week ever since! Angela is encouraging, motivating, and knows how to get the results you’re looking for. I really appreciate the way she modifies my workouts to accommodate for the times when I’ve had joint pain and other health issues. She is able to design workouts that are safe while still being challenging and productive. I am so much stronger and energetic now. I had a proud moment last month when trying on a dress at a department store. A gal about 30 years younger than I told me I should buy the sleeveless dress because I had great arms! Yep - biceps at age 58! Thanks Angela!

10/10 She know her stuff!!!!!
By Jessica Cobb / Ft. Collns, USA

I was so hesitant to start Angela's SGPT classes, I had watched from the elliptical on what she had to offer, finally one day I did it and was so mad at myself that I didn't to these classes sooner. Angela is so knowledgeable and confident in what she loves to do, from day one I have always felt like I belonged in that class, she takes her time to show you the correct ways of all exercises she wants you to do. Love even more that the classes are always different from the class before. It keeps me coming back for more, I will continue to work with Angela 2-3 a week. I have so much more confident in myself thanks to her, THANK YOU so much for all your patients!!!!

10/10 Angela is the BOMB.COM
By Amy Maiberger / Loveland, USA

I have been been doing weekly/bi-weekly workouts with Angela for almost 2 years! The thing I love the most is that Angela is ALWAYS encouraging, no matter what may be going on with me outside of workouts. (Traveling, massive kidney know, the usual things lol) I am still striving toward my weight loss goal each and every day, but in the last 2 years I have gotten stronger. I overall have more core strength and energy than ever before. If you are looking for someone to personalize workouts just for you and keep encouraging you no matter what life throws at you, look no further. I promise you cannot beat Angela’s amazing affordability and positive attitude anywhere. She will push you beyond what you think you are capable of. ??

8/10 Angela Rocks!
By Melanie R / Fort Collins, United States

I've been working out with Angela for about 2 months now. She comes up with routines and exercises that provide an overall workout, which I need and appreciate. She is encouraging and enthusiastic, and wants to see good results. She shows each move prior to starting the workout, then, corrects bad posture/form if necessary. Her feedback keeps us safe, and encourages us to keep working.

10/10 Strength, Fitness, and Weight loss!
By Terry Hoiness / Fort Collins, United States

I started off with just working out to get prepared for the ski season, as being over 40 now, I have noticed a decline in performance, but ended up with much more. I am a software engineer that remains dormant at a desk for several hours at a time, and rarely am self motivated to use most of the exercise equipment that I own. Angela keeps me motivated, holds me accountable, and keeps me on the right track to greater strength, and overall fitness. Within 3 months, I have lost 20 lbs through my diet (which Angela helps guide in a proper direction), and the exercise routines we are doing 3x per week. My abilities have scaled rapidly, even during this period of weight loss. I would never be one to say any exercise is "fun," but I will say that Angela is excellent at keeping me motivated to continue, and there is a sense of accomplishment after each session. Angela works to mix up the routines, will push hard (without barking commands, or yelling at you like a drill instructor), and is careful not to go beyond your abilities. Angela is personable, friendly, and caring about your health and well being. If you need a trainer, and care about your fitness and health, I'd highly recommend her.

10/10 Great to be back in class again
By Shaun Pritchard / Wellington, Larimer

I’ve been taking HIIT or some form of strength training class for years. Recently just changed gyms and really enjoy being back in class that is consistent. Angela is great and really love her drive, direction and modifications.

10/10 Positive results
By Wendy West / Fort Collins, USA

I have not been exercising for some time. I have a sedentary job and didn’t realize how weak I had become. Angela has worked with my core and strength training/conditioning. Angela has worked with me and encouraged me to go beyond what I think I can do. The exercises are setup so I can challenge myself and see that I am getting stronger. I also feel better and feel I have more energy since exercising with Angela.

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